How To Tie Your Belt For Taekwondo

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hi Sean Hill from Marshall you in this

video I'm going to show you how to tie

your belt or D for Taekwondo as we teach

it in our program now before I begin I'm

going to change into my Taekwondo

uniform or as it's known in Korean a doe

block and then we'll gets done all right

it's a good thing I'm very efficient at

putting my uniform on now this

particular uniform or doe balk happens

to be a black v-neck or black collar

uniform the reason is is because I'm a

black belt holder or you Dondre in

Korean now if you're just starting

Taekwondo you're going to begin with a

white collar or white v-neck uniform and

within the packaging of that uniform

you're going to get a brand new spiffy

white belt or D now the first thing that

we want to do with this belt is we're

going to unfold it and find the center