Moron Strikes Oil and Creates Ugly Train Network in Anno 1800

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city is going ugly yo that's really rude

to tell somebody I've worked very hard

in this city and you just tell me that

it is not as attractive

you're not as attractive not okay I take

that back alright I'll tell you this you

were breathtaking and so was my city

look at this

totally breathtaking beautiful right but

in all seriousness let me get you guys

caught up and where we're at just in

case you haven't followed the previous

videos if you haven't I definitely

suggest you do that but I can catch you

up to speed regardless we own three

islands this is Island number one the

main Island Island number two which is

currently providing a lot of pepper and

meat to the citizens and then Island

number three which is providing a lot of

lumber and fur to the main island now we

also have some islands in the new world

that is providing rum silk all that good

stuff but we're not going to cover it

too much in this episode our goal right

now completely fill out the needs for

engineers which is a tough task because

they need a lot here you can see you

that we currently are not providing them

any glasses coffee energy light bulbs

the silly looking penny what is a penny

farthing that's such a weird name it's

just a bike man

pocket watches and then a luxury bank we

need to get all of that done in order to

fully meet their requirements and

eventually we will get to the tier 5 of

a know 1800 which is something I have

never accomplished before so I'm excited

to do that so that probably won't happen

in this episode so if you want to catch

that make sure you subscribe to the

channel and like the video that way I

know you want to see more and the first

thing we need to do is pollute this

island further with oil derricks so I

need to collect enough bricks because I

think we need 45 for each of these

buildings so I need 90 unfortunately

apparently sadly bricks is our slowest

production item I think on on this

island err game in general you just

don't have a lot of resource nodes we

only have three on this I

so we kind of have to wait for that to

play out also our Navy is back from a

manner oculus fight against the nasty

pirate here in this corner it took out a

pirate and they are currently being

repaired by this crane looks like most

of the repairs have finished so the

ships are looking at fight ready for the

next journey meanwhile let's let's

ensure that our citizens only see good

news which siege is successful so we

lost 50% riots chance that's talking

about the assault on the pirate I was

just referring to and low risk of

explosions because everything we do

around here

is completely safe the no sign of

spectacles which is are the glasses oh

my god shut up lady I'm trying to I'm

trying to talk leave me alone what I was

saying is spectacles is a fancy word for

glasses and apparently because we're not

meeting those needs they are being picky

and they're like oh well you don't have

glasses we need more of everything else

okay I think we collected enough bricks

for the first whole processing station

or the oil refinery so we go ahead and

hit gold on that and there we go more

pollution for the black hole island

definitely ruining the environment

sorry citizens that live in this house

you have to stare at this and breathe

whatever processing the finery smoke

that is created from this but it's all

for the greater good I think so I think

the next thing we need to do is link

them up with a railroad network so city

simulator turns train simulator this is

what is going to send out electricity to

everything burns oil to provide

electricity to surrounding factories so

I'm a bit confused this is what I'm

sitting here thinking so these guys need

electricity so this is the factory need

to be next to them I really want to buy

out this lady how much of her shares

50,000 we're just not making enough

money for that yet we may have to

brute-force our way onto onto her island

we were able to do a full section that's

beautiful so this just went red after we

did that and I think it's because of its

it's eating up everything so the supply

isn't easy to catch up

I broke out okay and oil refineries

already on fire holy crap we just built

that that's so annoying why does this

game hate me you literally just built

this put it out now this poor house I

told them they're gonna get extra

pollution but I never warned them about

the fire and the explosion

we hired a good engineer I promise it's

not like the people at Chernobyl I swear

they know what they're doing where our

second oil station is up and running a

full oil production a nice monument to

the city you know cities like Paris get

the Eiffel Tower cities like the black

hole they get old Derrick's in the

middle of their town with nice walkways

around them and the chance of explosion

okay we need to build the oil Stu

storage Harbor now it is up and running

and it will need trains so now is the

tricky part building our rail networks

the ugliest real Network ever but hey

beggars can't be choosers

she wants a non-aggression pact oh no

she wants me to pay 36,000 are you out

of your mind lady I'm coming after you

why would I ever pay you in what reality

are you living in denied censorship is

not censorship is always the answer we

finished the first part of the oil

production so let me explain it these

little Derrick's here will pump oil into

these refineries it gets refined it's

gonna be loaded up onto trains those

trains will follow this rail network all

the way through the city through the

slums and around we go into this station

here where it will be stored everything

else here is good so just run really

hurt us so I really don't want to

upgrade to more artisans right now until

we fix the room as usual we are making

