How to Fasten Double D-Ring Belt Buckles : Belts, Corsets, Earrings & More

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hello my name is Polina Reutemann I'm a

costume designer and fashion stylist and

today we are at Mary Meyer clothing

boutique in Brooklyn New York and the

question I'm going to answer is how to

fasten a belt with doubled earrings a


I'll give you an example here is

basically a ring that's the shape of the

letter D so this is it right here my

model right now has a belt that is a

double ring but it's an actual circle so

this is why I'm showing you the

difference this is a d-ring and there's

belts that have two of these and it's

the same concept as far as house how you

would buckle them so what you would do

is you would put the belt around you the

way my model has already you would slide

the tip of it through both of the D