Enviso Training Video

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the world is changing in front of our

eyes and some of the most significant

changes are happening to the environment

dramatic trends continue to affect the

health of our

climate change air pollution loss of

natural habitat

finding supplies of fresh water

in the City of Edmonton we understand

the serious

these trends

as employees of the City of Edmonton you

are part of that environmental

leadership Edmonton is one of the

greenest cities in North America with

460 parks

and a breathtaking 48 kilometer we have

programs dedicated to reducing energy

consumption and minimizing the use of

pesticides and Edmonton is one of the

leaders in North America in developing

sustainable waste management

oh geez in order to adapt to the changes

in the world around us the City of

Edmonton has created an environmental

management system called inviso a

framework for managing and improving our

environmental performance in VO Falls

the international standard ISO 14001

which was developed by experts from

around the world the City of Edmonton

belongs to an elite group of cities that

use this framework to achieve

environmental preservation and

sustainability goals we're all

responsible for the health of our

environment no matter where we work the

city's inviso system isn't just about

following rules and regulations it's

also about reducing the impact our work

has on the environment Edmonton

residents look to city employees to set

a high standard when caring for the

environment in VO helps us meet that


if advisor processes are not followed we

could harm the environment lose the

public's trust or receive regulatory

fines or penalties the city's overall

environmental performance depends on all

city employees and the city's leadership

team places great importance on how work

is carried out in the workplace if your

work has a significant impact on the


advisor will make sure that you have the

environmental training and experience

need to do your job including knowing

which processes to follow to avoid

negative impacts and meet our compliance

obligations this video is the first step

in that direction every work area has an

advisor representative who will identify

how your work interacts with the

environment and how your actions could

improve or harm the environment some of

the common ways that work areas interact

with the environment our vehicle use and

exhaust emissions energy use waste

generation and environmental spills the

adviser system requires regular

monitoring to ensure that we are

continually improving how our work

impacts the environment the city's

Environmental Policy is the foundation

of the adviser system the policy has

been approved by City Council and

endorsed by all levels of management the

policy contains three key commitments

that we all should know the first

commitment is to protect the environment

that's something we can all do every day

both at work and at home

the second Environmental Committee

is to ensure compliance to our various

obligations including requirements set

by Council the public and environmental

laws and regulations set by governments

at the municipal provincial and federal


our third commitment is to continually

improve our environmental performance it

means never being satisfied with the

status quo and always looking for better

ways to do our job to reduce our impact

on the environment these three

commitments to protect the environment

comply with our environmental

obligations and continually improve our

environmental performance our bold

promises but how do we make that happen

the answer is inviso our environmental

management system this system is a set

of processes that help our organization

analyze control and reduce environmental

impact while operating with greater

efficiency and control periodically an

environmental management system auditor

will visit your workplace

they'll observe how work is being

carried out they'll compare what is

being done to what is outlined in your

plan they'll ask questions to test your

understanding of how your work interacts

with the environment of the city's

environmental policy of how you

contribute to advise oh and of

consequences of not following advise Oh

your understanding of advised Oh is

important the way you work is a key part

of the whole system and the city's

ability to achieve our environmental

policy commitments if every employee

understands how advised oh and ISO 14001

works and how it affects their job we

will see continual improvement of the

city of Edmonton's environmental

performance but really the most

important part is the people who believe

in environmental stewardship and want to

use inviso in ISO 14001 as their tool

after all you've just seen and heard

remember this at the very least you need

to understand and comply with the city

of Edmonton's environmental policy and

it's three commitments protect the

environment meet compliance obligations

and continually improve our

environmental performance each of you is

an environmental steward

and plays a role in improving the city's

environmental performance and meeting

our commitments thank you for being part

of the adviser program