Should You Train Each Body Part Twice a Week?

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what's up man so I want to talk to you

about this this is a very interesting

controversial just totally debate fall

or full of debate subject matter should

you like but say it's your chest right

should you freaking destroy your chest

on Monday right

destroy it dog you're doing four straps


drop sets negatives rest-pause multiple

multiple high-volume sets

you're freaking you're doing what they

call overtraining all right over to it

and you are literally annihilating your

chest you can't even do a frickin one

push up when you're done you've done 12

different exercises right and your chest

is so sore and your chest is so broken

down that you literally cannot train

chest again until the following Monday

you follow me now should you do that

or should you go about 80% on your chest

you pick them out you pick about maybe

five exercises which is a lot you know

five exercises you know you got a four

core exercises and then you got a fifth

you know kind of like high rep isolation

move crossovers whatever simple

crossovers um

right and you only go an 80% you're not

using failure hardly at all and you're

you know you're doing 10 higher reps and

you're blasting and stimulating now

listen to this work you are stimulating

your chest muscles

you're not annihilating I said you're

stimulating chest muscle growth right

and come to find out that it's you know

three days later your chest isn't sore

anymore you've been eating eaten right

drinking BCAAs

protein whatever the situation is

resting right and you find up well

really you could do chess again so you

do chest on Monday in that manner

prescribed previously and you hit it

again on maybe Thursday right in the

same manner now the question is I will

ask you this what do you think works

better for muscle growth what is going

to give you more muscle now I'm going to

dive into this because this is a very

interesting situation you look at guys

and I'll start off with this because

this is this is probably a pretty good

component of the conversation as we look

at like Dorian Yates Dorian Yates I

really met you guys listen this is good

stuff all right so you got during it you

got to talk you're talking about a man

who did chest once a week his chest

workout was literally about four

exercises and within his four exercises

he literally took him maybe 40 minutes

30 to 45 minutes tops and he annihilated

chest listen he did six reps a lot of

people think that that's all ignoring it

saw Dorian it's only did six reps no

Dorian Yates did not do six reps he only

did technically one set but it was one

long freakin set here we do six reps

then he would wait do another rep wait

do another rep that was the old wieder

principle called the rest pause then

after a couple rest pause he would do a

couple for scraps

another wieder principle then after the

forced reps he would do like one or two

negatives then sometimes he's been doing

chop set so you know inevitably he would

wind up doing maybe it could be 15 reps

but he would only do that one time per

exercise him again he would do that for

about three or four exercises ah

and remember killer force reps do did

get like three for scraps out with

barely any assistance and he we did

chest once a week

look at Dorniers you look how huge

joining Gates's man he's just freaking

he was massive he really tipped the

scales and started a whole new

revolution if you will with bodybuilding

because he was the biggest he was he

went from you know we had Lee Haney who

was huge he was a champion but the

masked monsters really didn't step onto

the stage until about Dorian Yates he

really stepped on on the scene with kind

of a new thing just being huge

now maybe having some aesthetic flaws

nevertheless he was huge and a lot of

people contribute that to insulin growth

hormone basically new drugs that made

him that big but enough of that so the

thing is he did it one set he did these

one set crazy things for exercises once

a week and a lot of great successful

bodybuilders in the past have done just

chest once a week I mean the majority of

bodybuilders have done chest once a week

or every everybody part legs whatever

the situation is the whole body once per

week now let's let's look at the other

side of the spectrum let's look at the

other side of the conversation the other

side conversation is we have Arnold

Schwarzenegger who trained chest he

trained to every single body part three

times a week now on SportsCenter did not

do with a lot of failure failure was

this this whole thing about muscle

failure like go taking your set to

absolute failure and rest pause and blah

blah blah that didn't come for a long

time Arnold Schwarzenegger did not do a

lot of failure he did not do a lot of

intensity techniques you and look how

freaking huge it just was in general how

huge his body was now look at Lee Haney

Lee Haney he's got a famous quote

stimulate don't annihilate and he was

able to do chest twice a week you work

his another bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman

now Ronnie Coleman's a freak Ronnie

Coleman is just the Freak bro he is

literally he has the

genetics that God has ever put on a

human bank okay

no one has been genetically as gifted as

freaking Ronnie Coleman the homeboy was

like 215 before I even started

bodybuilding right he would do chest

twice a week back twice week happy as

crap but do you really see Ronnie

Coleman doing a lot of intensity

techniques do you see him doing more of

sets to failure I I don't think you do

wrong why because he didn't Kylie bro he

just stimulated to just the right amount

now I look at myself myself back in the

day it used to be for me all the time I

loved Horry means enough I did the


you know the typical routine of

bodybuilding where you're just doing one

body part once a week

well years and years and years and years

have passed now and you know the 20

shows I'm in training since dude since I

was 15 years old dog I'm gonna be 39

this year right 39 this year that's a

very long time to be training now I can

tell you I'm producing more muscle games

by hitting body parts twice a week now I

don't have time to hit legs twice a week

all right I'm in legs twice a week and

there's some weeks where I'm so busy I

cannot train every body part twice a

week but routinely I do chest shoulders

triceps twice a week and back and biceps

twice a week my upper body and I can

tell you that I'm not using as many

intensity techniques but up dude up

pump-probe listen a pump my chest izuta

my sword is my bath fricking just pump


but I'm not just destroying the crap out

of it

what because I know a couple of days

later I'm gonna wind up doing the same

routines again or at least a partiality

of those routines now ever since I

started doing these things these two

weeks bro my chest my shoulders my back

everything's just been growing and

growing and growing now

is that a definitive answer is the

contrast between during AIDS and a lot

of other typical bodybuilders and Ronnie

Coleman Lee Haney Arnold Schwarzenegger

are those definitive evident answers

that say oh yes absolutely you're gonna

you're going to gain way more way much

more muscle doing your body parts at a

lower intensity twice a week nah I don't

think so

it's pretty good freakin evidence what

you say but here's what I will have to

say in closing this is something you

have to try for yourself don't be

ignorant bro don't be eager

don't be so freaking hard headed my

workout has to be the hospital my chest

has to turn no dude listen don't be a

testicle don't be stupid okay try it out

for six weeks six weeks eat your protein

do all the things you're supposed to do

supplement rest okay but but do your

workouts each body part twice a week for

six weeks and you tummy and you tie

yourself and you figure it out for

yourself what is going to work best for

you what what did work best for you to

acquire as much muscle as possible now I

will I will say one quick little thing a

lot of power lifters actually train

twice a week if you look at Westside

barbell Club they do a they do a max

effort day then they also in that same

week will do a dynamic method day and

they also throw her in hypertrophy

workouts or high pancho three workouts

so power lifters do it body butters do

it now you have to figure out if it's a

good plan of action to help you meet

your fitness goals to grow what's going

to work better so there you have it

there's some insight into it from me

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