Teen hit by train exhumed nearly 100 years later for chance to ID him

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everyone some mothers boy that's what's

engraved on the headstone of the

unidentified team he was hit by train in

Georgetown Kentucky in 1921 in Clues

showed that he lived a privileged life

and a link to Cincinnati local

12-stepper Dixon tells us about the

effort to find his family after 96 years


the people of Georgetown took up a

collection to bury the brown haired

blue-eyed boy around 17 years old with a

headstone naming him some mother's boy

if you're a mother or even a father I

mean just a parent to spend your whole

life wondering where is my baby where's

my child I can't imagine the teenager

came out from under a boxcar at the

Georgetown Depot one April night in 1921

he ran to catch a slow-moving passenger

train on another track and was hit he

got there riding the rails on Southern

Railways royal palm passenger train out

of Cincinnati that travel between

Midwest cities to Jacksonville Florida

in 1921 the local newspaper referred to

the teenager as well-bred because he had

tailored clothes on with monogrammed

buttons a watch with two engravings and

even a laundry tag that said Jones the

watch was engraved with AWA on the back

inside the timepiece was engraved l HD

we don't think he was riding the rails

in the traditional sense of the hobos he

was well dressed

he had a watch he had he was well kept

well groomed not that someone like that

deserves more attention but someone like

that someone is more likely to be

missing him forensic anthropologist

Emily Craig works special projects for

nameís the National Missing and

unidentified persons system the

exclamation is about getting a DNA

profile and possibly finding a relative

in the DNA database a tooth found in the

grave will help his mother and father

will help should be passed away just

simply because of the time it's gone by

but he could have nieces nephews he

could have cousins there's a and his

mother and father buried somewhere and

my goal is to get him back with his


the FBI has agreed to pay for DNA

testing and there are other options this

guy is a missing leaf off of a family

tree so if we don't find it in the

traditional CODIS

type of DNA we could approach we have a lot of people

that we could reach out to in this was

he a runaway going to Florida on spring

break or riding the rails for adventure

one thing is certain he's some mother's

boy and it's time for him to go home

Deborah Dixon local 12 news details

about this unidentified young man and

12,000 other missing in America are in

nameís the public can go to the website

to look for a missing relative and we

have it posted on local as well

as the number of a regional contact it

is under the get it now links