Training Older Dogs. Is It Possible To Train Older Dog? Pro's & Con's

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David Harris here with protection dog

cells and today we're talking about is

it ever too late to start training your

dog I get calls all the time

people are pretty upset you know they've

got a dog that's giving them all kinds

of trouble and they're wondering is it

too late is it too late to fix this

problem and the answer is no absolutely

never too late I once got a little

miniature schnauzer in for boarding on a

commercial boarding kennel the dog came

for boarding the dog was 11 years old

and it was going to stay for 16 months

the family lived you know we're in the

military and they had gotten transferred

to a place where no dogs were allowed it

just was impossible the dog wasn't going

to go this dog had been a part of their

life for a decade they didn't want to

get rid of him and quite bluntly he was

so badly behaved no family member was

going to take this little dog he was 11

years old

and he was not housebroken and he would

not come when he was called and he was a

little bit dog aggressive and I felt

sorry for him so instead of putting him

in the commercial kennel for a year and

a half I brought him home with me and

boy did I regret that really quick when

I realized he's not house broke

he won't come when he's called he's a

he's a handful around other dogs but I

went to work and I trained him and

believe it or not when he got ready to

go home all those months later he was so

much better than he was before

so I've rehabbed ivory trained dogs as

old as 11 12 years old once trained a

dog that I got a call for a dog that was

12 he'd bitten many many people over his

lifetime owners loved him tolerated him

put him up and tried to keep him out of

trouble but finally they had decided it

was over you're going to have to put

this dog to sleep and when they called

me I was kind of like well he's 12 and

they're like but he's in great health

and I'm like okay so I came over and I

looked at the dog I evaluated the dog's

temperament he was totally mentally

sound he had just learned a very very

bad habit and I went about training him

and almost instantly

he went fine you don't want me to bite

people that's okay I didn't really like

it anyway I just thought they wanted me


there's a communication problem so can

you train older dogs absolutely and

sometimes it's even easier than training

a puppy in a lot of ways because the dog

is physically and mentally mature so

they you know what like housebreaking

you know housebreaking where the puppy

takes months they're not physically able

to hold it for very long

mentally they're not ready you know for

any kind of discipline or pressure just

like potty training a job takes patience

takes time but a two-year-old dog that's

never been in the house but is social

friendly good temperament he's easy

doghouse break within two three days

four days you can have that doghouse

broke so being older sometimes has

advantages disadvantage to train an

older dog is habits this dog has been

doing this behavior for a long time so

he's in the habit of doing that behavior

and breaking bad habits takes time

sometimes it'll take 3-4 weeks

to change a bad habit but it can be done

so if you're patient it doesn't really

matter how old the dog is all the

training principles still apply if the

dog likes the behavior he's going to do

it again if he dislikes the behavior

he's going to stop doing it the

challenge is to communicate to him what

behavior you like what behaviors you

dislike but we'll save that part of the

video for another day I've got great

educational videos there's a great

information online about training dogs

this video just is a dog too old to be

trained and the answer is no if he can

walk if he's healthy if he's hungry if

he likes people you can train him have