Newborn Sleep Training | How I got my 1 month old to sleep through the night UPDATED

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today we are talking Sandeep training

and I know this is super controversial

topic I did a video a while back and I

received a ton of hate for that video

and I'm sure I'll see a board for this

one but the reason I wanted to do an

updated kind of version was I found in

that video I was kind of telling you

guys exactly what I was doing kind of

step by step

whereas this video I just want to point

out the most important tips in order to

get your new board to sleep through the

night and that's what I want to kind of

get across is like the most important


it's not the exact routine because

everybody's routine could be different

my routine could differ from your

routine but it doesn't mean it's gonna

end up with different results so I

really just want to give you the step by

step most important things that you need

to do in order to get your new board to

sleep through the night so obviously I

need to do a little disclaimer one I'm

not an expert - my son is formula fed so

it is very different from a child who is

breastfed and three he does sleep in his

own room so I know there are babies who

sleep in a crib in their parents room

and there are a lot of babies who do Co

sleep with their parents which my son

did so I don't know how this 15 would

work for a baby like that so this is

sorry about the background noise and

that is Roman playing with his toys so

hey so I can only speak for my son and

my son's situation where he sleeps in

his own room he slept in his own room

since he was three weeks old and he is

formula fed so keep that in mind when

you're watching this video it's not

gonna work for everybody this is just

kind of what work for me and women and I

want to share these things with you so

without further ado let's get straight

to the video I do also want to point out

that since the beginning I never ever

ever once let rolling cry himself to

sleep you're definitely not supposed to

do when there are newborn and a lot of

people do only started training when

they're sorry about the crumbling when

their baby is about 6 months old in

which case some people to do the Ferber


um which entails like really ruling you

letting the baby kind of cry it out no I

have never let Roman cry it out the

minute he would cry especially as a

newborn I would pick him up immediately

but since I've started doing this

routine since she was about one month

old I've never ever had an issue with

him crying when I put him down he almost

every single night falls asleep

immediately or sometimes he'll just roll

around for maybe a couple of minutes and

then fall asleep but yeah I just want to

reiterate that I would never ever ever

let a newborn cry it out

especially at 1 month old I think that's

just like horrible so yeah this is just

something to get him accustomed to

nighttime and knowing that it's

nighttime and knowing that it's time for

bed and it's time to close his eyes

right so I'm just gonna mention if you

guys are interested in hearing my

routine on step-by-step kind of what I

do I will link those steps down below so

you guys can see exactly what I do but

this video is more for like just the

different tips that I've used to get

them to sleep through the night not so

much about like everything that I do but

if you are interested I will link those

things down below my first tip is to get

your newborn on a napping schedule and

I'm not talking when he falls asleep in

the car or when they fall asleep like in

a swing or in your arms I'm talking

specific napping times were you with the

baby in their bassinet or their crib to

have a longer nap so what I did is I

would stop letting him fall asleep kind

of everywhere in the swing and I would

make it a point to when he looks a

little bit sleepy I would bring him and

put him in his crib to nap so he can

kind of get used to his crib and also I

left the shades kind of open a little

bit so that it was kind of daylight

during the day when he was napping so he

knew that it was daytime and not

nighttime so yeah that was my first tip

and obviously when they're very very

young they're gonna be napping a lot so

you definitely always have to alter your

schedule to fit to fit the needs of your

baby sorry it's like overexpose right

now let me just change the lighting all

right bit better um yeah so make sure

that you're changing

constantly like month by month the baby

changes so much so you have to

constantly switch up the schedule but

now I definitely stick to he naps twice

a day maybe three times a day if I'm

lucky but it's always around the same

time and it doesn't have to be exact it

doesn't have to be like 9 o'clock he's

going to bed it has to be around those

times because those are the times that

he's gonna naturally be tired so that is

my first tip to make sure that your baby

is consistently napping throughout the

day it's gonna make it a lot easier you

put the baby to bed at night because

then they're not gonna be too overly

tired and I find like when Roman doesn't

nap well throughout the day then it's

very hard to put him down at night so

along the same lines it's a napping

schedule you also want to have a very

good eating schedule and this doesn't

have to be exact times but you kind of

want to make sure that your baby is

getting enough food throughout the day

that at night he's not gonna be hungry

and waking up all the time for the first

three months my son was breastfed like

fed breast milk but I was pumping so he

was getting a bottle so it was a lot

easier to kind of keep track of how much

