How to Use the Gatorade Training Facility :: NBA 2K20 Tutorial

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hey everybody how's it going it's agent

nimitz and welcome back today to another

tutorial this isn't a to k-19 to toriel

this is a new tutorial series that we're

gonna be going through I have over 14 or

15 things that we're gonna be tutorial

and Moorea so make sure you're

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enjoy this tutorial is how to use the

Gatorade training facility if you

clicked on it and clicked on this video

for that that's what we're gonna show

you how to use this video this is the 2k

20 version I have a 2k 19 version that I

saw up on like the search results for 2k

20 version so if you saw that one I

apologize this is for 2k 20 not 2k 19

but let's hop into it right now so first

off the training facility is located in

the same place as it was in 2k 19 the


are not program the Rex Jordan raga I'm

used to calling it to Jordan rec center

it's just the rec center now is to the

left and the team practice facility is

to the right and the Allen Iverson

statue is right there right over there

by those orange orange trees yeah so

it's kind of off to the left side of the

park well it's my left

I call it left ok I call it the left

side don't judge so I and you know you

got to do this every week in order to

get some boost to your attributes that

are super important and you can see

those if you go into progression and

skill boost you can see on the like

right half of the screen it says weekly

workout and it's incomplete you can get

up to +4 in speed acceleration strength

the vertical and stamina and if you get

plus 3 or 4 in all of the categories

then you get a special Gatorade boost

which is super nice and super awesome I

kind of really like this system is very

nice but alright so once you're in here

you can press Y and it shows you your

weekly workout checklist and everything

that you can do to get the certain

categories so there's like three things

for strength and vertical and there's 2

for stamina speed and acceleration so


pretty cool and at each station it'll

tell you what you need to do to you know

get three zero one two three or even

four attribute boosts or stars whatever

you want to classify it as - this

station or per attribute whatever it is

okay so I'm gonna go through what are in

my opinion the easiest and best ones to

use this year you do have to do more

than just like one thing last year you

only had to do like three of one thing

so I did like three of the treadmills so

that because it was really easy but the

treadmill is actually one of the easiest

I'm gonna start out with what is the

hardest thing to use in my opinion the

Box jump now I this is where it's

difficult because there's well let me

just show hold on I gotta get this off

there we go

so and this the Box jump is for the

vertical you can also do the clean lift

and the leg press but I find the box

jump to be the easiest of the three but

it's still the hardest it's still the

hardest so we're gonna happen to it and

I'm gonna do well I guess I'm just

jumping into I recommend that you do a

warm-up okay so hit warm-up first and

get used to it

and I'm gonna give you tips while doing

this and what not so don't watch your

player you watch the little left stick

thing on the side that's how you know

when to flick it don't watch it says to

watch for when your players knees Bend

or whatever don't do that watch the left

stick thing on the like the left upper

part of the screen that shows you when

you need to flick it down and up and I

just hold it down until it shows me to

flick it up and then I flick it up so

I'm just kind of holding down right now

flick up and now I'm holding down again

it's pretty simple to do you have to get

like 14 reps or whatever to get the four

stars and this is the quickest way to do

it possible so I'm gonna time-lapse the

rest and show you I'll see I didn't do

that one right that's not good it's cuz

you got it you gotta go quick now oh

gosh I'm glad I'm doing a warm-up

all right so I got three stars I didn't

have enough time to get 14 I guess

that's totally fine

yeah plus three and vertical the hardest

category is now out of the way we're

gonna get the check mark there and then

we're gonna move on to the other ones

that I find to be the easiest

so obviously the treadmill it's always

been went like a staple of the Gatorade

training facility as one of the easiest

so that is what you got to do for I

believe it's speed and it's a pretty

simple thing to do it's pretty simple

I'm not even gonna like start I'm just

gonna start by hitting a right trigger

and then right trigger left trigger

repeatedly until the time limit is done

now you have to get over a hundred to

get three stars and I believe it's like

over 125 to get four so like I said it's

pretty straightforward I always try and

get 150 I don't have to I just like

making a competition for myself so we

got four plus four on that one very

awesome and the skill boost is to speed

I was right it is to speed so yeah speed

out of the way next we're gonna go do

the agility ladder cuz that's

acceleration or not a ladder the what am

I saying

the battle ropes here right yeah that's

what it is and that that goes towards

the stamina I was right so if you look

at everything that it says it tells you

what you need to get the three and four

stars so we just got to get 120 plus so

basically if you get to 120 you can stop

this is very simple just like the

treadmill you just do the left and the

right stick repeatedly up and down

opposite of each other so if the left

stick is up the right stick is down and

then you just repeatedly flick them

opposite directions at the same time

until you get to 120 or or above

beautiful we got 122 and actually with

this one and the speed treadmill one it

is okay to mess up once because they

give you a little bit of leeway in those

ones they're pretty repetitive

but we got a +4 for that one as well

next we're gonna go to the agility

ladder I think it is now these are very

similar and they're right next to each

other I always get them confused but I

believe it's this one that you want to

do the other one is a little bit harder

and less lenient this is the agility

hurdles not the ladder okay so this is

the one that we want to go to and you're

using your left and right stick with

this one now remember use the warm-up

feature if you're not comfortable with

doing this but a prompt will appear on

the screen and that's the direction that

you need to flick your left or right

stick it tells you which way or whatever

how to flick it now if you get one wrong

it's gonna tell you to flick it in the

exact same direction so you can

basically hold the stick in their

direction if you get one wrong it's

pretty straightforward you know and it's

not the same every time so that's that's

a good note but see like watch this

one's gonna be the same because I messed

up but oh gosh okay apparently I was

holding it um yeah now they take your

fastest time of three so you can mess up

on one and then just take it easy and

then go for the next one it's pretty

simple now you have to get like under 12

seconds that's relatively easy if you

have pretty fast reflexes so there we go

let's see what we get believe I got a

plus four on that one yes I did

acceleration plus four now the last one

is another easier one it's strength and

that there's lots of different things

you can do for all these again don't get

me wrong and feel free to try out what's

easiest for you but when it comes to me

this is the one that's easiest is right

here the dumbbells it's over in the

corner by the treadmill and it's pretty

simple you just tap a quickly and then

hit left trigger and right trigger

simultaneously when it pops up it's

about three or four taps of a and then

left trigger and right trigger or you

can just follow the prompts on screen

again I stress if you're not comfortable

with it at first

use the warmup don't waste don't waste

the workout on this one two three four

oh okay I push the wrong button I pushed

X out one two three four BAM see it's

pretty simple so just get used to it get

to get I believe like 14 reps or

something like that so yeah this goes

towards strength

so there we go I got 12 reps because I

kind of messed up at the beginning of it

and I also messed up at the end it gets

where you have to push it faster so just

be aware of that but hey I believe we

got three yes we did and that means that

we get the extra boost for getting plus

three or four you get the extra Gatorade

turbo boost applied and there you go now

you know how to be a pro at the Gatorade

training facility

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