we ASKED for this!|SF 30th Anniversary Collection [Training Mode]

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and we're not gonna complain about it

too much but the implementation could be

improved if they wanted to patch this

hello and welcome to another new home

good game of video really excited

because the 30th anniversary collection

of Street Fighter is here on PlayStation

Xbox one steam and on the switch right

now I'm playing on the ps4 version and

I've already played a bit of online it

was a disaster I don't know if that's

because I'm in Japan if that's because

online just is a disaster there's

definitely a few things that they need

to change about it but what we're going

to try now is the training mode now

there actually wasn't gonna be training

modes in this game they're actually

gonna launch it without training modes

just because the original arcade roms

don't have training this but then

everyone was in an uproar I made a video

a few other people made a few videos now

we actually have training modes for the

four online games I'm gonna start with

alpha 3

I've never clicked on this before so I

don't have any idea I'm gonna go on a

random stage now I want to get rid of

the screen filter I do not want the TV

filter I do not want the arcade filter

and want it just off I can have it in

full mode or you're gonna have it in

original alright so this is training

mode I've never used it before so

essentially it looks like it is just the

or is just arcade mode but it is been

set to be on infinite time in fact it

doesn't say infinity just as 99 forever

because maybe there was no infinity

setting in the arcade wrong I'm just

gonna go to training options to show you

what you've got you've got dummy mode

you can have them be the second player I

guess you can have them use another

controller you can have the you can

record what they do you can have them

replay what you they do standing

crouching so you can just have them

constantly crouching stuff like that

always go out everything have that off

so if I put that pon always then

hopefully he'll thrive absolutely

everything there's no way even if I jump

in he knows how to block that stuff

because he's a master he's a Ken masters

before a game that was not built with

the training mode it looks like they've

they've built training modes that do

work you can actually switch stun off I

don't know if you could do that in the

original and the PlayStation version of

three but you can now okay you can have

their meters to be on infinite

autorecover let's just leave it on auto


you can have your SC gauge on auto

recover as well so you've always got me

to damage display you want that on input

display on so you can see they've got

we've got what actually looks quite

similar to the training mode from Street

Fighter 5 got some really nice and clear

input so you can actually see what

buttons you've actually pressed actually

think I could do without those little

red circles but oh well I know it kind

of helps I find it helps to have these

the red circles actually I don't like

that it covers the whole screen can you

see that like Ken is shrouded in a in a

dark shadow which we don't actually need

ok this is a bit daft but basically when

you turn on the input display it

actually puts on the left side and the

right side so it actually shrouds your

enemy in darkness for no real reason so

put image just lay on as you can see

here on the right side of the screen ken

is now he's in shadow that's kind of

frustrating alright so we can do all of

our normal moves I don't know why my

meter is not recovering meter gauge auto

recover check this out I do a super

combo and then it's just stuck there

that's good oh look at that that's weird

like if you move a bit it seems to auto

recover a bit if you don't it like takes

10 seconds to it that was really weird

but it works and I like actually at

first I wasn't keen on it but the red

circles actually make it quite clear to

see what you're what you're doing

alright well we've got soccer dad

alright so I'm fairly impressed it is

buggy which is a problem but apart from

a few minor bugs training options

training options training mode does work

we've got your commands list that's nice

and clear it shows you all of your moves


if you and says e X version exists but

obviously this game there are no X moves

what is this border okay so you can just

switch the border on and off but it

doesn't look like there's different

options for the borders right now maybe

you get them later

let's try third strap we're going to

third strike now I'm interested to see

what training mode is like in this

because the I think it's the iron Galaxy

version on PlayStation 3 had a load of

extra options like it had like parry

training and stuff like that it's like a

trials mode basically well this music is

so good let's just see if my auto

recovery is broken here as well let's

just try my super combo look okay so his

is okay why are they also recovering at

different times that's really weird

okay let's just try it so that's my

super combo gone it's not all to recover

okay there it is okay now it's all you

recover you can turn stun on and off you

can turn parry on okay so this is this

is welcome a welcome addition I'm glad

to see that they've put this in here

because what idea if he parries this

like I need to come up with the move to

do after that that's really smart that

they put that in there let's see if we

can actually do record so in record mode

are they going to replay press replay is

that a button oh okay l2 then l1 are or

