Training Pit Bull Puppy to Come and Stay

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here is our brand new puppy

he is a blue Guardian O's Connie Corso

we have had him for less than 24 hours

he is a purebred Connie Corso and his

name is thunder

he is a little under 8 weeks old and he

just weighed in at 23.8 pounds today so

he is a big age we are currently working

on potty training for him so here I'm

just going to try to give you some tips

on potty training


so one of the big things about potty

training is that it's all about

prevention and if you don't give them

the opportunity to go potty inside then

you're setting them up for success I

only bought it outside and if they

happen to go potty inside a big key to

take note of is that they are just

babies so you should not punish them

instead try to distract him with sound

or send such as if they start to go


grab a grab a treat and go up to him and

try to distract them with it and then

take them outside and then when they do

potty outside I'm during that same event

you have to immediately praise them if

they do potty inside it is super

important to clean and sanitize the area

to remove the scent so that they don't

continue to go back to that spot it's

important to have the crate sized for

the pet so if your crate is too large

they will create a space in there that

they can go potty in if they're sniffing

the ground walking around sort of pacing

different areas checking it out chances

are they're looking for a spot to go


whether he is snooping around the house

if there's nose touches the floor I just

take them outside so this could be

cheesy but when in doubt I just take him

out so he and then and then I don't set

myself up for failure as and it can't be

frustrating if you're and if your pet

goes potty inside because you got to get

them outside and then you got to clean

up the mess and you want to get it

cleaned up thoroughly so they don't do

it again and we have young children so

it's it's tough to like try to multitask

all of those things within a within a

minute or two so I hope this has been

helpful please check out what I did for

our body pin further in the video the

pin is pretty awesome see he thunders

already digging it if he doesn't go

potty up here I think that I will go and

get some of his party and put it in

there so he noticed that it's okay

we have had him for five days now over

five nights first night I was up four

times with him bringing him out he's the

potty every time he came outside second

night it was three times and it

literally just dropped a number each

night last night he slept from 10:00

until 5:30 in the morning and then he he

let me know that he had to go to the

bathroom so I I got up and brought him

out so each night he just would let out

the slightest little whimper and then

I'd get up taking off side boom he'd

used the bathroom even though this is

one of the furthest corners from the

house I still brought him out to this

area I have put him on a leash as well

to try to keep him in this general area

and it has worked pretty efficiently but

now I'm at the point where I don't want

to chase him or be in his space because

maybe that's why he isn't using this to

do his other business besides pain so

I'm hoping that by putting this fence up

he'll be more comfortable to just use

the bath or use the potty out here so I

will not leave him unattended out here

because you can see that he is already

trying to eat the fence and a good boy

segment so I just wanted to share this

with you they create training potty

training just bringing them outside

every couple hours sometimes even less

is is very effective to letting them

know that this is where they need to go

potty at and we're just trying to make

it have it so I know that if we left him

inside just roaming the house that he

would just pee in the house probably so

we we do not just because it's been he's

been doing awesome outside does not mean

we leave him unattended when we leave

the house he goes in his crate and stays

in his crate until we returned he likes

his crate and that is another subject

that I'll be covering in some videos so


we follow us and check us out once he

actually starts going poop in this pin

more often or regularly I will actually

remove a section of the fence and then

it'll be open you know open like two

feet of it

that way we can walk in and out together

but then he can't run away from me on

that side if I'm standing over here I

would just stand on the opening side

until he was finished with his business

so I hope you find this helpful please

feel free to like and subscribe I'll let

you know how it goes it has been working

you know he has used it a few times so I

believe that he will continue to use it

since he won't be able to escape it now

he's been doing great so thank you very

much for watching and have a fantastic