The Best Way to Train Players for Cheap in FIFA Mobile 20! How to Get a High OVR in FIFA Mobile!

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let's get everybody welcome back to

another video so it has been a very big

question to me a stop di can you please

help us with some tips and tricks you

know Ferrara you know playing this game

progressing in this game and a very big

one a very one that a lot of people

wanna see is how to train players

without buying training experience you

know the cheapest way that you can do it

those kind of ways level players level

up your overall quickly so we're gonna

talk about that today will also be live

on Twitch if you are within sort of the

first couple hours of this video going

live will probably live right now twitch

TV slash stop you answer any questions

or anything that you have around this as

well on the stream today so make sure

you come stop by it's also been absolute

glass desert day was the craziest stream

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of so if you haven't already come and

join stop D nation over on Twitch I

definitely definitely recommend you you

do that but even if not if we're not

live you know gogo that fall so you can

see every time we're live on there but

basically today we're gonna talk about

how to train up players the best way

sort of tram players I've traded a

spreadsheet that basically it looks okay

what's the best you know sort of budget

for players that you can go through what

kind of prices would you be looking to

make it you know a good training

experience versus a bad change pH based

on the level because as you know each

different level has its own sort of

value of training experience that goes

along with us so is it better to pick up

90 of our players better figure maybe

six overall players not necessarily

specific players that you pick up we'll

talk about because you can kind of see

what sort of the the best idea was

basically the players are their cheapest

of that overall are probably the best

ones to pick up um but certainly just a

general way of how you can look at it

I'll show you sort of how we created a

spreadsheet too if you want to try and

create something like that on your own

but anyways let's head into the game

first we'll show you kind of we're

talking about about how you transfer it

trade out the players and those games if

you're getting new to this game alright

so if you're just getting started in

FIFA mobile or if you just kind of want

to you know like to sort of build up

your knowledge on training and stuff the

one thing when you go you want to train

up players you can train them out to a

maximum 100 overall so you can see we

have sake here he's a hundred overall so

we can't turn him up any more any

players that you have that have been

trained in before so Bale for example

has been trained up to ninety one he

carries some of that past training

experience so I could put that in but

I'm not gonna be able to put anything in

because all my midfielders are at a max

overall but you can also see all the

other players that don't have the coins

above them so players that haven't been

trained before they have their starting

base value so you can

namer there 363,000 and then we got

three or 62,000 went to 93 overall

during 244 290 to 320 990 189 it drops a

lot 240 basic just under forty four

thousand eighty eight we have forty

thousand eighty six 3584 3182 twenty

eight and you can see all the 82 cards

there are about twenty eighty-five at

twenty seven when we have 81 and then

twenty-five for an eighty and then four

thousand for a seventy nine overall card

now I will say it's possible that these

will change throughout the year you know

with new promos and those things I feel

like different players last year did

have different you know training

experience stuff like that so be careful

like before you go and buy a whole bunch

of players maybe take a look at what the

cost when those players are if you're

trying to level it up but basically we

can see here on defense we have 84 over

31,000 87 38 82 28 so you can see each

of the players has a different training

value once we put them into there we can

start to level up the cards and then you

will also have to play pay the cost to

level that card up once they get to the

next level so I don't know if this one

if we have it now I don't have enough

training ones right now to level a PK

out fully but you'll be like you know a

couple million coins you want to know

the training cost to actually level the

player up and how much training space

you need fever renders is a great place

to even render saw comes a great place

to look at those things and build that

up so that's basically where we go to

look at leveling up the cards so each

one of those ones we can go now if we go

into the market obviously the best way

to get it if you just want to defense

put on just defenders and then search

for the cards you want so if we're

looking at K say hey I just want to see

if I can get some ninety training

experience you can put the nineties in

and you can go in and you can set your

you know minimum price let's say 1.5

million you can also try and do it in in

the bidding way where you go in and you

put the buy now for the current bid at

say 1.5 million and see if you can pick

up any cards there so you can see here

if nobody beds on a par between now and

then we can get him for there but now so

if you look at a par he's about 1.9

million and I think actually at this

point right now that might be about as

cheap is pretty much about as cheap as

you can you can get that card so you can

see there he's not going for basically

less than 2 millions so as a defender

the cheapest 90 overall card that you

can get is gonna be one point nine one

four million when he came out when

there's that promo and they had a bunch

of them there's a whole lot more of them

he looks like he's the best card because

he works 360 mm but there's actually

cards that are better deals than that

based on the amount of training

experience that they will provide with

it because you can see that he yes he

will give you 300,000 but if I go back

to my team if I go back into my team

here and go to level it up you'll see

that jiménez at 87 or mario fernandez at

30 31 if you bought tenth basically just

over ten mario fernandez cards you could

actually get the same amount of values

of para who cost you two million and if

you've been in the market recently

you've seen that mario fernandez if

you're really good at sniping you get a

Mario Fernandez card for like probably

twenty thousand so like we go down here

we change this to an 84 for example we

want to pick up at 84 I would want to go

in and let's say I did 120,000 if I go

in here I can see that there's a bunch

of cards that have just sold for under

