How to Tie a Figure 8 Knot for Climbing - Everything You Need to Know || REI

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to tie the figure-eight knot grab the

end of the rope in one hand then extend

your arm and measure out a length from

your fist to your opposite shoulder hold

up that Bight and twist it one full

rotation so that the standing part of

the rope crosses over the working side

then comes around again to its original

position now pass the end of the rope

back through the loop next pass the end

of the rope through both the tie

endpoints on your harness and pull the

knot in close to you now feed the Rope

back through the knot tracing the

original as you go you want the working

end to run completely parallel to the

standing part of the original knot once

you've worked the end all the way

through dress the knot by making sure

the strands are neat and parallel then

tighten the knot by pulling each strand