How To Get Rich Reporting On Idling Vehicles In NYC (HBO)

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so consolidated bus here is idling for

reasons I don't know so the first thing

I must do is engage my clock to know

where I am in the four minute sequence

if it works yeah and then go to my

timestamp photography so if we're at

3:47 so I'm going to go and shoot the

other license plate and do the remainder

of the video and as mentioned there's no

discharge of passengers at all and it's

only the driver in the bus thanks so

that's it the law says that a vehicle

truck bus car limousine can't pull up

the curb and idle around more than three

minutes on December 19th 2017 City

Council passed law 7 1 7 a which allows

a citizen to prepare and present

evidence of idling only trucks and buses

to the Department of Environmental


by doing so the citizen can get 25

percent on the 350 on County I have

submitted 120 times and I've made nine

thousand dollars cash in the bank

I did statistics for five years

gathering up information as to the

nature of those that Idol in New York

City and the comments that people would

make to me as I'm talking to them are

you a cop are you telling me what to do

the law only applies to diesel some we

want to discuss here assistance

complaint thing happen as a result of

certain key people and city council

seeing the documentary film idle threat

which is something that produced in 2012

I was influenced by the aftermath of the

Iraqi war it was quite clear that our

motivation for going there and fighting

wasn't from weapons of mass destruction

it was really for oil and just at the

same time my brother came down with

Stage four lung cancer and he was not a

smoker just as this was going on I began

to witness and observe trucks and buses

in the city at curbside idling their

engines and I said well that's an

interesting situation since we went to

war for oil and these people are wasting

the oil we went to war for I never

dreamed it would migrate into the

national law where I'd be able to

benefit you know there's their strength

in numbers and so I had about 12 people

under me and I like to call them Street

agents from when I started which is an

early May to the end of December I have

submitted 297 complaints that's just

phenomenal how many have gone forward

I've gotten 35 checks 12 checks in 2018

and 23 checks in 2019

that's called record-keeping recently

actually I've had people come out and

ask me what I'm doing and start to

record me Patrick what about you after

their experience I haven't submitted

anything yet okay

let's see what's going on with jar

Giulio produce here make sure that you

take a photograph of the address which

is on the side and then I'll take a

video right

it's good to have steady camera work

okay so that's part of the evidence that

goes in front of the Department of

Environmental Protection you know in

court makes sense yeah well I care about

evolution really for two reasons number

one on a personal level I'm somebody who

likes to exercise I run a lot I don't

really appreciate reading in you know

toxic air and exhaust fumes the other

reason is basically a public health

issue so this is a really busy as far as

I think is concerned this road here

Amsterdam Avenue I yeah I get a lot of

my customers I like to call in my

customers on this Avenue another thing

I've experienced is that when I would

see a vehicle like this and then talk to

a police officer that is standing right

by there they basically don't react at

all the police even though they're aware

of the situation and perhaps the hazards

the situation they just don't care to

enforce the law themselves the idea is

not for me to go and spend my time doing

this doesn't know what I want to do at

all thousands of people should be doing


it's not about writing tickets issuing

tickets having court dates submitting

paperwork no it's about people stopping

idling sir are you driver are you aware

that your engine's been idling from

about four or five minutes it's against

the law in York City you had an edge on

more than three minutes are you aware of

that I'm a concerned citizen

please thank you appreciate it

no no you haven't killed anybody but

thank you appreciate it