How to Get a Carpentry Apprenticeship

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let's go around here and today's

exciting episode I thought I'll talk

about apprenticeships I got a bit lucky

my old man was already a builder and he

was already in the industry and he

already had connections he was

responsible for hiring the different

builders and electricians and plumbers

people wanted to do him a favor because

he got them jobs you know so I kind of

had my pick my old man pulled me aside

and he just said look you either want to

be an electrician plumber or a builder

the electrician's get paid more plumbers

get paid more than them and the builders

get paid the least and they have to put

up with the most crap so I chose to be a

builder so I got lucky I had that sort

of entry into the business but say

you're trying to get into the business

now you're trying to maybe you've

watched these videos or videos like mine

and you think building's pretty cool


the easiest way to get into it is to

just start working for a builder so

that's first you want to get a job with

a builder you're not gonna get into

apprenticeship straightaway you know

unless a builder's desperate to get an

apprentice and or if you know them some

other way through family or something

then there's a good chance that you you

might be able to get an apprenticeship

straight away but builders want to

figure out if you have the right

attitude first and foremost before they

take you on as an apprentice because

they know from experience that it takes

a lot of character to get through an

apprenticeship they want to see that

you're a good dude basically now you

might be thinking Scott but I don't even

have the foot in the door in the first

place I can't even find someone who's

willing to hire me as a laborer well

that's a hard one and I don't know how

to answer that

it isn't clear already I'm talking New

Zealand specific when it comes to

getting an apprenticeship because that's

what I know and even within New Zealand

I can't tell you how to get a job maybe

you have to the cold core maybe you have

to walk on a building sites and just

show that your cane and just say hey man

do you guys need a young guy to give you

a hand all right let's go back to the

job and discuss a little bit more about

getting an apprenticeship


hey buddy have a coffee man so this a

couple of organizations here in New

Zealand that sort of facilitate the

apprenticeship yeah there's BCIT oh

there's aia tabs this is probably more I

figured rather me just telling you what

you could do why don't we why don't we

just try and call one of them now and

pretend that I need an apprenticeship

here's a number of you interested in how

do I go about it I do

what about tones is there an expectation

to have a certain amount of tools

awesome I appreciate your help Brittany

yeah thanks have a good day I don't

usually do hey that's how you get an

apprenticeship with BCIT Oh anywhere you

need to yeah you need to have a car I've

said that in previous videos when I

thought about being a builder you need

to have a car in Oakland it's just a

lettuce and you need to be proactive you

need to go and trade me you know you

need to be willing to work as a laborer

if that's what it takes to you know get

in with a company if I've got enough

work to hire someone I want to see what

kind of person they are and then decide

whether I want to work with them for

four years

you know so you've got to think getting

the head of the potential employer and

and and prove yourself and show that

you're King and if you watching my

videos already there's probably a good

chance you'll Kane and you probably

you're probably interested enough in

building already I know when I started I

was not interested so you already hated



so I hope that was helpful for people

looking for an apprenticeship if you've

got any questions ask below I have had a

lot of questions about apprenticeships

so that's what made me do this video

Brittany did a really good job so even

got much to do here today we are

currently going to make a little pretend

mock-up been sort of kitchen island

because this kitchen in here it's going

to be completely redesigned and we want

to sort of visual representation of what

could be there in the future now I get a

lot of people asking me if I need an

apprentice and whether they could work

for me or not my full-time job is trying

to keep me and part of it busy and

sometimes I don't succeed at that so to

take on the third person would be would

be a bit of a challenge for me right now

but it's not to say that I want to do it

in the future and I like the idea of

having an apprentice feel like could

make some great videos