This Guy Can Teach You How to Memorize Anything

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this is my memory palace by putting

images inside the space I can memorise

huge quantities of information ten decks

of shuffled playing cards lists of

hundreds of random words entire poems

and the first hundred digits of pi I'm

going to show you how the memory palace

works so that you can memorise the first

hundred digits of pi so you can't just

memorize a hundred digits of a random

number most of us are just not going to

be able to do that the technique that I

use is called the major system so using

this code you can convert any number

into a word and then into an image that

you can visualize in your memory palace

41 4 is an r1 is a TRD could be RT R at

five to seven to look no no Lincoln

eight to zero two seven one zero zero

one four to seven eight two three nine

four zero seven two three to zero three

one to seven so we're gonna do with PI

is break this number up into three-digit

chunks and come up with a unique image

for each chunk one for one the road of

could be a druid five nine to LA but no

olivian like somebody from Libya maybe

it's moammar qaddafi six five three sure

look ma could be somebody shouting

Shalom so basically these 33 images are

the first hundred digits of pi now let's

go to my memory palace so now I picture

myself standing outside the memory

palace and there's the druid chillin on

the front lawn then I walk through the

door into the house into a living room

and there's Qaddafi sitting on the

yellow sofa right next to him a little

shouting Shalom we turned the

corner of the coffee table and there is

a wolf peeing on the nice laminate floor

right above him there is a picture going

kaboom and then just beneath that is a

nymph two three eight sitting

cross-legged on the floor

we're passing from the living room into

the bedroom and right there on the left

for six - a Russian doll next to the

Russian doll piping-hot falafel filled

with schwarmann on the bed MF M male

female male pornographic scenes and

hanging from the wall big bony kneecap

and I walk into the bathroom it's a

beautiful bathroom there's Wilson the

volleyball from castaway he's sitting on

the toilet inside the shower is gonna be

Michelle Pfeiffer and on a coffee table

little bathroom reading top a book and

then 169 on the wall Toshiba logo next

to that 399 male pattern baldness I walk

into the kitchen and there's Michael

Jackson moonwalking across the laminate

floor next to him a humming diesel motor

and then on the wall of these phones

that are buzzing and in front of them a

baker I can smell the bread baking in

the oven and in front of him is a

barrier I'm gonna lift up that barrier

and walk into the hallway

it's moammar qaddafi again and behind

him a Lucha Libre mask a pair of red

high-heeled leather dominatrix boots a

horse shoe a no-fishing sign an unsafe

sign a big bottle of cheap pop of vodka

and there I see an ocean view and then I

walk outside of the house into the

backyard it's summer and behind that

funnel and helen mirren

and then 1 1 7 fish riding a bicycle I

don't know because that's idiotic

0 6 7 Pat Sajak the host from wheel of

fortune and that's my memory cows that's

how I visualize the first hundred digits

of pi ok so now let's see if I can

actually do this 3.14159265 three five

eight nine seven nine three two three

eight four six two six four three three

eight three two seven nine five zero two

eight eight four one nine seven one six

nine three nine nine three seven five

one zero five eight two zero nine

seven four nine four four five nine two

three zero seven eight one six four zero

six two eight six two zero eight nine

nine eight six two eight zero three four

eight two five three four two one one

seven zero six seven did it okay all

right sweet that should have taken me

about half as much time as it did I used

to be a veritable lou ferrigno of memory

strength and now I'm just like a fat old

mnemonic schlub I'm embarrassed by that

performance but at least I didn't make

any mistakes