that in fact some of them 75 70 43 so

this actually becomes a much better deal

for leveling of my players than picking

up that a par card okay

so now you want to look at okay well

what is the amount of money that I want

to spend my card so that's what we bring

this up okay so what we did you can see

we got numbers on my iPhone I'm like I'm

getting text Navi right here we brought

up basically from 79 to 94 overall I

don't think I'd ever go above 94 overall

I don't think there's any 94 of all

players to be worth training in right

now but you can see all of these cards

here this is the amount of training

experience you get first so 660 mm and

$94 the name our that we saw and 479

you're gonna get 4528

beside it in this column what I did is I

took a starting point so I went down

here to the ninety and I made the ninety

the the base card that I wanted to look

at I said this is the card that I want

to kind of reference as sort of my

starting point with it and then I just

went to each of the other values and I

just took that value and I divided it by

that ninety value about thirty one

thousand five or thirty one thousand

three hundred fifty thousand eight

hundred fifty-eight and that gave me

basically the ratio that gave me the

rate of you know between the I just flip

my screen around hold on we're back okay

that gave me the rate that I had for

there and then what I did is I said okay

well let's assume that we could get that

car for 1.5 minutes so we know actually

that's not true

first of all what we actually got him

for it looks like he's about 1.9 million

so if I'm looking at defenders for

example that's one

9,000 1.9 million what would it cost me

or what would be a good deal to get the

other players for so a 1.9 million what

that's basically telling me is that here

I take that ratio that I had I take that

rate that I had and I multiply by that

1.9 that one-to-one ratio of the 90 and

that tells me that if I spent a hundred

and fifty six thousand two hundred

thirty one coins on an eighty overall

player I would actually be getting a

better rate of investment


if I was to go in and I was to buy you

know ninth 1.9 million coins worth of

these 80 overall players I've actually

get a better rate and the nice thing

about the lower Oliver players is you

can spread them out more right you don't

have to necessarily invest them if

you're gonna go over a hundred stuff

like that so basically if I look at this

if we go through and we look at that 84

overall card I could have spent up to

200,000 on an 84 overall card and still

be getting a better deal than that 90

overall apart so this is kind of the

prices that you're sort of going to be

looking at that are comparative to that

1.9 million so basically to get yourself

three hundred and sixty three thousand

worth of training experience which is

what I want are three hundred fifteen

thousand worth of training experience

it's gonna cost you a rate for each one

of basically 119 mid what is at 1.9

million it would cost you if you could

get it for a hundred and ninety one

thousand begin for honor 191,000 you

would actually be getting a better rate

so if I got him for a hundred thousand

I'd be getting a better rate relatively

if it's a terrible isn't it but better

relative rate going with that one then I

would if I got this one

at 1.9 million so you can see this is

1.9 million here whereas they go above

the top I would have to get a 91 for

under 1.98 million which is very

unlikely to happen that took it in 91

for that race so if you want to change

that up we could go in we could change

our cost up say we wanted to get a card

and we noticed that the 90 overall card

was 1 million if it was 1 million it's

all right 1 million that looks like 1

million then I would need to be looking

at these values so I would have to get

an 84 for a hundred thousand if I wanted

to get it for a million so this is kind

of just what we sort of set up for some

different prices and different things

you can do so basically that's kind of

what you're looking at so what I would

save your leave for some cheap players

right now if you're looking in the in

the defenders getting players if you can

get them for 80 4s and you can get them

for under a hundred thousand you are

definitely getting more out of that

because if you take that hundred

thousand times it by one point or divide

it from the 1 million you can buy 10 of

those packs the 84s will eventually add

up to the same amount that you would get

for that 90 overall of 315,000 858 ok so

again you can see here at 31 806 so just

under 10 so Mario Fernandez again just

under 10 of them we need there so if I

went in and I bought 10 of them which is

going to cost

me about you know even if I voted for a

hundred thousand buy ten of those I buy

it for a million coins that gives me 10

Mario Fernandes cards that's equivalent

to buying one a para card which would

cost me two million so basically I'm

gonna get double the amount of training

strains I could buy 20 Mario Fernandes

cards if I could buy them for a hundred

thousand for the price of that one card

that I could get for training so if I go

in here I'd obviously have to get a

little bit lucky because they're not

really going for that much but even if I

look in here and I go and I can see it

maybe at a hundred and thirty thousand

say if I could go for a hundred thirty

thousand and find some cards here and I

could get on these Snipes on these ones

that would help me to level that up so

that's kind of a way you can look at

that if you want spend a lot of time

going through there those are sort of

the values that you would that you'd be

able to go with you remember it was

somewhere around two hundred thousand or

something like that so if I go for two

hundred thousand two hundred thousand

that means this would be about the exact

same pretty much but look I got 195 I

got some eighty fours I got a bunch of

cards 137 so I got some 137 so I could

pick up I got some 90s so lots of

different cars that we can kind of pick

up and here that will treat it so again

one of the big things when new promos

come out this is usually also a great

way for you to actually level up cards

because when you go into the new promos

you get a bunch of cards and the price

is done to tend to drop in price as well

so we've got some 85 the 85 s for 185 if

we go back and look at it 85 overall is

gonna get you a little bit more

transparent and this in the end is going

to be a better deal than it is when we

look at the old pirate cards so

hopefully that helped you hopefully that

kind of cleared up some things with

training again if you have any questions

any of this make sure you compare this

up on Twitch gonna be stream and answer

name the questions you got it's been a

pleasure is always table D