Walking TWO Dogs At Once! - (How To Walk Multiple Huskies)

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welcome everybody to another episode of

stricter formula we're walking on Popish

today both at one time everybody's

always like 60 why you don't walk your

dogs at the same time cuz they're

absolutely nutso and if you have two

Huskies on one leash at the same time

you're not you're probably gonna lose an

arm so maybe some of you guys have two

Huskies at home and you want to walk on

both of them at the same time now I

recommend you do a lot of training if

you don't train both of your Huskies to

properly walk it will be very stressful

they will pull you they'll go in all

crazy directions so make sure you get

into that first but once you do get

yourself one of these these are awesome

for running mostly but you can do

walking with these as well and this is

basically a dual lead all right now what

you're gonna do is you're gonna put the

end of your leash where it clips usually

to your dogs like harness or their

collar right here and these two things

at the end are going to hook on to your

dog's harness or or collar now what you

want to make sure you get and this is

really important make sure these turn

this is going to allow your dog to not

get twisted up in this lead situation

there are double leads that come with

these and these don't move in a circular

motion like this you see this you see

what I'm talking about here we focus you

see how this moves in a circle it's like

it's it goes completely free of itself

you got to make sure that that does that

because if it doesn't these will get so

tangled and messed up and there are

cheap ones out there that try and sell

you this and they don't come with these

ends of that twist and you will regret

buying that


now for some reason when you put Huskies

together on one line they want to blast

away it's just in their nature when

they're on a line like this they want to

run a million miles per hour and today

we're not running we're taking it easy

we're gonna have a proper walk it is ten

times more stressful walking these dogs

when they're together I just take them

both one at a time and let them do their

thing otherwise it's a big ol mess like

this so what is up today everybody

welcome to another episode yeah we're

checking out Dawg Twitter right now Dawg

Twitter yeah good girl

leave that D in and Mandie's inbox

here's the difference between a dog that

is properly trained to walk and not

properly trained to walk Britney Spears

he is not trained to be on walked very

well he is a running husky he just wants

to blast off that's his nature and Gila

she just knows how to walk at the pace

of a human being it's so much more

convenient when you teach your dog how

to walk properly we're gonna go over

that I promise you

Jesus and this is what you get look at

my arm

remember how we were talking about

tugging the other day leave that post on

my DM please uh walking with two Huskies

it's so wonderful not ya only fun to do

this when you got a skateboard I should

be skateboarding with these guys but

it's just way too hot it's way too hot

to make them run today and I just not

gonna do it not going in the spooky

house I know it looks fun

looks cool ooh skeletons and stuff

alright Britney Spears has calmed down a

little bit and now we're just chillin

we're walking around a simple little

walk a stroll around the pack come here

sit thank you Thank You Britney sit look

at that

trained dog not trained dog sit all

right break let's go

yeah why you doing this to me why you do

this to my arm

my arm is literally about to break off

good job


walk one husky at a time or else I swear

to god this is terrible I'm probably not

even going to post this yeah

all right clearly Britney Spears had

some issues on that walk so we're gonna

take Britney Spears back outside and

we're gonna teach him how to walk a

little bit slower we're gonna take the

techniques that I taught you in a

previous video on how to stop your dog

from pulling on the leash and we're

gonna add those to this next walk and

we're gonna see if we can get Britney

Spears to slow down just a little bit

and stop tugging so much and walk at a

slower pace so come on let's see if it

works okay so now we are outside again

we're gonna be working with Britney

Spears now because he was stinking at

the walk so we're gonna be teaching him

proper walk etiquette already we're

pulling see that pulling all right so

hey no no no so let's get going we're

gonna weigh from do a tug right here

perfect hey come come hey buddy sit sit

good boy that's a good boy

stay stay there you go stay stay Britton

let's go okay hey hey come come on come

here sit sit

buddy sit Hey sit good boy good boy

that's a good boy that's a good boy

