How To Get A UK 0800 Number For Your Business - Time To Go Pro

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hey guys Paul here up in me business I

just want to quickly show you what I do

to get my 800 number obviously I'm a

small business I didn't want to put my

mobile number on my website you know a

few one-man-band electricians tradesmen

out there that that maybe want to get

away from your mobile number on side

Yvonne this is a perfect way of doing it

and then add some products some health

products some happy me health products

and I wanted the number on the side of

the product to be a a 800 number rather

than a rather than a mobile number just

look a little bit more professional so

as you'll see I have a no 800 number

what I used I did a lot of googling I

found wings a telecom to be one of the

best ones

I cannot remember for life of me why I

thought they were the best ones and but

their plans for numbers and the number

that you could search for and we're

pretty good so you go to free phone

numbers I think they had a trial a that

they go trial it for a month free app

data data what about so 10 pound free

after you 3 free trial so I gave it a

try free connection hundred incoming

mail mobile crawls 500 landline package

for pens and minutes so you want to

provide your customers with cheaper

options to phone you so no 800 number

for them is free and for you it just

makes you look better so I selected this

Windsor Telecom which is Windsor -

Telecom code at UK they were really good

what you then get is a hundred number or

whether number you select you come into

your plan and it's a while the doing I

think mine's a bit funky and it's change

and you can set up how your plan works

now before it said my mobile number in

here so what you want to do is obviously

Oh 800

- then forward to your mobile number if

nobody picks up your mobile number then

forward back to its own voicemail and

they set up a voicemail for me but I

can't for life and remember out it out

and I think the mayor contacted me so

they you sure you just wait to the

voicemail so my number at the moment

just goes to voicemail may change it

soon so it comes to my mobile and then

Guster so I just show you how it works

if I phone that number on my mobile so

if I call Oh 801 seven seven seven one

six nine and phone it speaker go

straight to a voicemail that they record

for me have a great day

hey Paulie ur just testing for the

YouTube video Cheers

so I recorded record an audio save it

there I put the phone down as normal

then what happens it's going to an old

email address of mine a minute so it

will bounce forward I go to my email

there you go wins a telecom of emailed

me you have got a phone you've got a

number from that's my mobile number

seven second duration there's a

voicemail and then I can just play your

video Cheers and it's late and it plays

the voicemail to me so obviously then I

can call that person back so I just

thought it's a quick video that you know

our 800 numbers or a local landline even

though you don't want to online I think

that's another reason you do this

forward it to your mobile the customer

doesn't know it's going to your mobile

but you get rid of that oh you get that

way you get rid of your mobile number

off side of your truck or side of your

website especially as if you might

change your mobile number or you're


problems with a number and you end up

changing it it's not all over all your

business card packages whatever ten quid

a month I pay I don't use it a lot but

as you see all of a sudden on the

website starts to look a little bit more

professional for me with an O 800 number

so obviously elped anything you need

give me a shout

I can't guess it what you need to just

tell me anything you need advice with

and I will help out best I can give up

any social or try to manage your social

media it's an easy way to research

create schedule and then look at stats

at posts that you send out on social

media free to use 100% no credit card

and it didn't give it a try happy me

social calm see y'all again soon