How To Run A 10k! | 10k Training Run Plan

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- Now today, we're going to be helping you

step up from running 5K to 10K.

- Yeah, you may well have a 10K run on the horizon

so we're going to take you through what you

need to complete it step by step.

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- When you first start running everything

is geared towards the 5K and even though it

can be a struggle to run five minutes

let alone 10 minutes before you know it

you're running 5K without stopping.

- But what happens next?

You've mastered the 5K so now we're on to the next

challenge, the 10K,

but the idea of doubling the distance for something that

you've worked so hard to conquer

previously can seem quite daunting.

- Yes, and the 10K race is a really fun

and rewarding distance to train for.

It's not going to take over your life,

but you're going to see some huge improvements in your

fitness through that process.

But before we give you a training plan here are our

tips for progressing to the 10K distance.

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- Building up to a 10K can it take time so

try not to do too much too soon

and rush ahead with things.

If you'd set out trying to run too far, too soon,

you could not only run the risk of an injury,

but also shattering your confidence

and enjoyment of running all together.

- Training for a 10K can be achieved in

three or four runs per week,

but do make sure that you're leaving enough time in

between those sessions so you can

recover, repair, and adapt.

As that 10K approaches your training is going to

start tapering off in frequency and in duration,

so you're feeling as fresh as possible come race day.

So don't be tempted to squeeze in extra runs

or more time on your feet.

If you follow this plan you are going to be ready.

Trust us.

- And there's also no harm in adding an

alternative form of cardio work to your

current training plan.

This is not only a great way of mixing things up and making

your training a little bit more interesting,

also allows your muscles time to recover,

and also reduces the risk of injury,

if that is something you're prone to.

And swimming and cycling are

great examples of this,

where less impact is involved.

- So easy to neglect your body

when you're training for a 10K,

but make sure that you stay on top of your stretching.

We always advise stretching your quads,

your glutes, your hamstrings,

and your calves when your muscles are warm.

Now not only is this going to help

to prevent injury but it's also just going to

make running all that more enjoyable.

- As something you're going to see popping into

our plan each week is a long run,

and we really do try recommending to fit in at

least one if not two longer runs per week.

This is just a great way of building up that muscular

and cardiovascular endurance ready for your 10K.

- Well, on that note let's run you

through a tried and tested training plan.

Now this plan is designed for beginners

simply looking to complete 10 kilometers comfortably.

That said, by following this plan

and building things up gradually

you may end about to be surprising yourself

with how well and how comfortably you

complete 10 kilometers by the end.

- Yes, so we have put together an eight-week

training plan with three sessions per

week which we've scheduled for Tuesdays,

Thursdays, and Sundays,

leaving Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

as your rest days.

Of course you can reject that session structure

to fit whatever schedule you have,

but do be sure to leave enough time for recovery so that

you can be ready for those runs.

And in fact, you're going to be able to download a

link to a PDF of this training plan

which is down there in a link in

description below this video just now.

So in week one our first session on Tuesday

is a simple 30 minute easy run,

but feel free to jog walk throughout this

if you like.

Keep it to a nice conversational pace if possible.

On Thursday another 30 minute easy run at a similar pace

and then we'll finish the week with a longer

target distance run on the Sunday.

This week we'll start with just the three

kilometers, still at an easy pace and try

to keep running throughout the whole distance.

Week two will also consist of a

30-minute easy run on both Tuesday and Thursday,

but this week we'll bump the Sunday run up slightly

to five kilometers.

Week three starts with another 30-minute easy run on Tuesday

but on Thursday we will introduce an interval session.

This is just 20 minutes in total,

consisting of a six-minute easy run to warm up,

then into eight minutes continuous,

has 20 seconds hard running,

followed by 40 seconds easy running,

and then six minutes easy running to warm down.

And then rounding out the week with another 5K easy run

on the Sunday.

Week four an easy 40-minute run on Tuesday,

30 min easy run on Thursday

and then a six kilometer easy run on Sunday.

Week five an easy 40-minute run on Tuesday,

and a 30-minute interval run on Thursday.

This time to a 10 minute warm-up.

Five lots of one-minute hard followed by one minute easy

and then finishing with a 10 minute warm down.

Then we're going to up the Sunday long run

to seven kilometers, nice and easy.

Week six, an easy 30-minute run on Tuesday,

a 40-minute easy run on Thursday

and then a longer eight kilometer run on Sunday.

And then for week seven we have a 40 minute

easy run on Tuesday

and then a 40-minute interval run on Thursday.

Now for this interval run we want to start

with a 10 minute warm-up and then into a

continuous eight minutes as 20 seconds hard,

followed by 40 seconds easy.

Job for four minutes after that eight minutes

and then try to repeat that same eight

minute block again,

but don't worry for the pace falls off a little,

just try to keep the effort there and then warm down

for 10 minutes nice and easy.

Then to finish the week with a slightly shorter

long run as we are just a week away from 10K,

this week we're just going to do

a six kilometer run on the Sunday.

And then into week eight,

which is race week, we have a 30-minute easy run on Tuesday,

20 minute easy run on Thursday

and then it's time for the big dance.

The weekend.

- So there it is, that is your training plan

for stepping up from 5K to 10K

and don't forget there is a link

to the PDF for this plan in the description below,

so we'd suggest that you print that out and stick it up

somewhere at home where you can see it every day.

- Yeah, best of luck to you,

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but if you've been watching this

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