Husky Puppy Training Only 3 Months Old Training Complete!

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hey folks welcome to another episode of

adventures in dog training with American

overwatch k9 services an American

Standard dog training to my left here is

Kahlua three and a half months old now a

husky female and she's ready to rock and

roll and show you what she's learned

these last four weeks without question

this dog heals better than most police

k-9 dogs down good he's off leash at

three months old what is that is that a

sit or a down down the it down okay

when they do a hand command for a sit

it's going to be different than the way

I do ping come in for stands and sits

like that you can go places with her

like this without a leash good no good

sit on them drop y'all sit good girl

you guys can feed it and suck it sit

chips I took you out


she is a ton of energy very high drive

very dominant for her age we're just

very happy to have had her and

definitely a beautiful dog get a lot of

compliments everywhere we go and just

show you where we're at she's done

phenomenal and I guess I'll preface it

with you know just because we do a

four-week training with every dog or 3

to 4 week training with every dog I just

want to point out that you know not

every dog is capable of the same right

whether it's genetics the age we get

them the prior training they have etc

etc with her we were able to go pretty

far because of her high drive tremendous

food drive we've basically started with

it with a very nice clean slate that's

why we like working with puppies because

we're starting with like a white canvas

as opposed to some older dogs where we

have to spend a lot of time eliminating

bad habits we basically started fresh

with her so that's enough talking let's

get to it she's the star of the show

today we'll just show you where we're at

you're gonna see me using this this is a

mini educator it's an e-collar that's

what that pink band is around her she

also has a pinch collar hooked up which

to be honest willing to need that on

right now but all these are just tools

of the trade because she is such a high

drive little dog that we have to you

know tone her down when needed and we

may or may not use this today during our

session but if we do I will let you know

when we use it so she's ready to work

it's early in the morning this is our

first training session of the day even

though we're not training I mean she's

done she's constantly training so let's

make it happen all right you ready to

rock and roll

let's show them what you got heal her

healing is amazing

very proud of her healing without

question this dog heals better than most

police k-9 dogs and I mean that like

100% is at three months old she's

rocking and rolling the egg girl

good girl again I will let you know if

and when I use this just overall

understanding how this thing works

we'll do a left about here coming up

she's like what is that lady doing

follow me with the camera good girl

and we'll come to a nice stop good girl

she corrected herself a little self

adjustment she got a little far ahead

down good good girl so that's where

we're at with the healing sit Oh what

that's very crooked come on finish clean

that up

good girl in fact you take a few steps

back we'll show you what her finished

routine looks like when we call her to

us free

she's looking for that one and perfect

time to use the e-collar if needed but

she's got to figure it out

finish yeah very excited this morning

very nice down that was an e-collar

just to get her snapped out of it a

little tap of 12 good girl stay down

stay again just another tap when she

broke up from the from this day super

motivated she hasn't eaten yet I've only

given her like the three or four pieces

she just saw on camera so she's working

extra hard to try to get paid but almost

too hard she's overachieving and trying

to get me to pay her so good girl what

is that is that a sit or a down that

looks like it down I like it

she's a beautiful dog stay once you go

up there and get some close-ups of this

a beautiful young lady here good girl

look at those eyes you okay

very nice looking dog all right you

wanna keep working really just do it so

he is what we call off leash train it's

part of our four-week doggy boring

training program that means you can go

places with her like this without a

leash but you must bring this because

this is what we call our digital leash

it's a 100 200 300 400 yard leash that

allows her to be free right that allows

her to free chase whatever she wants but

she has to come back we call it back in

fact on the next one I'm going to show

you how it works good girl I know you

already I'm gonna purposely throw this

one in the grass make it difficult for

her to find and then I'm gonna recall

her off of it

all right she may Yelp but that's we're

simulating as if she ran across the

street right she sees a cat another dog

a tennis ball and this tennis ball rolls

across the street and we have to call

