How To Start Training Your Puppy!

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this video will be an introduction to

getting started with training with a

young dog puppies are a lot of work and

they begin learning from us the moment

we bring them into our homes

this means that time is of the essence

and it's extremely important that we

start to teach them how we want them to

behave during the course of the day the

fastest and most effective method is

using positive reinforcement I recommend

using the puppy's food or kibble as the

reward because they will probably be

familiar with it and will consider it a

strong motivator using a clicker helps

you to mark the precise moment that your

dog does something that you like it

helps them learn faster and more

effectively although you will be

training your dog with every interaction

that you have with them I recommend

limiting the use of your clicker to

formal training sessions around

mealtimes this not only provides

structure but it also helps to develop

an association between mealtimes and

learning the dog has to first understand

what the clicker means click once and

give your dog a piece of kibble



do this a few times and your dog will

start to understand that this means I'm

about to get a piece of food make sure

that you're only clicking when the dog

is doing something that you want to

reinforce for puppies these are going to

be calm behaviors at first such as

sitting or lying down or making eye

contact because we want the dog to start

paying attention to us and looking at us

in the eyes


new boy good boy

good job



this is also how we teach a dog what

their name is you say the dog's name and

then click as soon as they make eye

contact if your dog appears distracted

Christ's showing them the piece of

kibble by moving it in front of their

nose and then quickly moving it towards

your face encouraging them to look at

you in the eyes do this several times

until the dog looks at you in the eyes

and after you say their name without

needing the hand movement what's very

good most important behavior that every

dog needs to know as quickly as possible

is a scent

let your dog figure out the consequences

of his behavior and get the behavior to

occur more consistently before you start

using the cute


try to avoid the verbal cue for a few

sessions and use your voice only to give

lots of verbal praise remember to keep

these training sessions short and no

longer the 10 to 15 minutes at a time

leave your dog wanting more so they're

excited for the next session short

bursts of play are also important for

healthy puppy development and will

encourage your dog early on to start

working for other types of reinforcers

besides food puppies are playful and if

they're not taught what the right things

are to play with they will surely find

the wrong things to play with praise

your dog for showing interest in the toy

this type of play nurtures a positive

bond and will teach your dog that you

are fun to play and interact with short

play sessions like this for 10 to 15

minutes at a time will also help your

dog and spend their energy appropriately

creating a puppy human House Rules is a

rewarding process but it's important to

remember that training does not end with

meals and just playtime these are small

pieces of a large puzzle if you're

interested in learning more about how to

successfully raise your dog to be

intelligent and a consistent part of

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