1-800 Toll Free number for your MCA Business

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hey everybody is me again seen Sparta's


with another training just for you so

today what we're going to do is we're

going to show you how to set up a 800

number for your business the best one

that I found out there is cloud phone

calm it's basically you know they give

you a 30 day free trial and after that

only nine ninety-five a month after that

so the reason I chose cloud phone

compared to us so many other websites

out there is I mean no hardware lower

costs you know there's so many things

you can do with it auto with the best

part for me is the auto responders

feature it's unbelievable and I'm going

to show you guys how so when you click

on the 30-day free trial to sign up you

can do the best that you can do the

floods can do the pro obviously it

changes in terms of a thousand million

two thousand five thousand minutes to

start for any new affiliates with MCA

definitely or any MLM business

definitely start with the lowest one and

if you get so many phone calls and go

over your minutes then you can upgrade

at any time as well so but for now just

stick with that 995 a month your first

30 days is free so you know try for free

now here it gives you the option to have

either local us for a number Canada or

toll-free you want to have a toll-free

easier for everybody for your business

and everything we can select which

toll-free number me personally I've

always used eight six six I know some

people like eight seven seven but it's

up to you guys so you can use the eight

six six and then we click on search

it'll give you a list of phone numbers

and you can you know choose which one

you think will be easier to remember so

it can generate more numbers you know

like that so once you find the number

continue and maybe you fill out your

company information all that good stuff

and everything so for me I already have


let me go back to the login page manage

my account and I'm going to press it

pause so you don't see me entering my

password okay so when you get in you

will have this screen right here

I just want to make sure that I'm

recording okay so you will have this

ring right here um in terms of actually

no I need to do so you guys can listen

so basically you can set it up in terms

of the extension companies and

everything so when you come in it shows

up like this wanting to do here I'm

going to turn off speaker

there we go so you got them here what

I'm doing um so you'll have your

activity area where it shows you

basically the call that you've received

and that you've made so those are

basically people calling us you know

calling me you know and everything like

that miscalled everything like that you

have voicemails as well that in terms of

and you can hear the voice mail you know

and everything like that

we call it calls if you wanted to record

a call it's up to you place a call you

know you can do all that as well

but the main thing is let's go under

extension under the extension

and basically you'll have your own

extension 101 you know you can add an

extension as well but usually you don't

need to play around with that depth if

you had two people and your organization

that used the same 800 number you can

have you know under extension the basic

995 gives you two users or two

extensions but again for individuals

like FOMC you only need one which would

be basically just for yourself I just

you right there so under the company

basically you put in your name of the

company your information you know how to

be notified and everything like that the

numbers come on unborn otic and also the

number it shows use your telephone

number the ring auto attendant you

definitely want to keep it like that

because this is the bread and butter of

cloud phone to me is this auto attendant

so basically when you call the number um

I'm going to show you something real

quick here so when you call the number

I'm going to do it on my phone so you

can hear


there we go

speaker thank you for calling emanated

freedom for information on membership

and career opportunities please press 1

if you are over here member and mmm

learning to speak a Membership

Department please press 2 for after

Ehlers do recommend edge please break

sorry to repeat these options on your

own so this is why I love this one

because literally you can type what your

active meaning is and you save it and

basically that's what happens remember

shipping Tomatoes opportunities to

innovate so basically you can type

whatever you want of offenselessly mca

to Liberty okay I save and I can listen

to it now thank you for coming MCA to

Liberty for information that's simple

okay so this is why I love let me

simulate back this is what I love so now

you notice how I have aware press for

information membership and career

opportunities press 1 this is where you

assign the actual menu so for one I'll

connect directly to my phone for two I

have the 800 number for MCA customer

service so for any of members you know

underneath me that board up any for the

benefit only they can be pressing to and

get directly to the 800 customer service

YMCA automatically and then you know if

they want to leave 9 for to voicemail so

and you can add more menu if you want as

well you know it's so unbelievable it's

like wow so basically and the best thing

is there is no invalid input repeats

menu three times and

there's nobody an input after three

times then they all microc hangs up so

this is why I love cloud phone because

you can do the general digital greeting

now if you don't want it you can do a

personal greeting or if you have

something recordable you can approach

the audio files I mean you can just so

many things as well so this will be the

best 800 number because it's also the

act cloud so if you don't have to you

know have a digital connection to a line

or until you know I mean in terms of

that so without a doubt cloud phone is

the best for the court as well 30-day

free trial you don't like it after 30

days you won't be judged 995 if you do

like it oh I know I do you know it's

just basically not ninety-five a month

after that um but this is you know this

is my training so again thank you for

watching you know my training and if you

have any questions you have my contact

information below you can give me a call

you can shoot me an email

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business remember

carpe diem seize the day live it to the

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take care