SImCity Build It | Top 3 Road Layout Design Strategy

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hello mayor is welcome back to you build

it with Smiths we're back again playing

SimCity build-it and today I just wanted

to show off a couple of tips that I have

for roads and different road layouts

that I use in the game and have seen and

have come to start using in my own

little layouts so I just wanted to get

into it and talk about my top three road

layouts now one of them is kind of a

beginner if you would say just a real

simple road layout and I don't really

have an official Nate well I guess I do

I call it the battery and I call it the

batteries because it's a pretty basic

and effective road structure so it just

starts out with a Main Avenue straight

through here and you can have different

variations around it and then you just

have your sort of outside borders to go

all the way around and you may just do

something like that just so we don't

mess with our other our other layout

here in the Green Valley and so now all

you're going to do is come and let's see

one two you want to be able to fit four

buildings in there and it's actually

giving you a suggestion here as to where

you should put that line so then let's

see let's see if we appropriate it this



something like that we're just gonna

just something like that anyway so you

guys get the idea and then you just keep

adding on and on spreading outward and

outward and outward and what you want is

these four this is enough room for four

buildings here as a matter of fact I can

show you with an example here so there's

gonna be four buildings that fit in here

and I didn't really scale this out

properly for the other side to make it

you know all the way balanced out but

should have been four or four four four

things like that so that's kind of the

first road layout and like I said I

called that one the battery and that one

is real simple and as we delete that one

and get ready to show the next one I

just want to see how you guys are doing

today also if you have noticed on my

channel I started a series or I started

playing another city building games very

popular in the city building hemisphere

it's a PC base game although I have it

for my Mac and it is City skylines and

if you would go ahead and over here or

over there

click on that and set it up in your

queue and check that out episode 2 is up

now and I'll be working on episode 3

tonight it's a very fun game that I've

been enjoying playing and maybe you guys

would enjoy - I know it came out a few

years ago so it's not that pricey if

you're into buying things so let's see

here now on for the next city design

road design sorry and this is called the

zig zag now the way that this works is

and the whole point of it is to let's

see you've really got a zoom in here oh

I'm it's a difficulty skate click off of


alright now the idea here the reason I

call this the zig zag and

reason that is effective is because it

really breaks down on the intersections

that you have in your city wow that's

crazy okay

so let's see I guess we're gonna kind of

do this and just to show just a little

bit of what you'd be able to do with it

let's see something like that you know

some something something like this let's

just say something something like that

let's just yeah all right so you don't

even really have to connect this you

could just keep going going go up this

way create more anyway let's just we

don't have enough space to just

completely show but basically you're

able to fit your buildings into these

quadrants here let's grab a building as

an example so here for instance I should

be able to sit one two it should have

been for maybe you know just a user

imagination there but imagine putting

four buildings in there and then you're

going on here and you got buildings

along there and you got buildings along

here and here and here and there and

everywhere buildings buildings fitting

in and you know you can just kind of add

a little bit more variety and take a

little more time yourself but just to

get the concept out and like I said the

one thing that this does is there are no

intersections here as you can tell and

so this will this will help defeat the

challenge of traffic in these types of

areas and like I said of course you get

the concept here in this video but you

can kind of add and do different things

to it and all that sort of stuff alright

and now for this next for my final

example my final trick if you guys want

to take a look at my region here it's uh

it's kind of gotten a little


I've just been moving I move some things

around for this video but this is my

Green Valley region anyway so the last

thing is going to be

the quadrants I call them sections I

don't know there's well just gonna call

it quadrants unless I come up with the

better name but the best way to show

this is actually by traveling to my main

city and looking at my most recent

development and if you've checked my

channel a couple of channel a couple of

a couple of videos ago I started

changing up this area and so with the

quadrants theme see if you can get the

concept specifically this area right

here I started out and in order to do a

quadrant and this is the most effective

kind that I use you need to start out

with your services and that's one thing

that those other ones don't just are

they're not so the other road layouts

aren't so direct in you can kind of

doesn't really show you where to put

your services this is really important

you know because you can have a great

road layout but it's kind of hard to

find a good balance for your services so

this one is the best one for services

and the one I use and kind of came up

with this concept myself but basically

you start out with your services and for

me I always like to go big because I

plan on building my city big so I just

went ahead and started out with the

deluxe fire station and then the what is

this police precinct which is like the

big police deal and the hospital now

well this might be hard to tell because

a lot of this air is already covered but

basically these three buildings cover

from there to there on over to here if

you can if you can see where I'm going

with this okay so you've got that now as

far as the roads go look at the roads

here and you can see that I have

quadrants that feed out from the service

area getting larger and larger and and

things like that and it's kind of a

combination of the zigzag a little bit

because you can see there's

I try to minimize the intersections it's

not like a tic-tac-toe sort of thing

going on here so we have this area here

and we were able to fit in as you can

see buildings in these areas you got

this portion there you got sand so

they're all kind of interconnected and

we are having some road problems but

that's probably because another tip here

this is like a extra tip for you guys

another tip here if you're having some

road problems like on this one just try

turning your buildings different

directions now I don't know if that

helped out in that situation Oh looks

like it did so a bonus for you guys but

but anyway yeah so we're working on

redesigning our city we'll go back and

watch a couple videos ago drop my stylus

a couple of videos ago you can watch

that and see what we've been coming up

with and that's about it with our road

layouts we've got different things going

on here this was pretty effective for

this area that we were working in right

there but other than that I've been

working on other videos that you guys

may want to see so comment below if you

need help with anything be happy to help

you out but I think that roads is one of

the things that I haven't previously

covered a whole lot in past videos but

now you have it

Smith's guide to roads and hope you guys

like this video and you put some

comments in and you like and share it to

your other friends place them so you

build it - and we can all I don't know

but anyway peace out see you guys later