her back this is how we would do that

all right ready to go here sweet here


good girl beautiful beautiful and that's

a true that the dog with incredibly high

food drive and that was on a level 12

this can go up to a hundred so if we had

to go up if the drive was even higher we

can go up and that's why I love these

many educators because this button here

will give us a 12 the way I have it

programmed if I hit both buttons it'll

jump up to 20 levels over that should I

knee to free right basically it's an

emergency button right so let's say she

was super high drive and the 12 wasn't

getting it in an instant I can get what

I need to get accomplished and let her

know hey running across the street is

not what we want so but because of this

tool all right all these people freaked

out that these tools are so bad look at

this puppy here this dog couldn't be any


and she's off leash at three months old

loving life and now she has many many

years ahead of her or off leash freedom

she's no longer tied to a leash because

of this tool so you guys from PETA can

suck it here

good girl

what do you think about PETA hmm are you

an abused dog you don't look a beautiful

sick oh yeah good

let's ever trained up on the on

different plates boards let's walk over

there and show you what that's all about

good girl good girl all right let's work

on well I guess to leave a touch bored

cuz that's what she wants is what we

taught for competition-level healing

yeah you got to tighten up though good


that's to get her to teach her a little

booty to swing around good I'll pay you

on these one of these next ones uh-uh

that's good if you notice it's not very

natural for a dog to rotate their back

hips nothing in nature would ever make

them really rotate their back hips maybe

if they were playing or something but

I'm trying to teach some kind of this

unnatural behavior good and what that

leads to is yes what that leads to is

this I will do it here in the grass here

good girl

that what I'm looking for very nice

beautiful let's do some distance control

they have to understand the good girl

what's the word I'm looking for

there's a three-month-old dog a puppy

she's got like the attention span of a

gnat and for us to be able to achieve

this I mean I'll Pat myself on the back

thank you very much good girl baby good

girl okay three or four pieces for that

good girl yeah and she's not allowed up

from the state until I go free touching

the nose little free and she's allowed

to break whatever I'm asking her to hold

now let me show you this other little

place board that we use it's kind of

like a where she's out after four weeks

and also kind of how we got our there we

use this as kind of a as a finish board

look she already knows what what time it

is in fact we have to do this on the

sidewalk but she's going to get a lot of

free pizzas so I don't want to keep

using in the grass

all right ready to rock I'll say nothing

that's how much this thing is charged up

she's like there's got to be food in

here somewhere because I always get paid

here sit oh good sit sit

yeah I'm drop down good sit good very

nice and so we charge this up to kind of

get her in the heel position free keep

rolling in the grass better get that one

good girl you're finished good girl and

that's how we build the finish still a

little crooked this time free

here come on we can't wait for you to

get everyone out of the grass good girl

and that's where that finish comes from

from this little made-up place board it

works perfect for us for little small

dogs and my daughter has put her little

stickers on there and make it even

prettier so last thing to show you is

the place board that she's going to

spend a lot of time on in the house we

always talk about having these place

boards they are fantastic not these per

se is more like a training place board

but off let me bring this one over here

you can stay there yeah I knew you're

gonna jump on that one my supposed to

carry you it's not a magic carpet let me

show you what this thing does this is

the leave it here here those were two

taps in the e-collar by the way I don't

know what she was getting into but

there's nothing in the grass for her I

don't know if it's a dead animal maybe a

piece of food a rotten piece of training

food I have no idea but regardless she

doesn't need to be digging her nose in

the grass and so I'll totally leave it a

little tap of this on a twelve which is

nothing and get her off of that get her

coming to me so love this tool fantastic

all right so this is the place board now

we can literally walk around the entire

neighborhood come back and she'll still

be here you want to try it no that would

make for boring our television but she's

gonna stay on there for a long time no

matter what the distractions are

whatever this piece of equipment is

super light you can roll it up pack it


guess you gave it squeezing in a book

bag if you needed to but you could take

that with you somewhere let's say you

want to go to the beach the park