stop and play unfortunately I don't have

a hotkey for record quite like a record

button okay so I've got a button for

training playback but not a training

record seems like a bit of a missed

opportunity so really when you want to

record something new you have to go into

training options go into record mode and

then it just starts immediately you

don't get a start timer essentially

you'd have to be like okay training

options record ready and then go and

then you had to go straight into the

move and then press stop training

options and then go into replay mode

okay you have to have your timing really

really careful whereas in other games

and it's not fair to really compare it

to other games already but there are

other games called Street Fighter with

training modes where basically

okay look I'm happy that there's a

record player mode and we're not gonna

complain about it too much but the

implementation could be improved if they

wanted to patch this essentially I would

like to be able to go into training

options go into record mode go into

record mode come out of here and then

have the timer not start until I put an

input in you know and then it's like

okay then record starts right now it's

like recording starts immediately so you

have to go like trading options record

and then go and then do your move

and then for start let me go back into

here replay and then at least what's

really nice is that you know l2 is set

to just replay that action so you just

go else you ready practice your practice

whatever move you want to do that's

that's good that there is this parry

option I'm glad that that's in there now

we're gonna see how it looks in super 2

here we go it's a super Street Fighter 2

super turbo I'm gonna go to the Ken

stage just because that's the best stage

I haven't actually any buttons yet and

it's already showing me my previous

inputs alright so the training mode

works just fine now let's see what we

really want is especially with super

turbo we want to have a good control

over when stun happens if we couldn't

throw recovery on so we can actually see

whether they're capable of dealing with

these throws that's nice to see if

autorecover actually works so do my

super it does ok so it's not buggy in

this version I love that it shows me my

damage how many I got on the combo this

is all the data that you need it could

be it could be more detailed but I think

for now this is this is pretty much

everything I need so yes

training mode could be a little more in

detail but we've got everything we need

to just do simple training in sort of an

infinite timer mode training in versus

mode or training in arcade mode can be

kind of stressful I know that because

I've got the arcade runs for King of

Fighters games Daario mark of the wolves

on the switch so I'm really happy to see

that there are a proper proper training

modes the only thing that I would change

is the record and replay system because

this whole going into record mode put

zoom out of here and then going ok it's


stop I think I'm just reading and replay

like I can do it it just don't like it

time to try the very final one which is

hyper fighting I assume it's going to be

very similar I actually have very little

experience with hyper fighting which is

why I always do it last and let's have

this time Rio vs kid this music oh yes

all right we've got the same stuff as

before we got record replay Idol human

standing we can just and off we don't

have a super gauge in this game

obviously just for kicks I'm gonna try

recording an input edge here so training

options is going to record and let's see

if we can record and doing some kind of

annoying thing going to here go to

replay mode there it is excellent

look at this hyper fighting I don't know

very much about hyper fighting a bit I'm

seeing it now I'm seeing what it was

importantly that hyper fighting also had

it online though so they have it ladies

and gentlemen I just wanted to you to

see that there is training a mode that

they put it in especially because we

really wanted it I liked that they

listened to us I think that the in

general it does everything that you need

training mode to do in fact I'm glad

that there is a record they could have

had just no record and replay mode at

all because they have put it in there I

would love to see them make it a little

more usable I would like it to not start

the timer as soon as the pause menu has

been exited if they can fix that I would

be very I'd be I'd be more than happy

I'm happy already but I'd be more than

happy with the current version of

training modes glad that we have them

for these four games ideally we'd have

it for all the games maybe they were

just rushing it

so that we can get the online modes have

training mode maybe lopper training mode

into all the games would be really nice

to have a training mode for alpha 2 as

well honestly we'd really like online

and training mode for alpha 2 but hey

how much can we ask for I feel like I

cannot ask for more because this game

costs literally 50% extra just because I

bought it in the UK and all 50% but is

quite a lot is like 25% extra more

expensive just because about in the UK

so there you have it I hope you've

enjoyed that quick look at training mode

it's functional it

works it has places where it could

improve but that's all for now don't

forget to comment subscribe share links

and all that great stuff if you're new

here do absolutely subscribe there's

gonna be plenty more 30th anniversary

collection content in the future and I

will see you in the next nihongo gamer