tel. numbers 0845 not paying for

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thank you Her Majesty's Revenue and

Customs has told the BBC that it can't

afford to charge customers less for

calling its help lines yes currently

callers can be charged more than 40 p.m.

minutes from a mobile even if they're

being kept on hold there are cheaper

alternatives polos from ready force

money box joins us now from West London

so Paul tell us the scale of the problem

what are the alternatives well it's a

big problem people want to call HMRC

because they want to sort out their tax

affairs and they have to use one of

these oh eight four five numbers now

they're not the most expensive lines but

as you said they can cost 41 pence a

minute from a mobile with virgin for

example some mobiles are cheaper and

some people have the cost bundled in

with their monthly and their monthly

payment with BT for example from a

landline but it can rack up a big bill I

mean you can you can be sitting there

listening to their very pleasant hold

music for half an hour you're paying

twelve pounds from some mobiles so it's

a very big expense okay um and they're

saying they're not going to change it so

what can people do about it well they

say they can't afford to change it now

there is an alternative they could

change - which is an O three four five

number that is a lot cheaper for the

caller normally that will be free for

the call or or included in their bundle

but there is a way around this there are

always landline numbers instead of the

Oh 8 four or five numbers and those are

used by people ringing from abroad now

they try and block them if you hang them

from a UK number but if you dial one for

one before you dial the regular landline

number then it doesn't know where in the

world you are so it lets you through and

if you dial them from a mobile it

normally lets you through any way

because again from a mobile you could be

ringing from anywhere in the world so

there are always those alternatives and

you can find them on HMRC's website or

on a website a very useful one called

say no 208 7 o comm which list numbers

are not just for Revenue and Customs but

for every bank and every company that

tries to charge people for the privilege

of making a complaint and I tell you

what Paul there may be a few more people

trying to call in today because there's

this story about people pay too much tax

yes I mean this is an annual tale now

isn't it the revenue released the

figures late last night that more than

one and a half million people are going

to be

hole in the next few weeks that they

didn't pay enough tax in the last tax

year because as ever the PA ye system

didn't quite do its job properly now

those people are going to be thinking

well this may not be right I want to

check it I want to find out so there

could be hundreds of thousands of people

trying to get through on the on the

taxes helpline and again it's an eighty

four or five number that there is this

alternative and I do recommend people to

look it up either on say no 208 700 or

on a money box website or I'll be

treating the numbers later so people can

see what to do I just remind us bread

money boxes on Oh money box no reminder

needed Olly Louise it's midday on

Saturdays on radio 4 so in about three

and a half hours of time thank you very

much for seizing 847