How To Play With A 3 Month Old Baby

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hi guys today I thought I would show you

how I play with my three month old Riley

is 13 weeks tomorrow or she is exactly

three months on Wednesday which today is

Monday so I just thought this would be a

fun video I've watched a couple of these

videos and I just thought they're really

fun to share so I hope you enjoy this is

how I play with Riley the most often

it's very simple but it's also the most

effective basically I just get straight

into her face and I talk to her

with direct eye contact and the direct

eye contact is very important and lets

her know that I am talking to her she

does not have the same response if she

just hears my voice and I'm not looking

straight in her eyes and when I'm

talking to her I like to pause and give

her time to respond so we have a

conversation going on here she just got

a little bit fussy so I was picking her

up and basically just bringing her into

a sitting position which will also help

hopefully her development for learning

how to sit up and the months to come

yeah but that was just because she got

fussy and honestly she's not always in

the mood to play in certain ways so I

just go by instinct and switch up what

I'm doing based on her mood so now I'm

going to switch her around and I want to

show you basically how I like to roll

her around and it basically puts her

into tummy time but this is to practice

rolling for her she hasn't actually

started rolling on her own yet although

she has a few times but it seems to be

more on accident than purposefully so I

like to roll her back and forth she

really enjoys it a lot of times she'll

smile really big as I'm doing this

although today she was actually a bit

fuzzier so that of course is the day

that I chose to record this video that's

just my luck isn't it but um yeah she

really loves being rolled back and forth

and this is actually a more new

development for her to um actually

really really enjoy this she seems to

have after she basically had her 12-week

growth spurt she also seemed to go

through her mental leap as well and she

just seems to

enjoy playing in a different way than

she previously did although we did do a

lot of these same things before she's

having a much different response to them

and she seems just to be so much

stronger in a lot of her positions and

just having a lot more fun with them so

this is really simple I just keep

rolling her from her back to her front

from her back to her front and I do

different amounts of pressure at

different times to kind of let her

control the movement a little bit

obviously she's not fully controlling it

because I said she's not really able to

yet but um I'm just trying to get her

used to that motion and she seems to

have a lot of fun with it

so it's a great way to play and

sometimes I'll get straight up into her

face while I'm doing it and other times

I'll put like a mirror in front of her

or toy in front of her so now I'm

pulling out the Bobby to show you how I

also do tummy time with her on the

boppie just because I don't know

sometimes she gets fussy or if she's on

the ground doing it sometimes she

prefers to do with the boppie sometimes

she prefers to do without the boppie

it's just a different option basically

it just elevates her top half a bit more

so it's a bit more comfortable on her

belly so um just about it on how her

belly is feeling I guess really is the

difference between whether she wants to

be directly on the floor or if she wants

to be elevated up from the boppie yeah

so she really just seems to enjoy that

and the dribble bib is there basically

just to catch her spit because I don't

want to have to wash the cover for the


as often I know it sounds really lazy

but she spits pretty much every time I

do it every time I put her in the

position so it's just easier to put the

bib down or muslin down to catch some of

her spit just in case people were

wondering why I put that there so I

thought I would just show you a side

view of what it looks like basically

when I've got her in her tummy time and

basically I just like to Pat her but

while she's in it because she's gassy

and I know a lot of babies are gassy

at this time period and she just seems

to enjoy having her butt tapped because

I think it helps on move the gas around

and basically she really enjoys that so

just showing you that so now I'm just

going to shift

her back onto her back again and show

you something that actually Riley's

daddy started doing with her and she

absolutely loves it and this has

actually been a savior especially during

really fussy periods of hers when she

gets really upset this seems to calm her

down rather quickly and it's been really

great during nappy changes or diaper

changes when she's gotten really upset

this will usually calm her down so you

kind of finish it back off but um we

just take a muslin cloth or any kind of

like light cloth and just we keep very

lightly running it over her face and she

absolutely loves it I mean it gets her

really excited and she just smiles so

big and she loves it I mean you can see

her legs are kicking like crazy she

likes to move her arms around she just

gets really happy when we do this and

she doesn't seem to get tired of it like

he could just keep doing it for ages and

she really loves it so you know try it

out with your baby if you've got a baby

and see if they love it - Riley

absolutely adores this another thing

that she really seems to enjoy is just

basically if you kind of do like I'm not

actually doing push-ups but I'm coming

into her face and then going away from

it and I'll kiss her I'll talk with her

and engage with her and let her talk

back as well and it's just another way

