How to Add and Merge Calls on iPhone

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Shh tired of having separate

conversations with different people

about the same thing want to speak with

more than one person on the phone at the

same time if so this video is for you

I'm Jessica from tech boomers calm in

this video we're going to show you how

to add and merge calls to create

conference calls on your iPhone now

let's get started first let's go over

the steps for creating a conference call

on iphone to begin call one of the

people you want to participate in your

conference call choose any one of the

people you wish to include and call them

individually as you normally would once

the first participant has answered your

call tap add call to add a second

participant doing this will put the

first person you called on hold and

allow you to make a separate call to

another person be sure to let the first

person you call know that you're putting

them on hold to add in another person

when the second person answers your call

you'll see a button that says merge

calls appear on your screen to combine

your current call with the first person

you called tap merge calls this will

allow you and the two people you called

to all speak to one another if there are

more people you'd like to add to your

call you can do so now if you want to

remove one person from your conference

call without ending the call altogether

there is an easy way to do so now let's

get into the steps for removing someone

from your conference call once you have

your conference call set up you'll see

an I button in the top right corner tap

this button to view a list of the

members included in your conference call

and reveal some more options find the

name of the person you'd like to remove

from your call beside their name tap end

this will remove that person only and

allow you to continue your call with the

other people after removing one of the

participants finish off the rest of your

conversation with the people remaining

in the conference call when you're all

done speaking with the group tap the red


me the bottom of your screen to end the

call entirely this will disconnect the

conference call and hang up on everyone

simultaneously be sure not to tap this

button by accident because then you'll

have to go through the process of

setting up your conference call booths

all over again

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