How 0800 numbers work

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meet Tom Thomas a freelance photographer

based in Manchester in 2013

Tom launched his wedding photography

business to generate more income as a

freelance photographer tom was always

out and about but most of the time he

was contacted on his mobile however he

didn't want to advertise this as his

main business number as he thought it

didn't look that professional so Tom

decided to purchase an MGM a

non-geographic number he chose to buy

now 800 number to encourage customers to

call him seeing as it was free of charge

from landlines this complemented Tom's

high regard for excellent customer

service and was cheaper to run than he

had expected also in the early stages of

building his business

tom was willing to travel around most of

the UK to photograph weddings

advertising with a no 800-number meant

he gained a uk-wide presence it also

didn't matter if he lost his mobile

phone on a shoot the 800 number could be

pointed to any mobile number almost

instantly and when he was in a studio he

could reroute his 800 number to that

landline to to order your virtual number


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