What to Expect When Becoming an Overseas Contractor | Part 1

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good afternoon welcome back to the J or

a wisdom channel and as useful coming to

you with a another video this has been

requested I've been getting a lot of

questions on this lately I haven't done

I did a previous video on this topic

which i will link probably up to the end

of this video you guys can check it out

because there's many people interested

in becoming the overseas contractor for

obvious reasons so I'm just going to

touch on a few things that I'm being

asked first thing as a disclaimer I'm no

longer a contractor overseas this is

particularly more so for applying to the

Middle East in Southwest Asia ie

Afghanistan Pakistan


please don't email me asking me how can

I get you in or how can I do this or

what companies because none of these

companies are paying me to do this video

so I know what companies I know where

you should start off at if that's

something that you want to do but feel

free to email me message me all the

links are in the description but realize

that information is gonna cost just like

you would pay to go to college to get to

learn how to make money this is this

information isn't free either so and

look at it as an investment in yourself

for making six figures so if you don't

like that you can go ahead click off

this video but I'm just I just wanted to

put this out there so that people can

see it and understand what's going on

basically what you need to know first of

all is there's there's different

contractors you have to think about what

it is if it's in your field maybe it's

not in your field there's so many

different areas for you to go into it

you got to look at what most of the jobs

that are overseas are what would be

required to run if you just started a

new city and that's basically what it is

is these fobs and you know how posts and

opiez and things like that what's

required to run

let's say luck of jail pretty much the

same thing of small town that's what's

that those are the jobs you got security

jobs you have you know by biometrics you

have food cooks you have logistics is a

big thing you have Postal Service you

have pilots firefighters aircraft you

have combat arms operators you know

weapons maintenance if you're a mechanic

you have all these different things

drivers CDL drivers commercial drivers

you have all these things on there the

first thing you need to to consider

which is what makes make makes or breaks

a lot of people when making the decision

because there are people that go home

because they can't deal with the austere

areas is it getting better because we've

been in a lot of these countries a long

time but you need to realize first of

all depend on your contract you're not

gonna be seeing your family if you're

especially if you've been someone if

you've never been really anywhere and

you're gonna run your family your whole

life you're not really gonna be seeing

your family you made some some companies

don't even allow you to they like a lot

you one vacation

I won R&R as it's called rest of

relaxation one R&R a year and that can

be any way any anywhere from two weeks

to thirty days or whatever HAP it all

depends just on what contract you get so

you have to expect that you won't be

seeing your girlfriend boyfriend husband

wife children any of those things you

won't be seeing that for um for for some

time so expect that same thing with a

lot of the things that you love to eat

and it won't be readily available

alcohol you know they have alcohol and

drugs over there just like anything else

you're gonna

have to do without a lot of these things

because it's like it's not allowed

you're there to work and for the

majority you're working seven days a

week there are other situations but from

my experience most people work seven

days a week 12 hours a day Europe you're

not over there to be relaxed and you're

over there to be working you over there

to be making you're working at 84 hours

a week so you're over there to make as

much money as possible

that's what you need to keep your mind

on a lot of people get caught up on

trying to do other things like drink

smoke have sex and basically what that

what that leads to is that you've

getting kicked out of theater or either

banned from that company not not to say

it won't happen but you get banned from

that particular contractor and that's it

you're banned from theater all over a

beer or some alcohol or just because you

want it you want it to you want to get

it into there have sex now there are

people who are doing that but I mean

last time I check unless you're married

is not allowed but if you're caught

they're gonna dismiss you since then

your home as far as if you have health

issues or if you you have a lot of

people who are up in age who are older

who have trouble passing the physical

which is like the hardest part for some

people so you need to make sure your

health as anyone before you go over

there because you will have to do a

physical once a year and if you if you

can't pass that physical you can't go

back into theater you know you're done

so keep in mind of all these factors as

far as you get used to this cash flow

making you know ideally for the most

part you making six figures or better

some people make less depending on

obviously where you're at and that the

capacity of the job that you're in but

you need to take care of yourself as

much as possible you need to

focus on your health make sure that your

good before you even leave because you

