Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: How to tie your belt superlock style

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do you know how your kid should tie

their visual belt to avoid distraction

hi I'm Russell my seller and today I

will show you how to super lock your

belt so it doesn't die or get too loose

during training only knowing the

traditional way of tying your belt is

fine but because it falls off frequently

during the class it can become a

distraction for the younger ones so bear

with me I'll show you a few steps to

solve this problem first step now fold

the year right

to the left and then I hold the tip of

the belt bring to the middle of my back

close to the hip line I'm gonna start

pointing this down around my waist over

that tip and again until it's close to

my belly button then I can move this

tail behind the layers and to uncover

the other tail are gonna use my tongue