How to teach your cat to SIT

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many people think that you can't train a

cat well they're wrong if you know what

motivates your cat you can train it now

training with fryi today is gonna be a

little difficult cuz she's pretty snoozy

but I'm just gonna see if she has a

reaction to her favorite treat bag

because that can be a great place to

start for coming when called many cats

know the sound of their treat bag and

get excited right off the bat when they

hear it so let's just see if she wakes

up Oh suddenly we're interested so well

it's not an ideal time to practice

coming when called it is a good time to

reinforce the association that hearing

the treat bag needs good things now many

cat owners already know about the treat

bag effect but what they don't know is

that it's really easy to capitalize on

it to teach your cat to come and called

the way to do that is to pair your cats

names with the tree and the great news

is since your cat knows the sound of a

tree bag or a tree canister you can

build on an already strong Association

so in this case you might say your cat's

name and then give them a treat so it'll

go like this fryi and then I crazy on

the bag which means the treat is coming

and then I give her one now first when

you're starting this you want to start

right by your cat because they don't

really know what you're trying to do

start at a place where cat and you are

most likely to be successful so rinse

and repeat fryi

crinkle crinkle and then give a treat

now when you're ready to start working

on coming when called you can begin

working from a distance I'm not gonna do

this with fryi today because she might

walk right off the table if she happened

to get up but what you would do is the

same type of behavior say the cat's name

crinkle the bag and as soon as they come

over give a treat eventually the name

that you give your cat for this exercise

will become as powerful as the treat bag

and you'll see that when you give the

sound of your cat's name that your cat

comes running for that treat over time

you can stop using food and use

scratches or other positive attention

that your cat enjoys as a reinforcer

just remember that it's not normal for

cats to come when called in the wild so

it's definitely a behavior that's worth

paying for

and that's how you teach your cat to

come when called