10 Ways To Tie A Basic T-Shirt

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hola muchachos welcome here this is

seriously almost an embarrassing video

to get without embarrassing it's just a

little weird for today's video I'm going

to show you different ways that I like

to style my t-shirts it's a little weird

so I've been doing this for the longest

time now I love my basics and I love my

t-shirts and even though I have a pretty

good variety of other tops that I do

like to wear and to sport there's

something about a basic t-shirt that

just feeds my soul so all of you guys

asked me on Instagram and on YouTube and

email they're like Sarah can you just

show us a video how you do your shirts

how do you tie up your shirts how do you

tuck in your shirt and I was like really

this just seems like a weird video to do

but I kind of liked the idea of this

video maybe that's why I'm filming it