How to Train 2 Dogs at the Same Time

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do you have more than one dog to train

today I'm going to show you what you

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the description today I've got Shelby

with me and her family got not just one

but two awesome Corgi puppies now Shelby

how have you been feeling about training

so far I can't I'm complaining now

Shelby I'm ready to get this training

session underway how about you yeah

ideally before getting more than one dog

you'll want to make sure that any

current dogs you have are really up to

speed on their training first I'll have

all the videos you need on that on my

youtube channel so perhaps you fell in

love with two great dogs or you couldn't

decide between two puppies or some other

reasons so you took home two dogs at the

same time let me be real with you you

can't teach two dogs effectively and

simultaneously that's because dogs don't

require walk to a teacher that isn't

completely focused on them and it's

impossible to give your undivided

attention to two dogs at the same time

understand that it is twice the work

when you've got two dogs now you've got

two major options you can either work

with each dog one-on-one and alternate

them accordingly or you can enlist the

help of someone else in the family don't

worry though if you follow the advice

I'm going to give you in this video

you'll be able to have both dogs

listening to you at the same time in no

time so Shelby what I'm thinking is that

we'll do a few different things today

I'd like to start off with a leash

training session that's going to do a

couple of things that will allow us to

get them a little bit fatigued and tired

it's a lot easier to teach a dog when

they've gotten some energy out also it

will allow us to build some

communication to sound good so I'm going

to work with Bailey on a leash walking

sessions I think it's really important

to be able to get your dog's attention

on you and one of the easiest ways to do


hold up a piece of meat just like that

and give them a reward like that now

look at Bailey Bailey is paying

attention to me and I'm walking there's

no tension on the leash he's not trying

to get through his sister over here he's

not trying to run away he's focused on

me in the first year of training you

want to use lots of treats to build

communication because there's a lot of

distractions at a place like a park like

this I've got a tension and I'm going to

go ahead and reward with tiny pieces of

Turkey here so what do you think so far

does that look good

Wow show me why don't you start by

having best you look at the tree by

holding it up to your eyes and now let's

try walking backwards a little bit just

kind of in a circle and all we're trying

to make sure of here is that she's

checking in with you say no I want to go

where you're going there you go perfect

yes the idea is to get her to pay

attention to you while moving while on a

leash in this outdoor exciting

distracting environment good work and

just keep going look at you you're a pro

now I'll tell you what why don't we see

if we can get them both paying attention

to us individually we're going to do

that together now okay look see a little

tougher too close together so we're

gonna give him some distance over here

over here let's see if we get them to

pass now yes hold it up to your eyes and

see if you can get her to go away from

me look at you now that was awesome

well here let me see something here I

just want to prove a point here I'd like

to work with both of them on sit at the

same time so let's say that you've got

two dogs two puppies in particular

you're trying to teach them how to sit

you can't focus on both of them at the

same time because if you're trying to

lure one into a sit you got one trying

to knock the other over there's no way

to keep sit like this in any meaningful

way and it's not to say you can't get

some results with them on sit but you're

just not going to get as effective

results if you're trying to take

shortcuts by teaching them both of the

same fun so Shelby I clearly need some

help here this just isn't working out

I'm going to work with Bailey on fit and

you work with Bessie on tips I'd like to

show you something called Lourdes

training here you see the nose we're

just going to move that treat right back

like that until they sit and then we're

going to say sit because normally we

don't want to just tell our dogs to sit

until we really feel that they

understand the concept think about her

nose like a magnet

and think about the treat like a magnet

if those magnets get too far away the

connection is kind of lost you know what

I think they're doing so well at this

point that we can now start to say sit

yeah good right yeah good job and see so

we have both dogs over here listening to

it yep yes we got this this is nothing

as your dog starts to reasonably

understand these things one on one then

you're in a position to say sit and have

them both listen to you simultaneously

shall we you are a natural dog trainer

you have so many talents that's amazing

we've gone over leash walking today

we've gone over how to teach them to sit

they even listen to us together another

vital skill is teaching our dogs how to

come to us when we call them I'm going

to encourage Bailey to come to me by

calling Bailey in a really enthusiastic

happy voice just kind of let him get

distracted for a minute Bailey I'm going

to make sounds coming a Bailey one good


excellent job teaching your dog a basic

recall like that is just giving them an

excuse the reason to want to come to you

at call Bessie and a happy voice I see

happier thank you yes there you go good

job really good you're doing such a good

job I'm going to make it a little bit

harder now I've got this treat see how

exciting you can be that's me look at

that I had a treat right there at her

nose you were able to get her attention

off this amazing piece of meat and on to

you that's how you know that your

training is really off to a good start

since they're doing so well on coming to

us I tell you what let's call them to us

when they get distracted a bit and then

have them go into a set correct now put

her into a set well yes good job good

patience there

good timing everything was good about

that correct come on right but hey I

mean just at the beginning of this

lesson they were playing and being all

rambunctious and we couldn't get them to

listen to us and now we got them doing

all sorts of things just because we're

giving them the one-on-one attention

they need to really learn how do you

feel about today's lessons click thumbs

up for these corgis especially for

Shelby over here she did terrific make

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