How to Set and Wind a Railroad Grade Pocket Watch

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so this is how to set in mind a railroad

grade pocket watch this is an

american-made Hamilton pocket watch in

the early 1900s and you can see right on

the dial it says adjusted for railroad

service 21 joules just a beautiful piece

here and back in the day this was

actually a safety mechanism on the

railroads instead of pulling the crown

how to set the time like a lot of modern

watches and a lot of standard or

pendants that watches back then you had

to unscrew the whole front bezel of the

case so you can see me what I'm doing

right here you can see if the whole

bezel is coming off including the front

glass when you take this bezel off then

at one o'clock here you'll see the lever

sticking out just a little bit there

typically you can get a nail or a thumb

or something in there and pull that

lever out when your liver is out you can

set the time I'll set it to ten ten here

and then I'll push that lever back in

and then you can wind normally so when

the levers in you're in wined when the

levers out we're in set and to wined

typically you're going to want to wind I

would say it's at least 15 full

revolutions don't be too worried about

over winding you'll feel when you get to

the end certainly be careful but what I

do as you can see is I'm actually

rolling it between my fingers instead of

pinching and turning you actually get

less force on it that way when you get

to the end your thumb and your

forefinger will simply slip off of the

crown and you won't over wind it because

you just physically can't put enough

pressure on so now I'm fully wound you

can see it's still able to turn it just

a little bit I'm not putting too much

pressure on it and then just for good

measure we'll take the back off this is

the hamilton pocket watch just gorgeous

piece of American history you can see

you're taking away there

twenty-one jewel

have a set mind a railroad grade

American pocket watch