How I Potty trained a toddler/ Step By Step

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obesity baby Bob Redell is going to work

well right down squeeze the party


let's go no don't walk backwards


you compete a little piece okay baby I

got got peace yes two double beds per

still repeat okay baby

good job baby

you need money to help you eat get help

it's help

can you please sit on your party and OPP

you're going to cook your diaper pink

guppy no you have to sit on your

Heinie's body baby come sit please



Hospice McMahon has ministered here

today the necessary


now you have to do continue dipping

he knows the people


good job baby

it is going to be Pete




you don't care and then we'll get ready

okay baby

put your hand in your party okay




I know put it there did you finish did

you get the P hey get up and wash your

hands and flush the toilet nope finally

we got a P P and the P P good job baby

you're gonna flush flush your toilet

good job Wow

first one down this morning yeah don't

touch it money's gonna clean up yeah and

they clean we read it for a while and we

don't give up yay

first BP this morning good morning so as

you guys can see 18 years he's potty

this morning actually

so today's day three that we've been

potty training until we have to go out

this morning Aiden wants to look eating

come come come say hi

so Adil we have to go out


so today is day 3 that Aiden has been

potty training so far it's been going

good he's had a few accident here and

there last night for anything he needed

to use the potty but he couldn't say

anything to anyone he had to do number

two so he did half of the number two on

the floor and then the other half in his

party because he knows he has to use his

party but it's okay we didn't freak out

were just like it's okay you're gonna

get it and this morning as you saw it

was a little bit hard for him to use the

potty I guess probably because my phone

was on but later on we were still in the

bathroom I was getting ready to taking a

shower and stuff and when he was ready

he said Aiden used party which was

really cool he did that yesterday as

well so he ended up peeing

yeah and that was then we always

celebrate whenever he pees sometimes I

give him chocolate sometimes did you say

yeah yeah Aidan is potty and he gets so

excited he applause and stuff so so now

we are going out it is about a half hour

drive so I don't want Aiden pin it on

himself so I do have diapers on him only

because it's a half hour drive just in

case he has to be I don't want him

sitting in his people half hour until we

get to where we're going

well once we go there and we're done we

come straight home and then it's back to

just regular underwear that he's going

to have on and I'm going to try to like

let you guys see everything that we're

doing today

just in case you're potty training and

you want to know how I'm doing it it

didn't just turn two on well last Monday

actually it's a week ago since you

turned two so I figured it's a perfect

time to start him potty training so

that's why we're starting now so if your

party training let me know how you're

doing it today is day three for us I've

seen a lot of videos that says don't

potty training three days of

even yeah we're gonna go outside okay

baby go put on your shoes mommy's coming

mommy's coming

he does everything by himself he puts on

his shoes they put on his pants he could

put on his clothes so the next step is

to potty train so that's what we're


okay and it's gonna put it maybe you can

put on your own shoes but any shoes um

so yeah so that's what we're gonna do

we're just gonna go and then come back

and then back to basic which is him not

put it on underwear so yeah that's what

we're gonna do do you guys gonna put on

your shoes and then we're gonna go say

hi say hi look there and say hi

no you don't want you Hey

so we're currently home it's been about

an hour and a half did you do peepee and

eating he's taking off his diapers this

is why thank you baby

this is why I decided to start potty

training Aaden because he loves took off

his diaper

so in his diverse it's been about an

hour that we've been out the two-piece

in the diaper which is good

a TA gonna do peepee no okay

I'm usually I let him just a naked I

have this underwear so my sister-in-law

gave me this

this is just little boy underwear that I

read eat it away while we're home

so I have a few of them that I hold with

me everywhere we are in the house now

we're in the kitchen cuz I'm gonna make

breakfast and I usually put it is putty

here as opposed to the bathroom so I'm

gonna go get his patty actually so he

did mommy to put on your underwear and I

put in your underwear pull it up

underwear do you love mommy so he has

done his underwear he's big boy

underwear and I always have so anywhere

we are in the house I always have his

party next to me just so when hit

whenever he's ready it's right there so

now he's that's his party did you like

your party no no you know like your

party doing a good name a you wanna go

no no okay

so but now if you want to go peepee and

tell mommy okay now so you can use your

party he's over to be cranky he's sleepy

okay we're gonna win so you're ready to

do peepee and then we'll do peepee

anyone a night didn't do P P okay P take