that she really likes interacting with

me and I didn't take any video of this

unfortunately um but obviously another

way that I play with her is basically

just carry her around jiggle her talk to

her she loves being stood right in front

of the mirror while I'm holding her and

I'll just you know have her looking in

the mirror and I'll say things like look

at the baby look at the baby and she

just skits like the biggest huge smiley

ax strain on her face she loves looking

in the mirror I'm pretty sure she

doesn't know it's actually her but she

just loves looking at the reflections in

the mirror and she gets really excited

so you know just carry her around and

jiggle her about and that's just another

way to play with your baby but I didn't

get any of that on film because it's

kind of hard when I

doing this on my own without my husband

because he's at work

to film for me so you know carrying the

baby and trying to film at the same time

it's just a bit much for me so I think

now I'm trying to show how she just

likes to play with some toys but I'm

pretty sure I think at this point she

got a bit fussy so we didn't do that

position but that little peacock thing

there is a toy from the brand Lamaze and

they make really great sensory toys

because they're really bright they've

got a lot of colours to them and you

know they make a lot of different noises

so there's a crinkly bit to it there's a

squeaky bit to it it's got a mirror on

it there's a jingling bit on it there's

lots of different textures to feel you

can see the back of him is in black and

white so it's um really really easy for

her to focus on so sometimes she likes

to actually look at the back of it um

and at three months she's just starting

she like she's been doing kind of for a

couple weeks but she's working on

getting better and better at it

basically grasping things and holding

things so she's not doing this right now

but um sometimes when she's playing she

really just loves having a toy held out

in front of her until she grabs it and

once she grabs it then I just let her

sit with it for as long as she wants

until she drops it and then I'll just

you know pick it back up and I'll offer

it to her again let her grasp it again

and we'll just go back and forth doing

that until she gets tired of it and um

usually you can tell if you know your

baby's tired of doing something because

um you know they've just they'll changed

their expression they'll look to the

side as if they're completely

disinterested like she is right now

she's looking to the side she's got no

interest in doing that but you can see

she did grab the toy you know sometimes

they actually start talking like they'll

start cooing but they'll do it in like

an annoyed kind of a way so those are

all cues for me to stop and try

something else with her or maybe she

doesn't want to play at all

yeah but sometimes just playing with

toys just holding them in front of her

is all she wants to do but I think

because I've been taping this video I've

switched her around so much


like kind of losing interest because

she's like what are you doing like why

won't you focus and just play with me in

one way but yeah with the grasping she

loves playing around with grasping and

you can tell that she gets really

excited because she's like learning new

things and developing in new ways and

you know things basically seem really

simple and almost too easy to you like

why would the baby enjoy that like it

gives them a lot of joy and I mean she

definitely really enjoys it even though

it's nothing big so now I'm basically

just putting her into her play gym

because she really wants to play in her

play gym yeah so this isn't really me

playing with her this is just another

option basically if you need something

where you can put your baby down that's

safe just so you can run out and either

like use the toilet or you know grab

yourself something to drink or eat this

is one of the ways I like to put her um

basically it's really safe I mean I

always leave her where I can see her

pretty much or hear her and she's on the

floor so she can't fall off onto

anything all the toys that are looped on

there they're very secure right now she

can't get them down he can see that

she's grasping like crazy she loves

grasping right now it's like her

favorite thing before she was grasping

she was batting like she was basically

like just you know hitting things and

letting them move around but um yeah a

play gym is a really great thing to have

just to have some place to put your baby

down where they can play and have a good

time so most of the time if I leave the

room really quickly she won't even

notice that I'm gone

and this would just be another option

for where you could put your baby if you

need to put them down I wouldn't

necessarily leave the room while they're

in the bouncer seat although I will

admit I have done but generally if I

keep her in the bouncer seat it's just

because I'm folding laundry in the same

room with her or I've run into the

kitchen to grab a quick drink and the

kitchen I can see her from because it's

a very small kitchen attached to a very

small living room so basically I hope

you enjoyed seeing how I play with my


and I hope that you know if you have a

baby that maybe it's given you some good

ideas if you have any great ideas for

how to play with the baby please share

them with me because I don't actually

know how to play with a baby these are

just kind of things that have happened

either instinctually

or I've seen other people doing it that

way yeah so please do share if you have

any ideas on how you play with your baby

because I definitely would love to learn

and I'm sure Riley would appreciate it

very much to have new ways to play so I

hope you guys enjoyed and thanks for