whatever is around you and you want to

have a good time you have a picnic bring

the dog but you want to be able to you

know confine her or him him or her this

is what this tool is for but we use it

mostly in the house so that we have

guests over for eating dinner or

whatever it may be and you just need the

dog to go to their place that's what we

use this for and you see I didn't have

to tell her to get on that you really

have to tell her to get off of it

because they love this so much because

very comfortable a lot of air flow it's

like a hammock and who doesn't want to

hang out in a hammock

right and so they sleep in there to hang

out there for hours and hours at a time

without issue but we also use it as a

here as a great little training platform

sit good

that is the laziest haps it I've ever

seen in my life

you can do it baby I mean where it's

like 90-something degrees out so it

should probably ready for some water but

we're about to end this video can I get

a sip yeah that was a little tap of the

e-collar let her know get that butt up

that's good

she's got a stand real nice stand good

good stand y'all butt off Stan good down

good that's it

nothing special sits downs here's

heeling off leash healing I think the

last thing we'll show you I'm going to

kind of did it there the recall but my

camera lady and me will do a couple

years back and forth and you'll see the

enthusiasm and we'll use the e-collar

actually to speed her up you'll see how

fast she goes fast little thing alright

let me hang up this place board free go

find that one good girl

whenever you're ready go ahead pull look

at that speed she want to keep coming

back to me because I'm the money man I

got all the food but call her again

yeah great enthusiasm this is one of you

are gonna pay me eventually but I keep

running back and forth good girl

they couldn't be doing what we're doing

now she couldn't have that freedom if we

didn't have her charged up on an

e-collar and you're understanding it all

right so that's the beauty of these

things and you can see doesn't affect

her behavior not at all

and she's been we've been using this for

probably three and a half weeks now

started this probably oh not day one but

first few days we started using it a

very low level and here we are she can

have a great time so I'm not sure what

else there is to show you how these

videos always get a little long but his

cheek Pat took you out all right so here

get her on camera good girl she wanted

to run off and get water she's about to

disappear around the corner a little

action on the 12 come on back and here

she is and that also took a little bit

of the crazy out sometimes those dogs

get wound up a little crazy here bring

the crazy back come on yeah I know I

know you want the water but we're almost

done I promise and that's just choking

up choking on the food that she had all

right so come on in let's finish this

video good and I will pay you because

you've been awesome you've been awesome

yeah all right come on in here for a

pretty picture let's go we gotta finish

this up come on

so if you guys want to know what I'm

feeding her it's a royal convene puppy

brand I think it's what a large breed

puppy the kid look like this it's just a

perfect size for for hand delivery and

she loves it now good

so that's about it folks fantastic dog

can take her anywhere anywhere she heels

off leash doesn't matter where you are

how crowded the place is she's glued to

her to her handler now we're gonna go

home today today is her drop off day and

we're gonna tune her up with her with

her owner what I mean by that is get

them paired up get her knowing that her

her her parents or just as much fun as

me paid just as much food but also have

the power to recall them should should

you need to and just pair them up like I

always explain

I call it pairing the remote we have the

TV the TV works

the owner works now we're going to pair

the TV with the remote so to speak and

let them know how to communicate because

when I say sit it's going to sound

different than the way they say sit when

they do a hand command for a sit it's

going to be different than the way I do

hand commands for stands and sits like

that so we're just going to basically

pair them up so that she understands

what they're sit command looks like what

they're down looks like so that

everything looks great

yes she does have hand commands by the

way that's how we teach him so I think

that's it without further ado I just

want to thank you guys for watching make

sure to LIKE share and subscribe and

stay tuned for some more adventures in

dog training we've got another young

puppy in and he's only one weekend we

got two weeks left with him his name is

Bentley and he is a ten week old

American Staffordshire Terrier and we

hope to get him as the

as miss Khalil here right yeah good girl

good girl

all right books we will see you on the

next video let's finish beating you come

on let's go he'll kill number trick is

not to step on you