NBA 2K19 MyCareer | I Almost Got Injured Lifting The Heaviest Weights Ep. 5

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bro look at all these browsers I can

spin browsers I just kissed in real size

think they don't care about you and it

just ruin the game you pick them up a


let's see what's dip oh you gotta I love

been Prez man let's get it back

skinny high work does not work huh come

on here we go oh whoa whoa whoa whoa

whoa whoa whoa whoa oh man I drew all

temperatures now yi

ah this is impossible

me ya little paint a whole elaborate you

look good yeah I got that smaller here

the other small oh oh what'd you give me

what would you do

No okay easy it's easy oh yeah he is

like where are you Oh disease huh sweat

doing this though hello lilac word my

word ah you don't we go we go we go we

go we go we go we go we go we go we go

go get up bro these are hard why are you

driving home oh my god dude this is the

bearson do

five we could get one perfect square


I saw I did three out of three right so

let's see what's going on now I'm gonna

give it their what but you I'm not

paying it must be no no poor man yeah

I'm gone no let's go ahead and play our

second game we got everything straight

attributes everything perfect oh let's

see we could do either just regular

yellow jerseys like during game time we

are going we will ease up we got right

now na na we got right ahead been to a

game time though we just got to where we

got to man the shoes is the first thing

man uh-huh uh-huh yeah yeah I got soup

finish so I went shopping for last shoes

though we go baby bro listen up shut up

shut up shut up right now pay attention

make sure they don't date to the prom

episode we love good man I'm gonna go

off a look yeah this the crap is is it

crazy bro Leana wen Lieh eyewitness no

brah leave it man that's for you

okay that's good man let's go get his

game start hey get ready man yeah I so I

so what's up

for Chris and as he's checked in for him

and taking a look at the Rockets yeah

I'm at do a guy so man I something man

let's go man let's move out look dawg

let's get we so guys you got a whip Oh

free throws like the eggs free throw

sweetness you can't buy free throws you

guys should work on some how little it's

when I walk hey hey hey man give my de

más abajo good a bro

guys I've heard of difficulty of course

how do better but this don't make it

good if I actually have a high demand

money fall back


there we go hi so far y'all

the competition is hard though being a

hall-of-fame it is really hard bro I

just gotta get used to it man wow really

you know what's most impressive about

harden to me as his versatility he has a

score I mean he's a remarkable combo

guard with size and strength so that's

why they do okay when it's my shopping

it's my shopping yeah I don't do this

getting off here I got the desk and oh I

don't so I got it small-sized bass book

or my spotlight leave a Brooklyn yeah

sure I'll play a game whatever you are

now saying anytime yeah

I can I can you just say you he came up

house did he just give me the okay for

him to come him to come out not you

Lance I hope you guys in joyed $50 I'm

gonna do better I approach I just got to

know my shot there think right there get

my trimmers out back

I'm publishing this thing's we got this

broke watch my land feeling a topping up

corner bro

there's gonna be other lastest series

they come leave a comment that blade one

more turn