off your pants and do P P okay

yeah eight in your body good job is it

gonna do peepee it is gonna do PB in his


yeah momma's gonna give you chocolate

you want chocolate baby are you being


hi baby what's up with Aiden hungry good

job baby good job mommy's gonna clean

don't touch

all right clap yourself people yay clap

clap it DPP a good job all by yourself

good job by love you're so sweet good

job give money in my fight

give mommy a half and you pull okay I'll

pull it up for you oh thank you baby

good job I love you

I love you so they didn't just told me

he wants to use potty while we're eating

good job baby hey go to your party check

up your underwear pick up your underwear

Harry Harry Harry Partch I'll hook to

book jungkook to look to look to move

she's gonna be under it

let's go anybody find a fighter how do

you die yeah he's gonna go potty

it is going hottie so as you guys can

see from the previous clip we were

actually eating breakfast

I know breakfast is a little bit late

we're actually eating breakfast and in

the middle of breakfast eating says 18

use potty and have a cookie it's good

let's go of course I had to record that

moment cuz it was so special to me and I

was so happy that he actually used the


he's been doing that since yesterday he

would say a tea party and then he would

go except for when he had the little

accident on the floor by pooping half on

the floor and half in the potty but

we're getting somewhere guys today is

day three we went out this morning and

he peed at least twice in his diaper we

were out for like an hour an hour and a

half so which is good and then we came

home he peed and then while we're eating

he peed again so now he's gonna go down

for a nap usually during that I do put

on diapers on him I mean he's not there

yet so I know a lot of people I've been

I've been recommending like a wee-wee

pad they use Indian locks my phone down

they use the same for like dogs dropped

your bread that's nice

they've been recommending like a wee-wee

pad but I don't know if I'm gonna let

Aiden use that but this is what we're

doing and it's working so far so we're

just gonna have to like train him

then we're gonna do a nighttime training

but daytime I just want him to be used

to you want me to move give me one

second okay let mommy finish wish

history so I just want him to get used

to the habit of peeing in the potty and

then we can transition that for

nighttime if that makes any sense and he

likes to walk around naked he's actually

not wearing his underwear which is fine

um he can he can go without his

underwear which is also good for him

good for me all right go get it baby

so yeah I'm gonna get eating down for a

nap in his diaper when he wakes up we're

gonna start the whole process again and

I'm gonna try to see if I can show you

guys the rest of it Aiden wants me to

move because he dropped something behind

my couch so yeah that's a mom is so

excited this is like the best feeling on

the planet when you feel like the things

you're implementing with their child is

actually working and you can see it it's

so excited and plus I don't have to buy

diaper anymore no more diapers

baby I'm just ahead of myself oh yeah

that's a we're gonna keep you guys

posted it it has to go for a nap and

yeah keep doing this video okay

good job baby usually wouldn't win the

living room I always bring the potty

with me anywhere we go there I ate a pen

so now we're in the living I'm sorry

Ethan's gonna do pee pee huh he already

did pee pee on his pants so I guess I

was a little bit too late but he is

sitting down now I mean try an error you

make some and you miss him and we've

missed this one because he was busy

sitting in his car and I was trying to

do a video so but it's okay we'll get

the next one I'm here been going down

for a nap here but he's gonna go down

soon so hopefully we'll get the next pee

pee in the potty

and we'll keep doing this until he gets

it right Aiden is firing up from almost

a full right now

in Quebec you just took his diaper and

actually he didn't do much for four hour

period that he was sleeping so I guess

he's holding it now he's going to use -

oh honey

yes and it's gonna yes baby and he's

gonna sit and it is gonna use the party

okay so that's what we do like

with me I'm sitting down

so hopefully this works you go peepee

yeah here she repeated in the party this

time again so we are moving on

good job baby did you peepee in the

potty good job yay car for your self

baby yay good job so it's currently five

almost six o'clock and we're going to I

even we're going to keep doing less work

than I am asking you here thank you

we're gonna end this video yeah okay I

can't show my face because I look crazy

because I'm not eating as well so we're

gonna end this video here thank you guys

so so much for watching I hope you guys

enjoyed our party lessons and this is

what we've been doing for the past two


today's the third day so I hope you guys

enjoyed it so so much if you guys want

an update on how a teen is doing with

his party let me know in the comment

section below and

yeah listen say sorry about the the

noise the benches are in this guest

bathroom pretty loud but thank you so so

much for watching and we will see you in

our next video ATT bye kiss kiss