Can Kids Train Dogs?

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today we are going to talk about getting

the kids involved with a family dog with

me today is Andy and his dog Zul click

thumbs up for Andy I mean look at this

hair right when it asked me come down on

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the description Andy who's in charge of

feeding zoo your house I am how often do

you feed zoo Oh what's the day once a

day and that's one of the things I love

about when kids get involved with a dog

I mean just feeding them once a day

teaches them how to be consistent with


do you guys let duel on the couch yes

yeah we always do did you know that you

could have Xul's food automatically

shipped to your house how just ask your

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how old are you um 6 I would swear I was

talking to a 10 year old thanks for

saying that

now do you know absolutely definitely

what you want to be when you grow up yet

you do look I love it I love it that's a

good choice man what made you decide to

want to be a youtuber because I love

watching youtube channel and I thought I

might like making one for myself you're

good at video games young valued YouTube

definitely needs more gaming channels

because there are not enough I agree

with that tell me what your favorite

thing to do with Zul is um play with

them oh I love that it's true and when

you play with a dog you can like connect

with them so much quicker it's the

fastest way to form a really effective

awesome bond with a dog have you found

that to be the case

oh no no okay alright wait what yeah I

do have you found that when you play

with Zul that you grow a lot closer

together and that you love each other

more yeah

tell me what your favorite part about

teaching Zul is I really love dogs and I

want to learn more about them what else

do you want to train Zul paw and I apart

oh so like shake hands and then shake

with the other one or a give paw and

give other paw

oh that would be cool now I met with you

recently and last time you were here you

were having some issues with tool on

teaching him to lie down so I showed you

how to use the clicker and I gave you

some pointers on lie down do you want to

show me how you're doing with that oh

sure I hope I get a lot some job and

also I want to be on the ten or more you

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make sure you're subscribed so let's sum

how he's doing with lie down um I don't

think he's doing that well with that

well then let's see if we can improve it

that's what I'm here to help you so

remember with the click yeah click every

time you like what he does hold but you

remember that you have to give a treat

after you click right boy wait Oh pop

whoa good job on the paw good and so you

clicked right when he did the thing you

liked and you gave him a reward that's

perfect jewel lay down oh look he's

thinking about it stick with him he'll

so if you looks like he's thinking about

doing it just be patient and slow down

alright you lay down I'll tell you what

here I think we need to take a step back

on our training so watch this

and it's okay to use a nice quiet voice

when we're talking to our dogs and

remember this we're going to bore you

remember when they click right fine okay

you see the little unsure as to when to

click there

why were you unsure because you didn't

tell them doesn't lay down that time

oh that okay I see what you mean so in

the beginning I don't usually say what

to do because they don't know what I'm

talking about anyway if the dog doesn't

know something so let's try it again

ready so we're gonna say all that it's a

little tricky at first with clicker

trainees at least yes most adults don't

even really understand that so you're

doing great so we're gonna lure down the

moment he lies down let's go ahead and

click okay perfect excellent job now you


encourage you to go down this slow real

slow yes

awesome job look at that now that's what

I'm talking about that was really

impressive you told me he wasn't doing

that well with lie down a moment ago

yeah that look pretty good what do you


yeah because um like this if I tell him

to lay down lay down he does only or

just is that okay so that's that just

means you need to practice a little bit

more you're not good at a game the first

time are you well show me I'm done one

even ever- this last time the more you

play it the better you get is that right


so teaching dogs is the same exact thing

hey I know ask him to lie down lie down

with that I mean right that is what I'm

talking about man you is so great

well he wouldn't agree to lay down so

let's show me how he's doing with Paul

he's doing really good with that I've

been walking with him all right let's

see it Paul yes Wow

that's okay cause like I find cliff I

had my talk sometimes so long he just

laid down to UM click add a woman and I

didn't tell him to lay down he's really

he dude he's doing so good right now

no that's amazing oh my high fivin yeah

all right Paul so good that's great

that's likely that you missed your click

though that takes

so look you just raise the other fall

did you see that yeah that's crazy I

thought you said you know other pot hi

this is doing really good let's see

let's see let's go sit ah nice to meet

you and now let's see if we can get that

other paw no not that fall yes

that paw good job on the clip hey I

think we're onto something here we

should start like a dog training show or

something yeah I definitely agree with

you on that and you're basically the

boss ha good and other paw

don't play because we asked for you yeah

mm cut yeah good job whoa look at this

he's like a other paw machine this time

you clicking are you okay I'll do the

cling and you do the tree pop-pop wait

good nice work good job now we're gonna

do other Paul hi Paul if just be patient

don't lay down well click for just to

keep him from getting frustrated up see

that right there just that small

increase in energy right there

sometimes this is enough to get a dog to

be more compliant to listen to you there

are so many virtues to having kids

interact with a dog they learn things

like patience empathy understanding

something from a different perspective

what it's like to work with an animal

and get results over a long period of

time because results are not always

instantaneous when we teach dogs and

while it's great for young people to be

involved with teaching the dog it is

important to remember that ultimately

the responsibility is with the adults of

the house to make sure that it all

glistens in day-to-day situations that's

because a fair amount of life experience

is required to really get into the

intricacies of teaching a dog how to

behave I mean the best way to learn is

to teach and by teaching animals we

learned so much about ourselves and

those skills stay with us for our entire

life Andy it is so clear that you have

such a strong bond with Zul and you're

doing a really really good job click

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