Uber Driver Training Video

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how the uber system works the uber

system allows riders to request drivers

at any time in any city where uber has

launched drivers are able to go online

at any time as well and have full

flexibility to choose when and where

they receive business the experience

begins when a rider requests a trip

the closest driver to that rider

automatically receives the trip request

and as 15 seconds to accept once they

have accepted the trip the driver then

simply proceeds to the riders location

and notifies the rider when they have

arrived by tapping the arriving now

button when the passenger gets in the

vehicle the driver begins the trip and

navigates to the chosen destination at

the end of the trip the driver presses

end trip to complete the fare payments

are calculated within seconds and both

the driver and the rider have a chance

to leave a rating for each other drivers

are then immediately able to accept new

requests for a ride it's a very simple

experience which is a big part of why

eber has been so successful among both

riders and drivers

ratings module after every completed

trip your client can leave a rating

between one and five stars they may also

leave written feedback for the trip like

you see here

you also have the opportunity to rate

the passenger between one and five stars

this to a rating system helps ensure

that uber provides the best experience

possible for both riders and drivers

riders are always looking for five-star

service which is why eber is very

selective about the drivers we partner

with if your rating falls below rider

expectations you may lose access to the

uber application fortunately there are

plenty of ways to make sure you remain a

5 star driver Buber will always be ready

to use and share client feedback to help

you improve your service

tips on five stars module want to know

more about what your passengers will be

looking for following these tips can

help you get started on the right foot

and make sure you consistently impress

your clients the top reason riders love

using the uber application is the

reliability of the experience for

example once the driver has accepted a

trip both the passenger and the driver

see the same ETA or estimated time to

arrival the rider will plan around this

estimated arrival time and can even see

the driver approaching in the uber app

this makes it important for you the

driver to be ready and prompt when

accepting requests

being late to a pickup is one of the

most common reasons a driver receives a

rating below five stars because rider is

expect their driver to arrive at the

pickup location quickly we suggest

drivers only go online and accept trips

when they're already in the vehicle and

ready to drive using a GPS device is

also highly recommended and so is

studying the city during downtime the

easier you can navigate the city happier

your clients will be and the more

efficient you will be with your time

riders also love using the uber

application because drivers pay

attention to detail if you open the door

for the rider provide cold water or have

extra phone chargers on hand for your

client you're always more likely to

receive a five star rating there is no

formal dress code while driving on the

uber system but that doesn't mean you

shouldn't think about your appearance

how you dress and care for your hygiene

may be seen by your clients as a

reflection of your commitment to

providing five-star service dressing

well can even make your job easier

because riders respect drivers who

present themselves in a professional


asking users to rate you five stars on

the other hand has proven to decrease

driver ratings since users feel that it

is unprofessional

vehicle quality module riders love being

driven around in style a rider that sees

a car pulled up with a new car wash and

then enters into a clean interior is

much more likely to rate five stars and

a user that pulls up to a car with dust

on the outside then finds clothes and

other clutter on the inside a quick note

about smoking uber does not allow riders

to smoke during an uber trip please

don't hesitate to ask your clients who

want to smoke - smoke outside the

vehicle out of respect for your next

passengers additionally riders tend to

rate lower when taking a trip in a car

with any strong sense be it cigarette

smoke body odor

cologne or even car air fresheners

another focal point should be vehicle

maintenance your contract with uber

requires that your vehicle is in great

mechanical shape at all times

that means no visible body damage no

squeaky brakes no broken a/c and no

missing hubcaps

in short the best uber partners have

cars that are fresh and clean both

inside a now

go online module once you sign in and

select the vehicle you will see a button

that says go online before you go online

we suggest you are in your vehicle and

ready to pick up a rider we suggest

staying offline if you're about to go in

the shower are eating in the bathroom or

any other situation which will prevent

you from driving to the rider

immediately if you're online and you

need to take a break

simply hit the go offline button until

you're ready to pick up a rider the top

reason that drivers love partnering with

uber is because of the flexible schedule

since the uber system is constantly on

24 hours a day you have the ability to

go on and offline as often as you'd like

accepting trips modules accepting a trip

request is very quick and simple your

phone will start beeping and the screen

will flash you will have 15 seconds to

tap the phone screen and accept the trip

the ETA is shown so you will have a

general idea of how far away the rider

is remember when you see a trip request

that means you are the closest available

vehicle to that rider this means there

is no driver on the road better than you

to accept the trip if you accept the

rider will receive the fastest pickup

possible which is a great experience if

you do not accept the trip requests will

go to another driver maybe much further

away resulting in a poor experience for

both the rider and the driver because

all requests go to the closest driver

your acceptance rate is important if you

do not want to accept trips

please go offline if you are online and

looking for business your acceptance

rate should be consistently high

begin trip wait time module once you

accept a trip and hit arriving now you

will see a begin trip button when you

hit the begin trip button

uber records the time and location of

the trips origin which is later used to

