Studying in Germany: First steps abroad for students

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Berlin for me is like a great big museum

one that I don't have to pay an entrance

fee for on every corner there street art

and I take photos of it which you can

have a look at over the Internet

hi my name is Ahmet I come from the by

and at the moment I live in Berlin I'm

studying MBA at the SRO

Dubai is bureaucratic in its own way but

when I came to Berlin I first had to

find out what important official things

I had to do in order to be able to live

and study here first I needed a place at

college and confirmation of my

enrollment but that had a visa in my

pack as a student in Germany you need a

pension insurance number to be able to

study for that you are required to have

a medical insurance the bamo is very

helpful that whatever is necessary I was

able to phone the English hotline who

then helped me fill out the form from

the internet there I had to give my

personal details such as date of birth

place of birth made a name and

nationality your pension number will

then be given to you but your university

needs your insured as soon as the

semester begins I find it great that the

cost of dental treatment are covered as

well and that I can choose which doctor

hospital I go to Palmer supports me

personally for example at our welcome

day at my university or at one of their

many offices it is great that all the

vaccinations in order to travel are

covered as well considering you're in

Europe and you

we'll intend to travel so I really can

say that this was the perfect start for