How To Train A Siberian Husky - 5 Easy Steps!

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hey everybody welcome to another episode

of 60 formula hope you're doing well

today it's the beginning of the week a

brand new week is here Britney Spears

what do you say to that

I think Britney Spears likes Mondays

he's like I like starting things off

fresh you know what I'm saying brother

starting off a brand new week is always

nice a brand new week means all new

stuff to do and today we're gonna be

talking about how to train a Siberian

Husky do you have a Siberian Husky at

home do you have one of these floopy

little arctic pups or maybe you're

thinking about getting one maybe you're

like ooh you know what I love Siberian

Huskies and I really really want one

because look at that background baby the

stupid duper handsome and SuperDuper

pretty and we get it they got wonderful

personalities and honestly Siberian

Huskies are some of the best dago's in

the whole wide world so with that being

said it is SuperDuper vital to train

your Siberian Husky not a lot of people

know how to do it and honestly it takes

a little bit more finesse than just

training your average dog Oh Siberian

Huskies are known to be medium

difficulty dogs to own and while this

may be true who knows we have no clue

they definitely require an adequate

amount of training in order to get them

to behave right on a regular basis we're

gonna be giving you five different tips

that are gonna help you when it comes to

training your itty-bitty little boofer

now we know a lot of people at home or

having trouble they're like hey I can't

get my Siberian Husky to focus or I

can't get my Siberian Husky to do this

or do that they're not focusing like

your Siberian Huskies do what in the

heck do I do do do

like I said in today's video we're gonna

be bringing you five tips that are going

to make you the perfect Siberian Husky

training master think we're exaggerating

think we're going crazy stay tuned we're

gonna teach you exactly how to do it it

is not as hard as it looks

so come with us will you on another

episode of 60 formula well we find out

five tips on how to train a Siberian


are you ready lady you ready woody all

right let's go all right so first things

first before we get into all of the

training tips we want to talk about a

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gonna get rid of this GoPro we're gonna