more alcohol for our Islands what's new

around here now back to what we were

doing we are finally going to construct

the oil power plants

he admires us for that our home admires

us but that did hurt us financially so I

believe this needs a railroad network so

we're just gonna bring it back like

that's okay we are running out of

construction material what is used to

make these lumber and steel why are we

out we should not be out we have plenty

of that cash oh we're out of cash oh my

god wait hold on hold on hold on what's

going on here with our cash we're still

not getting the room we need oh that's

so frustrating these guys still use room

right yeah this is not good what is

happening with the rum what happened

no we're going broke okay don't panic

just got to find the trading chips

I think they're on their way to be

honest they're not here so I think

they're in limbo right now plus 123 and

we're making plus 126 so technically

we're making more money off the artisans

right now technically but it's requiring

more resources while there it is

argument thank goodness

holding lots of room so we're getting a

big shipment so I think we need to add a

third ship into the production line but

we're about to go bankrupt here I'm

upgrading all those engineer I should

have done another row down here to make

it look better

well Oh Mother of God please don't in

the game

I'm not fiscally smart apparently things

have gone very south financially for the

city oh here we go we must've got the

shipment in it's coming in now let's see

what this does

trading so cool in this game so there it

goes all the rum just went bye-bye

and we're just gonna keep making money

now hopefully that's enough to keep

everybody happy for a little bit so I

think the next prop again that we're

going I'm just going to do nothing but a

financial increase so we can stockpile

some casts so that doesn't happen again

we had a lot of cash and I spent it on

buying a share back unfortunately but it

looks like we maxed out run there so

that's good we're gonna go back to

building that railroad and then when the

propaganda thing happens we'll

definitely do that so as I mentioned

earlier my plan is to stockpile cash so

to know everything is good I'm seeing a

lot of influence to do so we're about to

yeah look at this 11000 Oh baby

bring me the money cause this is how you

take home the bacon you're blind as a

mole and just as dirty you rude mofo I

could be like that Politico influence

nice all right so that will give us a

nice talk Paula cast but I'm currently

trying to figure out and I'm struggling

it's um how to get electricity to these

factories currently they're not getting

any what am I missing because this says

burns oil to provide electricity to

surrounding factories so I mean this is

right next to it so why isn't it not

getting electricity what am I missing

okay so I think I figured out the issue

it is not connected to a road so we need

to fix this

now I can see the electric range so we

got to make all this cobble all

beautiful and so the power lines already

coming off it all makes sense now

well now all these places have

electricity oh what a beautiful sight it

is time to give you a grand tour of

stage one part one of the power Network

everything is lined up in providing

electricity to a general area so as we

mentioned here's our oil refinery

station so the train leaves the oil

refinery after loading up all its

containers full of oil here's a second

train coming to do the same thing

anybody who lives next to a train you

understand like a train track you

understand the pain of their loud ass

plowing through your city in the middle

of the night say that oh god those

people almost got hit be careful now but

back to what I was saying is I actually

lived not far from a train track and I

swear I hear it every morning like 2

a.m. that's so frustrating it wakes me

up all the time kind of gotten used to


regardless I trained us the same here

the zig zagging fool towards the beach

side and the farm side of our time I'll

tell people Oh God they just get pushed

away it's a special train that doesn't

push people I guess our train then makes

its way to the back pass the canneries

and will enter the oil harbor where we

are storing all of the oil that is

processed but this is where we can trade

oil and send it actually on to ships

if need be we will get there then the

train will take some oil and we'll bring

it to the final destination which is the

power station which is what generates

the burns the oil to generate the

electricity creating power for our

citizens to use making our factories

that more efficient which is what we

need and the train takes its final turn

heads into the power station where it

will dumped oh my god that pretend that

didn't happen where it will burn the oil

creating power for these nasty factories

to use what a beautiful sight and the

cycle will continue this power station

is only providing power to where you can

see these green areas not a very big

area I mean I can think I can put a

trade union and increase this a bit but

I need to put a power station over here

so it will create power for the unhappy

engineers because electricity will

actually provide them a need as well

which will increase our income which is

slowly going down and we'll probably be

negative once the propaganda ends but we

did make a hundred and seventy thousand

so far with that fake news of being

financially prosperous I hope you guys

enjoyed it in the next one lady really

I'm trying to do my outro here anyways

what I was saying is if you want to

catch what happens in the next episode

where we finish out the power network

and hopefully hopefully move to a fourth

island by means of force you don't want

to miss that episode go ahead and

subscribe to the channel so you will

catch it but I will see you all in the

next one