Can you train 2 puppies at once? Only if you do this...

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does your dog like to play with other

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today's question comes from Mary and

Mary has just adopted two six-month-old

Australian Shepherd mixes from the pound

they love each other and they prefer to

play in wrestle and fight with each

other more than play fetch with me and

my husband any suggestions I want to

engage them and prevent them from

balling each other but they get bored

easily now I'm assuming when you say

following each other you're talking

about just a lot of roughhousing when

young dogs especially puppies play with

each other they can get very physical

and sometimes we think it's a bit

serious but usually it's just very rough

play and that's just how they play with

each other something to understand that

when you get two dogs especially two

puppies it's not less work it's at least

twice the work in my experience what

I've seen people work with two dogs at

the same time especially when they're

around the same age they tend to kind of

teach them like it's one two-headed dog

and results are just all over the place

there are no results because the dogs

want to play with each other they're so

distracted the only way you're going to

get well-trained dogs especially when

they're puppies is to work with them one

at a time a lot of people think that

they can bypass this or that there's

just some shortcut that they can do if

you ever want your dogs listening to you

and working with you in the same

training session you first need to get

them listening to you one on one before

you then begin to integrate them don't

make that mistake of letting them spend

every waking moment with one another

that bond needs to be achieved with you

during training at least so that you can

encourage them to listen to you you want

to be the most exciting thing in their

life I mean after all we've got hands

we've got fingers we can throw stuff we

can play tug we can invent all of these

games and we can take them places we are

magical to our dogs but we have to

communicate that to them and sometimes

that's difficult to communicate when

they're so focused on playing with

another dog now I'm not saying we

shouldn't play with each other they

absolutely should however when it's

training time it's just a person and a

dog there's not other dogs there in the

beginning stages you wanted to be very

clear and very simple for your dog

rather than overwhelming them with all

of the

distraction to me it sounds like the

mistake you are making is trying to work

with them simultaneously that's that's

not gonna work out also understand that

the most raw form of playing for a dog

is wrestling and play biting and just

having fun even if you didn't have

another dog you would likely be dealing

with the issue of hey I would rather

play bite and wrestle than play fetch

it's a bit of a process to go from the

roughhouse playing and converting that

into fetch but you can do it just take

your time I have plenty of videos on

teaching fetch on my main youtube

channel you can check the description

for that if you haven't seen this as our

dogs get older they're not really

content to simply play with each other

in lieu of physical and mental training

with the human being remember since dogs

were bred to interact with people they

will always be a bit incomplete until

they have that really good interaction

with a human being

that's often accomplished and simulated

through games like fetch as I've said

and any other dogs form like herding or

fly ball or frisbee or agility I mean

there's a lot of ways to go about

building that connection and

relationship with your dog but doggone

dog interaction is is cool but not a

substitute for training or exercise does

your dog play with other dogs tell me in

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