get a new one super sorry about that

we're not using the GoPro anymore are we

buddies like no bro throw that thing

away the truck alright so let's get to

it the first thing we're gonna be

talking about when it comes to training

your Siberian Husky is going to be

scheduled and this is the most important

thing that you can do when you're

training your pepperoni pizza schedule


Oh super duper important if you don't do

schedule none of the stuff that I'm

going to teach you in the next few

minutes are going to matter schedule is

the number one thing you have to stick

to if you don't think you can stick to

the schedule

fix the schedule and make it so you

won't miss those critical times in the

day for example when it comes to potty

training a Siberian Husky you need to

make sure that you're taking them out at

the same time every single day so if you

have a really young puppy then you're

gonna be taking them out every two hours

all the time make sure you do it like

clockwork now of course at night when

you're sleeping you don't have to wake

up every two hours I think there's a

little bit of a grace period sometimes

your puppy can push through but when

you're doing the daily routine when

you're awake make sure you take your

puppy out almost nearly the same time

every single day now you don't have to

be this crazy when it comes to other

training methods like maybe you're

training your dog to walk oh I said the

W word but what's really important is

that if you are going to teach your dog

to walk properly then you need to be

taking them on that walk on a very

consistent schedule C if you're only

taking your Siberian Husky for a walk

like two times a week they're not going

to know the proper procedures to calm

down at the door wait for you to walk

outside all those different things you

have to make sure that you are sticking

to a schedule if you can't stick to a

schedule then you are ultimately going

to fail a train your Siberian Husky now

I know this is a fun channel that I'm

trying to get serious with you guys for

a minute these are words of wisdom Lloyd

make sure that you are sticking to a

schedule and the rest will be a piece of

cake we put a boop-boop ado B - Boop do

you so cute those little feet those

little feet I'm touching your feet I'm

touching your feet it's like I don't

care bro I want that little piece of

chocolate cake number two is going to be

patience you have to have patience with

your Siberian Husky I get a lot of

people coming to the channel who are

like hey my Siberian Huskies four months

old my Siberian Husky is three months

old they're not doing these things

they're not doing this they're not

listening to me that much and I'm like

yo not to be rude but your Siberian

Husky is super duper young it's gonna

take them a few months to get the swing

of things and once they

do they'll become a perfection artist

just like misery all right but you got

to make sure that you do the proper

steps and by doing the proper steps that

means you got to be patient baby you got

to have that long-term patience not that

kind of patience that's like I'm talking

about the kind of patience where you

need to sit and wait for weeks maybe

months because dago's don't have the

same sized brain as you baby it takes

them a little bit of time to process

information so now that you know the

first two steps

you're basically armed with the most

important information when it comes to

training a Siberian Husky stick to a

schedule and be patient once you have

those two things in your pocket you're

gonna be able to train your husky to do

anything in the entire world including

be off leash now let's segue into tip

number three and that's going to be

teaching your husky one trick at a time

I know a lot of people bring their husky

home and they're like hey I love this

little flippy thing it's sleeping

everywhere and it's so cute domo arigato

mr. dog oh I know a lot of people bring

their Siberian Husky home in the first

thing that they want to do is train them

to do stuff they're like hey I know

training is super duper important I've

been watching that sixty formula on the

youtubes and I know I should be training

my husky as soon as I bring them home

but it's really important to teach your

husky one trick at a time you don't want

to bring your husky home and overwhelm

their tiny little peanut brain oh I'm

just kidding

you don't have a peanut brain but

seriously you don't want to overwhelm

them start with one trick at a time you

got a puppy at home start with sit then

after they mastered that segue and to

lay down lay down is one of the easiest

tricks to teach after your dog knows how

to sit and then segue from lay down and

to stay I always see people trying to

train their dogs like this sit down stay

stay sit down lay down stay sit down if

you say those things just like that a

million miles per hour your dogs not

gonna know what you're talking about

start with one thing at a time so just

be patient stick to a schedule and make

sure that you're teaching your siberian

husky one trick at a time Paul yeah tip

number four when it comes to training is

to use extremely delicious

you want to make sure that you get some

of the best-tasting stuff and that your

Siberian Husky is mega SuperDuper

interested in it creating a lure for

your dog when you're training is one of

the most important and effective ways to

Train and using a treat as a lure is one

of the best ways to train your submarine

husky stand we like to use a wide

variety of treats sometimes we go to the

deli and we get turkey sometimes we use

cheez-its other times we use Merrick

power bites grain free stuff that's

really good for your Siberian Husky now

while we don't advocate feeding your

Siberian Husky human food on a regular

basis sometimes if the food is safe like

a cracker or something and your Siberian

Husky absolutely loves it and they're

like baby I can't get enough well then

it may be a good idea to use that as the

food you use to train your Siberian

Husky we want to take advantage of any

food that our Husky loves as long as

it's safe and healthy for them so when

it comes to training make sure you

always have a really really good set of

treats in your arsenal to get them to do

all the cool fun stuff that they need to

learn and last but not least another

very very important rule when it comes

to training your Siberian Husky is to

never get angry don't get stressed out I

know it's really easy to get upset with

your Siberian Husky when they're not

doing the tricks that you're trying to

teach him to do we as humans want

instant gratification we want everything

done in a matter of seconds but Huskies

especially dago's it takes them a while

to learn stuff so just be patient and

make sure that you're not getting too

angry when it comes to training them

like I said I know it's easy to get

upset but the best thing to do is Rhys

trad ajay x' remember all dogs are

different even huskies every individual

pup is an individual so it may take a

different strategy to teach your pop oh

if you're getting angry or stressed out

and it's not working for your dog just

Rhys trad ajay x' for example when it

came to gila all i ever had to do was go

pop and she automatically gave me her

hand she just understood it it was

something that came natural to her but

when it came to britney spears i had to

do all sorts of different crazy things I

had to try different stuff to get him to

his ball but it did take a different

strategy than it took for HeLa so just

remember don't get stressed just Rhys

trad ajay 'he's boy job lady

what do you got there shot a hamburger

bones we want to thank you guys so much

for hanging out with us today and

watching we hope these tips helped you

out when it comes to training your

little fluffy tails if you guys have any

questions at all leave it down in the

comments below

we'll help you answer any questions that

you got don't forget about those changes

coming to our patreon yeah we had fun

but we are out so until next time we'll

see you with another episode of guess

what yep you guessed it whatever we make

take it apart

yeah peace