he was getting and I felt that this was

a lot easier when I went to start with

this nighttime routine because I knew he

was getting a lot more milk at night

than I would normally feed him

throughout the day and I know it's

controversial because a lot of people

think oh you shouldn't stuff a baby

right before bed but a lot of women I

know when they're breastfeeding they

cluster feed right before bed so that

the baby sleeps longer so I kind of find

if you give him an extra half an ounce

or an ounce at nighttime it's kind of

the same thing so yeah make sure that

your baby is eating and not being

consistently throughout the day it's

gonna be a lot easier for him to sleep

at night and at first I would think like

oh if he sleeps less during the day then

at night he's gonna want to sleep a lot

longer but that's not true because he

gets overtired and I just find it's

harder for him to sleep at night when he

hasn't been consistently sleeping

throughout the day so my next tip is

deciding on a specific bedtime for me

it's 7 o'clock but for you it could be

different just decide what is best for

you your baby and for your family so

once you have that specific time stick

to it and this is super important when

you're first starting out with a

nighttime routine and trying to get your

baby to sleep through the night is to

make sure you are very very strict on

that time

I do not go anywhere past seven o'clock

because my baby needs to be in bed at

7:00 and if I'm going somewhere I make

sure that my boyfriend is putting him to

bed at 7:00 oh we both have to go

somewhere I make sure that one of the

grandmas put him to bed at 7:00 that is

his specific nighttime routine and I'm

telling you guys if you stick to its a

nighttime routine at that exact time

your baby's gonna get so accustomed to

getting to going to sleep at at that

time that it's gonna be a lot easier in

the future for him to just know that

that's bedtime and to fall asleep a lot

quicker so my next tip is to find a

specific night time routine that works

for you and your baby

like I said I'm gonna put my exact

routine down below in the description

box you guys know kind of what I do but

whether it is taking a bath reading to

him giving him a little massage with

some cream just make sure that you're

doing the same routine every night

especially especially at the beginning

so that he knows when I say he I mean

baby just because I have a son that's

why I always am like accustomed to

saying him but yeah when your baby

starts to get accustomed to that routine

he's gonna start to know that it's gonna

be a bedtime soon and get used to that

routine so at the beginning make sure

you stick to that routine to a tee you

have your bedtime so 7 o'clock you start

getting him ready for bed you do that

nighttime routine and you do it

consistently every single night

Rowan wanted to join us right you want

to join us so another great tip is to

make sure that there is no like loud

noises in the house right before bedtime

so for us I know that we turn off the TV

around 6 o'clock because it goes to bed

around 7:00 so you just make sure that

there's no loud noises no like huge

stimulation in the room we do just play

with him with his toys we laugh you know

like we run around with him but as far

as like television we turn it off at a

specific time so it's nice and quiet in

the house also we make sure during his

whole nighttime routine that the lights

in his room are very very dim we do have

a dimmer in our room but you could just

get like a lamp that is not too bright

and just have that on in the corner just

so the baby gets used to like the

calming dimmed lights and you just kind

of create

atmosphere that is going to be like

soothing to a baby so my last tip is

something that I did not realize until

it happened to me but make sure you have

good diapers that work for your baby

because I always had Roman in the

Pampers Swaddlers which I never had an

issue with and then we were at Costco

one day and they had Huggies on special

and I was like oh like I'm gonna save a

couple bucks like let me just get some

Huggies and know like he would wake up

in the middle of night and he would be

and I would wonder why he would be


you wanna keep putting your fingers in

your mouth I was wondering why he would

cry and like I would feed him give him

some milk but then I realized that he

would be soaked through his clothes

every single night and it was only when

he was wearing the Huggies and that

really made a difference because he

would be waking up throughout the night

and I wonder what was wrong with him and

then I finally realized it's the diapers

so I went back to the Pampers Swaddlers

so make sure you have some good diapers

that are gonna last your baby

throughout the night that is it for this

video I hope you guys enjoyed it I

really hope it was a lot more direct

into the point that my last video was I

really just want to get across like the

main important parts about getting your

baby to sleep through the night I hope

that you can take a few things here and

a few things there and kind of cater it

to your baby and getting him to sleep

through the nights because I know once

Romans started sleeping through the

night I would get better sleeps my

boyfriend would get better sleep and it

was just all around like a lot less

stressful than it had been before he

started sleeping through the night so

yeah I hope you guys got something out

of this video I hope you enjoyed it and

if you liked it give this video a thumbs

up and subscribe to my channel if you

haven't already and I will see you in my

next video bye