Turn Your Business Phone Number Into A Professional Call Center or Premium Hotline with DialCaller

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hey Omar Brianna's here with infopreneur

agency and I'm gonna show you something

really powerful and really cutting-edge

that will allow you to prequalify your

leads the people who call you so make

sure that you only talk to the most

qualified and ideal prospects for your

business all right it's also gonna allow

you to tap into something a technology

that has only been available for multi

billion-dollar companies for years but

now it's available to you this is called

dial caller okay you know when you call

a big huge corporation and they give you

options to direct you to the right place

the right Department's press 1 for this

press 2 for that now you can do the

exact same thing and you can have your

own call center and forward calls to

customer service reps sales reps anyone

else even play messages for them their

possibilities are endless okay so let me

just jump in and show you how cool this

is because I mean it really gets me

excited this is some cutting-edge stuff

now you can have as many numbers as you

want with this plan that we give you I

mean I I lo I believe in giving you

unlimited everything okay so you can

have unlimited phone numbers campaigns

unlimited recordings all that good stuff

so just keep that in mind now here's how

it works you set up your number it uses

Twilio okay Twilio is a very very

affordable service it's a dollar a month

for a phone number and mine is a t30

info biz you can actually have words in

the phone number all right so it's $1 a

month and it's like one penny per minute

or something like even cheaper it's

ridiculous so anyway quick and easy to

set up now once it's set up how it works

is when they call you can either have it

play a message and you just type in the

text there will be a male or a female

voice your choice that will say you know

they'll read whatever you write in there

okay I put the male voice so I could

sound like you know like a robot but you

can actually record a message

this is a to record a message meaning

you know to record like a voicemail what

I meant by that actually was when you

play a message instead of the read text

you can also play an audio file so if

you want you can upload an audio file

you know it could be you or assistant

you know and have a nicer non-robot type

voice but with the the text reading the

text you can change it right away it's a

lot more quicker to edit all right so

that's your choice completely right now

let's get into the fun so let's say you

know typically it says you know hey

welcome press 1 for sales press 2 for

customer service press 3 for you know a

promotion of what we our latest

promotion or whatever else right and

then it when you press that button let's

say they press 1 for sales

here's where it gets really cool so I

can choose to either forward it to them

phone number or play another message

have them click another button you know

which might be a little might get a

little you know cooky down the rabbit

hole but you know simply forwarding it

to a number like if they click on let's

say one for sales I can forward it to as

many sales reps as I want ok just put as

many phone numbers in there as you want

and then the first one it picks up is

the one who gets the call right if they

the same thing with customer service etc

right the other thing is you know we can

record a message of course you can say a

voicemail hey you know sorry we couldn't

reach your reach you go ahead and leave

a message etc and it is recorded ok it's

stored on the actual app that you which

you can relisting - oops and you can

also repeat menu and go back or go back

to previous menu ok so that might be

useful if you get them into a rabbit

hole like I said if you get them too far

down the rabbit hole and too deep into

it because like I said you can go down

press 1 again for whatever and then if

you click on this now it goes to another

one and another one it can be as met as

far as you want it to go right so let me

just delete that let's just go back

right so

of this I'm gonna keep it at just

forwarding it to a number to show you

how cool that is

and here you write a little text if you

want to say something you're now being

transferred to the next available agent

alright just like a really professional

business so I'm calling the number now

got ah we got it ready to go and I'm

gonna put it on speaker

so you can hear the voice it's

here you go so yeah welcome press one

for sales press two for customer support

all right so I'm gonna press one

you are now being transferred to the

next available agent and now it's going

to ring my Google Voice number

all right this is my Google voiceover as

you see I'm getting a call from my cell

phone here and obviously if I pick it up

it's going to let me just reject it you

see that so how cool is that all right I

mean think of the possibilities here

it's just amazing right so right now

we're giving it to you for an exclusive

oper offer for a very very special price

lifetime access okay

meaning the lifetime of the of the app

as long as it's able to to work as long

as Twilio doesn't change any crazy stuff

it's gonna work and you can have

unlimited phone numbers unlimited

recordings didn't even show you the

contacts section you can actually add

contacts here and what it will do is

let's just say add the contact you can

email them here in the system if you

want alright it's just another little

cool feature on the minute contacts

unlimited everything for life and we're

getting into a one-time fee the that's a

one-time low price here flat right on

the page go ahead and click the button

to register right now again I guarantee

you this is a very special offer it's

gonna the prices is gonna keep on

raising that's the way we do it until we

get to the point where we're selling it

for the price we we believe it's worth

okay so with that said go ahead and sign

up I'll see you on the inside oh one

more thing

there's also a special bonus we're

getting away we're gonna have a live

webinar where I'm gonna show you how to

set this up because I know some people

might not be as tech savvy as I am and

Twilio is a little tiny bit confusing

I'll be I'll admit that I mean I'll be

honest about that so I'm gonna walk you

through a setup process the call will be

recorded so you can watch later not only

that but I'm also gonna reveal three

outside-the-box methods that you can use

this app for your business to make more

money get more sales and attract more

clients and your in your business so

with that said look forward to that


and sign up now and I'll see you on the