The SECRET to Walking Multiple Dogs AT THE SAME TIME

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hey everybody and welcome back today we

are going to be talking about the

absolute most important things that you

can learn as an aspiring dog walker and

that is how to walk multiple dogs at the

same time I have learned all of this

stuff through trial and error through

years of walking dogs I've walked

anywhere from 1 to 6 dogs at the same

time and I've clearly survived to tell

the tale so I want to share some of the

knowledge that I have with you so that

you can start off your dog walking

experiences as smooth as possible first

things first we want to talk about

leashes so I suggest actually bringing

some of your own leashes along on walks

and the reason is that there will be a

lot of times that you go to clients

houses and the leashes won't really be

appropriate for walking multiple dogs

they may be great for one dog but you're

walking 6 so what kind of leashes you

need you need a leash that is 6 feet or

shorter ideally shorter the more leash

that there is the easier it is to get

tangled and tangled leashes is the death

of all dog walkers you want to make sure

that those leashes are not tangling and

so how you do that is you start off with

proper leashes so bring some with you

never ever ever use a retractable leash

these leashes are great if you're just

walking one dog at a time but when

you're walking multiple it is absolutely

absolutely terrible the reason why these

are so bad is that you kind of have to

use your hand when you're holding it and

you do want to keep your hands-free when

you have a whole bunch of dogs just in

case anything happens also with the

retractable leashes it's so thin and it

tangles so easily with all the other

leashes and it's really hard to get

untangled so they're just they're just

terrible just avoid them in general when

you're walking multiple dogs you're

gonna want to use a waist leash so that

is just a leash that ties around your

waist and you can hook all of the dog's

leashes into that that way the dogs are

fully attached to you so if they do see

a squirrel and they want a bolt they

can't get away from you because they're

gonna take you down with them try not to

wrap the leashes around your wrist

I have seen people break their hands

through doing this when all of the dogs

decide to pull at the same time so what

I suggest if you do need an extra little

bit of hold you can tie a knot into the

leash and that way you can grab on to

that if you do need to pull a dog closer

to you for whatever reason but

definitely don't put it around your

wrists because that's just bad news

bears one thing to note is that the

leashes will tangle despite your best

efforts so I suggest everyone snowy

stopping to untangle them that way they

don't just get all crisscross see all

the time if you are doing this though

make sure that you're doing it in an

area that doesn't have a lot of

distractions because as you're

untangling the dogs could possibly go to

waste you want to make sure that it's in

a really like chill zone and that

they're not all hyper when you are doing

this okay now we're gonna talk about the

actual walk so the dogs are gonna just

naturally fall into a sort of hierarchy

so there's gonna be one or two dogs that

are gonna want to pull ahead and be the

leader and then for the most part

everybody else just sort of falls in

line and just walks really nicely beside

you so you're gonna want to make sure

that you have your hands on the leashes

of those dogs that are pulling ahead and

for the most part those other dogs that

are following behind you may not have to

touch that leash at all because they're

attached to you during the whole time

having the same dogs every day you're

going to get a better sense of who is

gonna be those dogs that pull to the

front so you can kind of anticipate that

it all works out how it's supposed to do

so just go with the natural flow of the

hierarchy of your pack you need to be

hyper aware of what's going on around

you at all times that means that you

need to see the squirrel across the

street before the dogs see it or you

need to see the skateboarder that's

gonna be coming at you that way you can

kind of hunker down and prepare for that

before the dogs get all excited and

crazy and start lunging at different

things so make sure that you are hyper

aware of everything that's going in your

general zone throughout the course of

the walk if there are dogs coming

towards you on the street cross the

street just don't even get into that

even if your dogs are amazing with other

dogs they're gonna get super excited

from being around that dog and then the

leashes are gonna tangle and it's gonna

take you a long time to calm them down

so if you do see a dog just cross the

street it's much easier that way and try

not to let other people pet your dogs

for the same reason know the difference

between sniffing to pee and sniffing

just for the sake of sniffing you don't

want to be stopping every five seconds

for your dog you want to make make sure

that they get enough exercise throughout

the course of the walk so you do want to

let them get a good whiff of whatever it

is that they're smelling but then you

want to encourage them to keep on moving

forward if you stop for long periods

there's more of a chance for the leashes

of tangle and then you're in trouble it

is very very important that you never

let the dogs cross behind you if they do

that then the leashes gonna tuck behind

your legs and then if they see a

squirrel or something like that you're

gonna wipe out hard because they're

gonna pull you so you want all the

leashes to be in front of you if a dog

does try to cross behind you you can

just gently encourage it to go in front

of you so that there's no leashes behind

your legs in general residential streets

are much better than busy city streets

to walk on and that's because there's

less distractions for the dogs so they

can just be more focused on the actual

walk and also it's just better vibes in

general generally the more dogs that you

walk the better that you're gonna get at

this but hopefully this is a really good

starting point for you when you're just

beginning dog walking I definitely

suggest starting with less dogs first

and then working your way up to six dogs

because six is a lot it can be really


so definitely work your way into it and

do have faith that you are gonna get

better it is something that you learn

and that takes a little bit of practice

thank you so much for watching this

video I hope that you learned something

today and that this was valuable for you

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