Pain Free Liposuction - Free Training - CaviSculpt

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helicopter training packages are free of

charge with every cab escopeta purchase

and can take place either at your place

of work or at our training center in

hartford sure

our training program is accredited by

the body of associated beauty therapists

and is carried out by our professional

trainers who are specialists in the

industry and who are qualified to teach

we can train up to four people at one

time and no previous experience in the

beauty industry is required as our

training covers everything you need to

know and at the end of the training you

will be presented with a certificate

this certificate will allow you to

obtain the appropriate insurance to

enable you to administer chemical

treatment to your clients we can provide

you with a list of companies who supply

insurance cover at reasonable rates you

will also receive a free CD containing

all the marketing material you will need

to promote your calves escot business

along with templates for pre screening

and your first treatment data records

and lastly we will provide you ongoing

telephone and email support from

kadis-kot head office to help guide you

through your new business