How to teach dogs to wait for their turn for training

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training sessions with multiple dogs hey


this lesson today is about how to train

multiple dogs to become and relaxed

while another dog is working a lot of

people have the misconception that if

you're using clicker training you can't

work with multiple dogs at the same time

without them getting confused but if you

teach your dog to settle well the other

dog is working it's very obvious that

their job is to settle while the dog

you're paying attention to is the one

that's working this exercise not only

makes training sessions more relaxing

and fun but it increases your dog's

impulse control and ability to remain

calm and relaxed in the presence of

exciting situations and other dogs

watching and following the exercises in

these two tutorials will set you up for

success with this tutorial click on the

link to view the video choose an area

where you want your dogs that are not

working to wait I like to choose areas

that are higher up but you can use a mat

or a dog bed if you have a dog that's

uncomfortable with being near another

dog you can start with their mats as far

apart as possible for dogs the guards

food or space it's best to play it safe

and have the dogs settled tethered

securely to something on a harness or in

a crate that you can lock the door

getting started I like to use luring

which then turns into pointing so lure

the dog up onto an object and click and

reinforce the dog for staying there

while you are the distraction start out

by making slow calm movements and then

more excitable movements once your dog

is succeeding with your distractions you

can add a dog at first have your dog do

very calm behaviors and then increase

the excitability you don't want to work

on anything new with the dog that you're

working with because the dog that you're

paying the most attention to is the one

on the couch and the doctor working with

could get slightly frustrated at first

the dog on the couch is going to get a

treat for every single behavior that the

working dog does this is because even

though the working dog might not be

getting a treat

it's very excitable too

watch another dog movie as your dad

succeeds you'll do more behaviors with

the word from dog before both of them

get a treat and you'll start to give the

dog that's working a treat and no treat

to the dog settling so the dog that's

settling only gets a treat sometimes

don't always make the criteria harder

and harder put the dog on the couch

otherwise they can get frustrated and

want to jump off if your dog does jump

off the couch to join in lower the dog

back and get them to lay down but don't

give them a treat otherwise your dog is

going to learn to interrupt your

training sessions so that they can get a

treat for laying down again wait till

you've done a behavior with your working

dog before you give your dog a treat on

the catch make sure to give your working

dog a treat if they're rudely

interrupted to teach your working dog to

keep doing what they're doing and

they'll get reinforcement even if

there's high-level distractions keep on

your buck and you Meah free good job Mia

jump up me a jump up and and in practice

releasing your dog and sending them back

to their place if your dog is new to

this behavior they should get a treat

for not only doing the exercises

themselves but also watching a dog jump

up onto the couch or jump off because

these are very excitable behaviors and

can elicit the other dog wanting to join

in here are some tutorials on how to

teach a release cue click on the link to

view the video

just free little free see you next time

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