calculate the fare when you arrive at

the pickup location your client may not

be ready immediately

we suggest waiting a few minutes before

calling the Ryder drivers who call

excessively are often rated poorly as

riders find us both annoying and

unnecessary if you do call the rider

it's a good idea to let them know where

you are and to check that they still

need a ride if your client asks you to

wait a few minutes of free wait time may

be reasonable you can also ask the

client for permission to begin the trip

which gives them all the time they need

but ensures you are being compensated

fairly it's important that you do not

press begin trip until your rider is in

the vehicle or until they have given you

permission to begin the trip if you

start a trip too soon you will be

overcharging the rider who is likely to

leave a lower rating and request a fare

adjustment you should also make sure you

have the correct rider before you start

the trip simply ask for their name and

if they respond correctly you can be

very certain you have the right person

cancel trip module if at any point you

do need to cancel a trip do not press

begin trip and end trip instead simply

hit the cancel button in the top left

hand corner of the app then choose from

the list of reasons given if applicable

the user will be charged a cancellation

fee but please note that not all

cancellations result in a fee of being

charged to the rider keep in mind that

uber allows every rider one free

cancellation so they can familiarize

themselves with the process notice that

you always have the option do not charge

client be sure to use this whenever you

do not think your rider should be

charged such as when you cannot fulfill

the request after accepting for a good

rider experience it's also best if you

offer to cancel a ride when your client

no longer needs a car there's no need to

ask the rider to cancel because you have

the option to simulate a ride or

canceling using the client requested

cancel option

excessive calling module getting a ride

with uber is as easy as pressing a

button on your smartphone when the

driver accepts a request the rider

automatically receives a text message

notifying him or her that their driver

is enroute that text gives them the

driver's name rating an estimated time

of arrival additionally when the driver

arrives at the pickup location and

presses the arriving now button the

rider receives another text informing

them that their driver has arrived the

app is built to be seamless and does not

require a phone call from the driver

unless there's a problem finding the

rider in fact drivers who do call

excessively are often rated poorly as

riders fineness both annoying and

unnecessary if your rating falls below

rider expectations you may lose access

to the uber application remember there's

no need to call the rider in most

circumstances the uber app handles most

communication for you

GPS city knowledge module the most

common complaint that uber receives

about drivers is for poor route choice

or a lack of city knowledge there are a

few ways you can avoid this first it's a

good idea to simply ask your passenger

if they have a preferred route if the

response is yes following that route

will almost always earn a five-star

rating learning your city is also

critical the better you know one-way

streets and local landmarks the more

efficient your driving will be when you

can complete trips faster not only will

your ratings increase so will your

earnings finally having a GPS unit in

your car can give you a backup for when

you don't know the destination we

suggest using a traditional standalone

GPS or a free application such as ways

or Google Maps GPS routes are not always

perfect however so it's a good idea to

learn the city and have the GPS as a


fair review module once you've arrived

at the drop-off location and have

confirmed that it is the final

destination press the end trip button

uber uses the trip data to calculate a

fare which then appears in the app

within seconds at this point you will

also be asked to rate the Rider 1 to 5


select the rating that best reflects

your experience and press submit once

you submit the riders rating you'll see

two buttons if the fare appeared to be

incorrect or if you had an issue on the

trip select the I need a fair review

button there will be several options

available in the menu each of which

notifies uber automatically and allows

us to quickly adjust the fare if needed

if everything looks great just hit go

online and your vehicle will go back

online ready to accept the next trip

that comes your way

accepting cash module uber is a

completely cashless app this is a big

part of the reason riders love us and

why we've been able to grow so quickly

cashless means all transactions are

handled through the app if there is ever

a technical issue during the trip or you

end the trip early or begin the trip

late please just send an email to the

uber support team with details we can

easily look up the trip figure out what

happened and adjust the fare we're

always looking out for you asking the

rider to pay for part of the trip in

cash is not only against the terms of

our software agreement it is also an

unprofessional and possibly

uncomfortable experience for your client

who is expecting a cashless transaction

let us handle any payment issues so you

have more time to focus on providing

five-star service there is no tip

included with the uber the uber

experience means not having to reach for

a wallet at the end of a ride as a

result we message to riders that tipping

is not required we never want riders to

feel obligated to pay extra at the end

of Eber trips if a client offers a tip

please remind them that tipping is not

necessary new riders may not know that a

tip is not necessary with uber and could

feel cheated if they later learn that

tipping was not required however if the

rider still insists you should accept

the tip you earned it

payment method getting paid is simple

and convenient with our vault vault

provides secure storage and payout

integration for partner tax and banking

information you can go to vault

uber comm at any time to set up your

direct deposit or click the banking tab

on your partner dashboard at partners

uber comm once you enter your

information into vault you'll be paid

via direct deposit every Thursday the

payment period is Monday at 4 a.m. to

the following Monday at 4 a.m. remember

you can take trips before you set up

your vault information and you will

still be paid for all completed trips