Child Development: Your Baby at 12 Months

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if you're joining us for the first time

welcome if you're returning welcome back

your baby is now 12 months old and today

we'll be exploring all of the wonderful

new skills your child has developed I'd

like to introduce you to McKinley

our 12 month old I'm McKinley her mother

and father and also Jade an occupational

therapist who will help demonstrate

McKinley's emerging developmental skills

by one year your child is more

independent in her motor skills she gets

in and out of sitting without help pulls

up with the help of stationary objects

in order to stand and may walk holding

onto furniture your child might even

stand without help and may take those

exciting first steps

your child's communication is also

improving and she has now responded to

simple requests like find your kidding

can you get it good job man yeah she

also uses gestures such as shaking her

head no or waving bye-bye you will

likely hear your child say mama or Dada

or exclamations like oh you get daddy's

nut she is trying to repeat words you

say and puts together sounds that mimic

your speech emotionally your child may

be shy around strangers and may cry if

you leave the room she probably has

favorite toys or clothes and may have a

preference for certain people at the

same time your child is becoming more

social she may hand you a book when she

wants to hear a story and engage in

social games like peekaboo or pattycake

toys no no thanks man when getting


she helps by putting out her arm or leg

your child is learning a lot about her

world and likes to explore objects by


banging throwing or poking them she

likes to put things in and take them out

of containers and may start to use

objects correctly like drinking from a

cup or using a brush to comb her hair as

you have seen your child has gained a

lot of skills over the last three months

so please join us again when we will

look at all the skills your child is

gained by 18 months remember if you have

any concerns about your child's

development please contact your primary

care provider or multi care Mary bridge

Children's Hospital we're always there

to help