stay good boy now we're gonna walk very

slowly okay

stay stay okay okay stay stay there you

go now we're gonna walk very slowly okay

are you ready let's go good boy good boy

now that's basically what you need to do

if your dog is doing all sorts of

pulling all right so we're doing okay he

is tugging a little bit Britney Spears

is insanely new at this so it's gonna

take a minute for him to get this down

he is not like Gila he doesn't know how

to not you know stop and do all that

stuff so come on but let's go let's push

forward good boy good boy that's a good

pace that's a good pace good boy but no

come come come here come here

season now listening we're gonna stay

still wait for him to get our attention

again hey buddy come on treat one treat

sit sit

good boy that's a very good boy hike

ready right up good boy stay stay

there you go now he's stay stay focus


let's go good job good work puppy good


your mum

yeah mom

which is smell you sick no the potty you

smell the porta potty let's go your dog

has to listen to what you are saying or

the walk may not progress that is the

rule he's doing pretty good right now

he's tugging a little bit but I mean he

is brand new to learning how to walk at

a regular pace I basically only ever run

him because when I bought him it was

winter time and that's when he started

running for the first time and then

basically we've had to halt that ever

since because it's been way too hot to

have the pups run during the summer time

especially in Florida so I haven't had

the proper time to train him but that's

just perfect for you guys because I'm

gonna teach you how to train your dog

how to do all the different cool stuff

through Britney Spears here see he knows

basically zilch he's on donut level if

you know I'm talking about and we're

gonna get him there he's good he's gonna

be just as good as Gila let's go

we're gonna take it right right here

come on good boy good boy

oh cool come on come on go boy way neat

come on let's go the scary walkway

between two fences dude this is the

fence and no tugging come on come here

sit sit

I when I'm moving to you sit buddy we're

not moving to you sit buddy


sit I got all the time in the world

broseph I got all the time in the world

bro Mansouri nothing back there sit good

boy there you go

good boy you ready break

let's go that's what you got to do bud

that's what you got to do you got to

slow it down look how much slower we're

already going compared to when we

started this entire walk we're already

going at a slower human pace this dog is

already getting it sit sit

go boy it's you're having a hard time

with it but you're getting it you're

getting it I see the slow progress buddy

it's good you ready break

let's go slowly but surely progression

and we're still pulling here but we're

walking at a slower pace hey buddy no

pulling like that go boy you wait for

daddy good job see this is how long it's

normally gonna take you it's gonna take

you a long time to get them into the

groove sit you guys sit you got a sit

buddy good job come on slowly slow wait



nope come on this way

I'll walk all the way back come here

come here sit sit

got boy good boy

you ready to walk in a normal pace you

ready to walk in a normal pace good boy

good boy

nope come on take it back you're gonna

learn sit down come on take a step back

sit down

sit down

good boy good boy ready you ready brick

let's go if there's a distraction go

ahead and stand between you and your dog

in the distraction between the standing

block your vision off between them

see how I'm basically just like walking

in front of him get his attention on you

sitting good boy good boy that's how I

like to see it oh so we're back inside

now you guys just saw how crazy

stressful that was how much patience it

required just to go on that one walk and

teach Britney Spears how to properly

walk on a leash Britney Spears was born

it was cold so we did a lot of running

was the only time that these Huskies can

do running where I live so we didn't

really get to learn how to properly pace

himself so that's what we're going to

learn and we are going to learn that

episode by episode by episode eventually

I'm gonna show you how we're gonna turn

him from exactly what you saw today into

the perfect walking dog were you doing

up there

that's mine yes my shmores Chuy you can

have good no you can't have dad I hope

you guys enjoyed the episode today it

was fun taking both the dogs out on a

walk together it was actually a little

bit stressful but hopefully once we

teach Britney Spears how to walk

normally we'll be able to walk both of

these dogs super calmly as always guys

if you enjoyed the episode like comment

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formula and we will see you next time

with whatever we make purse