How to Make a Bow | Michaels

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Today I'm gonna show you how to make a beautiful bow in just a few simple steps.

To make this bow, you'll need to use wired ribbon. Unravel the ribbon just a little bit to

give yourself some to work with. And make sure you don't trim the ribbon from the spool

because you'll want to wait until you're done with your bow before you do that.

Once you get your tail hanging about 12 inches, you're gonna make your first loop. Make about a 3 inch loop

and pinch it together. This is the center of your bow. Now you have your tail that's connected to the spool

and then your tail that's hanging over here. Keep them separate. Once you've pinched this together,

you're going to want to twist that loop. This kind of seals it off. Once you get it nice and tight,

you're gonna start to make the other loops in your bow. So unravel a little bit more

and create your first loop. I'm gonna tuck this one under and it's going to be about approximately an inch longer

than the center of your bow. Bring it underneath my first pinch and pinch it again.

Now I'm gonna pull more of my tail out. Now the print on our ribbon has slipped so we want to make sure

while we're pinching to twist the ribbon again to bring that print back on top. Now you're gonna

make the other side of your loop. Make it match this side. Again pinch and twist.

It's a good idea to keep your forefinger and your thumb right here to hold on to all of your loops.

And you're gonna repeat this process, making each loop slightly larger than the last on each side.

This particular bow has four loops on each side but you can make yours as big and full as you'd like.

Just remember to make each loop a little bit longer than the last.

I'm gonna make my final pinch and twist.

Then hold on tight. You're gonna unravel about 12 more inches from your spool and trim that with your scissors.

So now you have both your tails and you're still holding on in the middle and the way to seal off your bow