Classic WoW First Aid Guide 1-300 (New Players)

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what's up got a simpleton here started

bringing you guys a video on how to get

your first aid from 1 to 300 in vanilla


the materials you're going to need is

150 linen cloth 125 wool cloth 140 silk

cloth 90 major weave cloth and a tea

room cloth

I've seen my photoshop skills

so every starting zone the secondary

town that you got to has a first a

trainer or dwarf and gnomes it's in Don

Moreau at 4752 but humans

it's an Elwynn forest at 4365 and four

night elf it's in teldrassil at 55 56

but works in trolls it's in dirt are at

fifty four forty two or Undead it's an

erstwhile glades at sixty one fifty two

and four torn it's in more Gore at forty

six sixty every major city also has

first-aid trainers just ask the guard

and no point you in the right direction

so from 1 to 40 in your first-aid you're

gonna make linen bandages and then from

40 to 50 you're gonna make heavy linen

bandages before you're gonna have to

Train journeyman first-aid once you do

that from 50 to 80 make more heavy linen

bandages from 80 to 115 wool bandages

and from 115 to 125 heavy wool bandages

at this point you're gonna have to get

three books what's three books can be

grabbed from vendors

there's one for horde and one for

Alliance the one that's for horde is

industrial a marsh at thirty six thirty

and the one for Alliance is that in

arathi Highlands at twenty seven fifty

eight so the three books that you can

get is expert first-aid book which

allows you to go to 225 first-aid skill

the second book is a heavy silk bandage

which you definitely need and the third

book is the Madeley bandage which you'll

definitely need if you don't have these

three books

you cannot advance your first-aid up to

three hundred another thing to know guys

these can be bought from the auction

house so if you're lazy you don't care

to run to that vendor just buy these

from the auction house they're pretty

much always on there so don't worry if

you're worried about a shortage because

they're pretty much always on there so

from 125 to 150 you're gonna make heavy

wool advantages from 150 to 180 silk

bandages from 180 to 210 heavy silk

bandages from 210 to 225 you'll do major

advantages and once you hit 225 you're

going to have to go into a quest

the quest for their horde side is in

route the islands at 73 36 and

industrial a marsh at 67 49 4 aligns

it's a really simple quest you have to

heal 15 injured badly injured or

critically injured people that spawn on

the mats in the same area where the

where the doctor is super simple you

just have to heal them with the bandages

that the quest giver gives you and then

once you finish it you'll be able to

advance past 225 for first aid

so 225 to 240 you'll make more made 3

bandages from 240 to 260 you'll make

heavy major advantages these last 3 you

learn from the doctor so heavy major

advantages green cloth bandages and

heavy green cloth bandages it's all

learned from the doctor so once you hit

26262 290 this room cloth manages and

290 to 300 is heavy green cloth manager

so that's pretty much it guys you got

first a 300-mile if you follow the

directions if you guys like this video

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