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I've got the cutest French Bulldog today

and we're gonna have a training session

with him who designs a face like that

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easy as possible for you this is Sawyer

Sawyer is a four month old French

Bulldog and we're gonna see how he's

doing on his training so far today we'll

see what his energy is like how well he

knows his name we're gonna play a really

fun game that reinforces come when

called and we're gonna find out what

kind of tricks he knows so it should be

a pretty action-packed training session

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shipment let's do some training with

Sawyer now every new dog I work with I

learn something completely different I'm

committed to working with lots of

different dogs as every approach depends

on a dog's personality age and

experience its natural to assume that

you should train a dog with their breed

in mind but this is a distant

consideration from their individual


for example French bulldogs like Sawyer

they can be nervous sometimes

some are excited some like to do circus

tricks and some might just want to sleep

all day let's find out what kind of dog

Sawyer is what kind of dog are you huh

let's first determine what Sawyer's

energy level is I wonder if he likes to

play or if he's more mellow than that

that can often tell you a lot about a

dog debate you really want to play

tug-of-war and fetch or do they just

want to kind of chill I'd say he likes

to play all right look at this he's

right into the game of tug-of-war so

he's not a mellow fellow now I

personally love a dog that plays

tug-of-war like this and dogs like this


acquire a little bit more training in

time - that's because they're just

difficult to satisfy because they're

just so interested in engaging the world

and engaging stuff as evidenced by this

tug toy

whoa boy dude what is up so this tells

me he's a really energetic guy this

means I should tailor my training

approach for a more energetic dog I'm

really satisfied that Sawyer has a

really nice healthy play Drive about him

let's see how responsive he is to his

name Sawyer

Sawyer Sawyer okay so ah there we go

fine he responded there so I'm going to

give him a little tree right here just

to let him know I like that but I'm

ideally I'd rather not have to call his

name three times in order to get his

attention I'm gonna make a little bit of

a sound to try and get Sawyer's

attention on me rather than repeating

his name over and over and then I'm

gonna say his name so that he doesn't

learn to tune out his name

Sawyer really good did you see that

wasn't that cool all right

Sawyer good job buddy so he looks pretty

responsive to his name

Sawyer yes good job and right there I

avoided repeating his name over and over

again the chance to think about it and

then when he did respond to me I gave

him a treat just to let him know hey I

like it when you respond to your name

Sawyer is responding to his name really

well he's got really good energy now

I've heard from Sawyer's mom that he's

not exactly great about coming when

called so we're gonna do a fun game that

will reinforce come when called not all

of you can do with your dogs at home now

let's see if Sawyer will go and get a

treat if I toss it over there like that

sure enough he does now watch what

happens right here after he eats the

treat check this out yes he look right

back at me and he came to me you see

that I didn't even have to call him

right there he took the initiative to

come to me because in this case

obviously he wants more treats however

if you can get your dog coming to you

voluntarily like that it doesn't matter

what you have to do to get him to do it

because you want them coming to you on

their own accord even if it's to get

more treats in the beginning nothing

wrong with that that gets to have it

established so toss the treat

and now he's wandering but I've got him

on leash let's see if he thinks about it

for a little bit this is a really fun

easy game and it's a really good

exercise in patience yes good see just

waiting out like that don't be in a

hurry to teach everything super quick

all at one time sorry

look at that this time I encouraged him

to come back to me he responded to his

name now I've heard that this four month

old french bulldog puppy Sawyer knows a

couple of cool tricks let's see how he

looks sit good no case it's good how

about chicken sheep look at that you see

that that's so cute can you shake again

always going into his lie down that's

fine too

even though I asked for shake and he

lied down I'm gonna be very liberal with

rewards especially at this age the fact

that he's complying and trying means

everything so it's okay to reward for

things like that in the beginning

all right sit shake good oh that's

fantastic his eye contact is so good

guys alright now how about a high five

yes that's it that was awesome oh my

gosh he's only four months old can you

believe it

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