Training Twice A Day - Yes or No? | My Current Split

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what's up guys welcome to today's video

I hope everybody's well today's videos

gonna be discussing about training twice

a day what is it all about is it

suitable for you is going to be more

beneficial for building muscle or is it

a complete waste of time now what do we

mean by training twice a day is where

you have two sessions in one day where

you lifting weights right I'm not

talking about doing like cardio for one

of the sessions and then doing the

weights in the other session though this

is two sessions a day we're lifting

weights and doing on a regular basis

throughout the week okay I have done

this once before many years ago back

when I had my own gym and it's something

which I'm doing now I've just started

doing it recently main reason because

I'm stuck in my apartment right now I

can't leave my even allowed cigars I had

to do exercise so I'm spending a large

percentage of my day just sat on my

heart with not much to do I mean I'm

working but I've got more free time

realistically speaking this is not going

to be suitable for a lot of people out

there ok those people who can kind of

get away with doing something like this

is either those people have a hell of a

lot of free time on hands all those

people who are like literally getting

paid to do this or is their job ok body

builders all I have to worry about is

focusing on building their body the rest

of the time they can just relax they can

chill they can sleep they can eat and

they can just rest and recover and work

on their own schedule

it's not gonna be suitable for someone

who has a pretty hectic lifestyle you

know they've got a family to look after

their work at a nine-to-five job or

maybe even working longer hours than

that for not getting that much sleep

trying to train twice a day is gonna be

pretty demanding ok and there's no doubt

who's gonna completely wear them out so

it's not gonna be suitable for them ok

so I'm gonna share with you guys my plan

and what I put together for myself for

this training twice a day regime in case

you're gonna put up on the screen view

to see now as you can see the six day

split the reason behind that is that

just kind of allows me to hit everything

I need to hit and then I rotate once

I've done that sixth day is back to day

one again my shoulders are my back and

my focus points they're the areas I

wanna grow the most so I'm doing them as

you can see twice in this six days of

blip now after two days of training back

to back I'm gonna be pretty destroyed

right with the intensity which I train

at the weights which I'm lifting I'm

gonna be gas

I'm being realistic with myself as much

as I would like to train twice a day

everything today I know something

happened I'm gonna feel like absolute

turd and I'm not third day if I try to

train it would be a very mediocre

session so I devote that third day to

recovery I'll do a bit of coughs if I've

got a bit of energy in the tank which

I'm sure we'll be able to do that'll be

on the 1520 minute session and then I

will do some light cardio and you might

be asking Mike

why have you ain't got chest once and

why we combine that with another muscle

group and that is because my chest it is

just it's a strength of mine and it

really does not need much of volume all

in order to make it grow now what I've

noticed from trying to stick to the

schedule so far is there's some days

where I just can't stick to it right and

it's not out of laziness it's out on the

fact I'm actually just completely

shattered like I'll wake up sometimes

after a day where I've been training

twice I feel like I've been hit by a

train and my body's completely saw I'm

fatigued like I'd be trading for 12

years I know when I'm over trained and

sometimes I just have to listen to my

body like if I've got two training

sessions scheduled I'm like nah

realistically it's not happening like I

need to rest maybe I can push for one

session today but two is out of the

question I've also noticed that the

second session is a little bit more

challenging than the first session okay

I will do the first session a couple of

hours after I woken up had some food and

like I'm in the zone like I've got my

own live physical energy but got my

mental energy as well and that is a

really good session I do know is

sometimes later on in the day if I'll

try and do that second session whether

it be like five six or seven o'clock I

feel a little bit more tired the

motivation to get that session done is a

little bit lower and I never said just

like overall mental focus isn't as good

as the earlier session so what I do is I

scheduled the more challenging sessions

earlier on and then the sessions which I

genuinely thought enjoy more or I find a

little bit easier to kind of smash

through I'll leave them to the evening

something which you also need to take

into account is your training intensity

so how hard are you pushing yourself in

your sessions how heavy are the weights

which you are lifting and how frequently

you pushing to failure on each working

set right so if I was a individual who

didn't push to failure on every single

working set

then realistically get away with doing

more sessions training twice per day

without it really burning you out too

much however if you are on the opposite

end of the spectrum and you push to

failure on every goddamn set and you

train like an absolute beast

with heavy weight it's gonna be more

taxing on your body so we way more

demanding and the amount of recovery

required is gonna be much more compared

to let's say for example if you didn't

push yourself it's also probably not

gonna be a good idea if your goal is to

gain weight and put on size but you

struggle to do so you're a hardgainer

let's say for example you need 4,000

calories to gain a bit of weight and you

really struggle to it eat that amount of

food if you then go and train for a

second time

that means you're gonna burn actually

200 300 or 400 calories and then you're

gonna need to eat another 200 300 400

calories to enable you to gain weight

now a few people who know I'm doing this

training twice but anything they ask me

well okay I know you're doing two

sessions for 45 minutes

what is the advantage of doing those two

sessions why don't you just do one big

session for an hour up for 90 minutes

like what is the advantage of split up

if I did a normal workout a say for

example it's one hour I know it's there

for the first half of that session or

the first two thirds of that session my

mental concentration and energy levels

are its highest okay as the session

progresses you get more fatigued

naturally and mental concentration

starts to kind of wither away a bit now

if you were to do an hour and a half

session for 90 minutes

that second half of the session isn't

gonna be that great right you're gonna

be physically fatigued your mental

concentration is going to be elsewhere

and the quality of the reps quality of

the sets are gonna be mediocre

I just ultimately burning calories at

that point now if you split that up into

two you do one 45-minute session for the

majority of that session your energy

levels of mental concentration is gonna

be high then you're gonna rest recover

again nutrition back in again and when

you do the second session your

concentration levels and your energy

levels are going to be higher

realistically speaking this is not

something you should do for a long

period of time you are gonna do it maybe

like a month

max before like backing off it a lot of

it really depends on recovery and so on

but even I've noticed myself just like a

week two weeks of doing this I am pretty

tired one thing which is quite

noticeable as well is it's just very

hard to give 110% in every single one of

those sessions are usually that's

something which I do when I go and train

I like trains fairly I like to push

myself and when you're trying to do it

more often it's just harder and harder

to stick to and I'd much prefer to do

one session where I give 110 percent all

of my effort instead of doing two

sessions which are like 80 percent

intensity if you know what I mean

it's always quality over quantity and

when you get to that point where you're

sacrificing quality just to do more

sessions that's one out ask myself is it

really worth it

so that is the video like I said before

it's absolutely not necessary however if

you are gonna give it a try there's no

harm in doing so and it if done properly

it can be beneficial but you have to

ensure that you are getting an adequate

amount of recovery and your nutrition is

on point as well in order to really see

the results from this so thank you very

much for watching and give it a like if

you have enjoyed it and we'll see you in

the next video