don't have access to doctors over there

you have they have like clinics and

things like that and I think it's

getting better where they do have like

independent contracting doctors over

there but for the most part if you need

anything like seriously done you

actually have to fly out and go to Dubai

or it probably said in Arabic Dube and

you have to be seen there and you don't

get paid while you're there so your your

footing your own dime but the good thing

about most overseas went um health

insurance when you are seeing overseas

everything's 100% covered overseas today

mostly a lot of these places they have

good health insurance good health

coverage so your family is good to go

back in the States but you just the

biggest thing that I would suggest is

you have that in your mind once you're

selected that you have an exit plan

after that you have something to fall

back on so for some reason you get hurt

injured or an emergency comes up and you

have to leave theater and you can't come

back be prepared because it's real easy

unless unless you're doing the smart

thing with your money and saving because

there's a lot of people who get over

there they start making that money they

think it's gonna last forever and that's

definitely definitely not the case the

money doesn't last forever it's good I

mean there's people that has been

overseas since since the Iraqi war

kicked off they've been overseas and

haven't come back that's what 17 years

now I guess no going on 17 years goes

with August 2011 who stood out

whenever March March 2002 I can't

remember which one ever kicked off but

basically it's people who's been

overseeing since then and some of them

really don't have anything to show for

it they either take lavish trips blow

their money spend their money on

prostitutes things those things like

that when you you should have this is a

business this is a business deal you're

over there to work and make money and

and you're your primary focus should be

to to reach that goal

so there are low cap contracts which I

believe are the best contracts are the

law cap contracts love cap for whatever

you want to call it those are the best

contracts that have a lot of these

contracts they give you a sign up bonus

or the bonus is after 30 days or the

bonus you get a bonus every 90 days

something you know of several thousand

dollars it just all depends on what kind

of contract you drive you it's it's in

my opinion so it's if you don't have any

family I would highly recommend it if

you don't have a significant other and

you're just trying to get your money up

to start a business or you know stack up

some equity in the bank or whatever some

savings I would definitely recommend it

but or if you just trying to put your

kids through school you're just trying

to get in a better financial situation

but just think smart before you're doing

it a lot of times people

get over there and they you know you

network and you move into a better

position or you can apply to to go to

different positions you're not gonna get

a choice for the most part to go where

you want to go at so sometimes there's

entrance positions that you can get in

and you can work your way from nerve

showing that you have experience you

have people start out in certain

positions and they translate to other

positions with higher pay overall and it

just keep going going going until they

make p.m. or whatever like that getting

close to the late 100 early 200s 4000 so

it's last time I checked I believe it

was tax-free everything is tax-free up

to 90 to 5 or something like that

it's been a while but your tax-free up

to 92 5 this for obviously this is more

geared to where people in the United

States the tax-free up to 92 5 anything

after that your text so basically your

tax-free as long as you're not in the

States any more than 35 days throughout

the tax year calendar year with I know

it's two different things but throughout

the tax year as long as you're not in

the States over 35 days you qualify for

that so there's people who try to cheat

the system and lie when they found her

taxes just like you know against

thousands or millions of other other

Americans just lying on their taxes but

you're rolling the dice taking that

chance you get caught you're gonna pay

it back so what else what else we want

to talk about that I'm here about the

age I get I get told about I get asked

about your record it the record just

depends you could have some made me may

say something about a felony not no

felonies within the past seven years

they may not check a lot of them require

an extensive background checks on and

require no background checks when I say

background check I mean at the at the

government level where they're going and

get the Knakal nac-nac LC whatever you

wanna call it they actually you have to

list like basically your whole life

story in there

and if they find out you're lying

they're gonna question you about it or

that me bar you from it so misdemeanors

are fine things like that felonies for

the most part the some companies were

asked have you ever been charged some

glass have you ever been convicted

there's two different things between

being charged and convicted as you know

I'm not gonna get into that because this

is an illegal Channel welcome but uh

someway asks have you had one within

seven years have you been have you had

any felonies within seven years things

like that it's just all different things

that you know as long as you're

physically healthy and things like that

you have a pretty clean you have a

pretty decent record bar