Training your pitbull puppy

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alright let's try and see if we can get

you in the picture ladies meow no smell

Smee home yeah it smells good smells

good up up up up up up good again

good good girl good girl

stay click now you sit good girl no stay

lady okay all right do you remember what

we did earlier can we shake yes yes good

shake shake yes yes that's good that's

good can you shake can you shake

give me shake no all right let's do roll

over very good

roll over

very good very good

come here sit up good girl

lady lady him can you crawl no they down

can you crawl lay down he's crawl he's


he's crawl come here lady sit watch lady

no stay

lady lady look

good girl lady sick lady good girl

go get it go look very good place it say

come here good girl sick lady huh

good girl roll over roll over roll over

roll over good yes good let's do it


roll over very good very good

girl yes yes come here come here

there we go come up up up up up up up

oh very gentle yes yes like yeah good

girl crawl no damn they can crawl nope

no ma'am crawl crawl very good

come here that's it give me a shake can

we shake lady shake

can you shake shake yes

can you shake give me shake shake yes

shake very good yes that's good girl yes

you want to do roll over roll over roll


let go my hand no play come up up can

you shake no come up shake member shake

shake stop no bite can we shake

are you maxed out huh are you maxed out

roll over

lady come here come here Vic come here

they say stay good

all right

ladies get stay

crow here ready

don't look now you sit good girl

go look look look

missing it there you go good girl look

good girl care yes

no bike look come here come here come

here sit good yes

yeah it's very good okay can you shake

no not lay down up up up come on

all right how long did you get Wow it's

a long time